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[PS4] No Man's Sky Beyond $20 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU / The Gamesmen


A decent price, not far off the $17 Boxing Day Price and the cheapest we've seen since then.

(1) This is price matching The Gamesmen. You could pick it up there for the same price in Penshurst NSW. Also dropped to $25 at EB Games eBay, Free Delivery with eBay Plus.
(2) No Man's Sky 'Beyond' is an update to the original game, not a new game. You could buy the original game then update it, however it's not any cheaper currently.
(3) Part of Days of Play deals.

New Amazon users may want to combine it with other games to get $10 off via the app ($39 Spend). See here for other Amazon PS4 game deals or the Amazon Store for everything. Spiderman is $19 exactly ($20 + $19 = $39) for those wanting to hit $39 for app or free shipping purposes.

5/6: Available again for $20.

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  • The game that keeps on giving. What an incredible ride

  • I've only played this for half an hour and I got it for $10 off those repo guys and I feel its been worth it…

    • Yea haha I bought it back when it came out and tanked, paid $5, played for over a hundred hours with all the additions over the years.

  • Now if Tetris effect goes on sale too I’ll be happy as a pig in … mud

  • Also part of the DualShock 4 controller offer by Amazon AU. If you are looking for a new controller. Will be $78 for both (or $75.66 after discounted e-gift cards)


    • I dont think this game is with the bundled controller

      • It's eligible

        This terms and conditions apply to the offer (“Offer”) whereby (“Offer”) applies to customers who purchase an eligible PlayStation DualShock 4 controller (ASINs B01GVQUX3U, B01MA5AVXM, B01MRUUSPR, B01M4KLNE6, B01MQTRR0D) will receive 1 eligible PlayStation 4 game (“Qualifying Items”) [B07H9KC44L, B07FDVKWT3, B078P1BW31, B07RQ3VCKZ, B07BZBW8F4, B082WJ7RL4, B07QCR7DCM, B0773RV97L, B07G18JP2S, B0793JSY3K, B07XC4SJBX, B07SV73L4L, B07XD7TVK8, B0773SCLD4, B0773R7NJ5, B0773QMHZ6, B07SPK4MHT, B07FDN2P6T, B07FDVCMJH, B0773RF7J9, B0773QBQ1J, B07J1YCT75, B07FDTDRHY, B07DLWRKVM, B07SR2RT7J, B07WV2ZMJV, B0848TGCRN, B07FDKXPSZ, B078966TJS, B0773RF7JZ, B076P3QJ45, B07FDMZ1YX, B076P3LZYW, B07FDTF4F3, B07J1WPYXP, B07XB4W46N, B07J1YHHKP, B0773R33VH] in a single order.


        Order Summary
        Items: $98.00
        Delivery: $0.00
        Total: $98.00
        Promotion(s) Applied: -$20.00

  • What's this game about? Any good? I keep buying games I don't play lol

    • This is one of them, I played it a couple of hours on launch day then never again. Apparently they've updated it so much that it's awesome now, considering getting my PS4 out of storage.

  • What's the VR experience like? I'm keen from that perspective

    • Also would like to know this!

    • Like most you'll play a few hours and then stop playing. But those few hours are pretty memorable.

      The bit that turned me off was the pop-in plus compared to PC the game looked like there was Vaseline in your eyes.

      I do not regret playing it though and it's in my top experiences, longevity it's hard to keep playing. Multiplayer and meeting up with someone is really cool too!

      If they made a ps4 pro enhancement on the graphics I would keep playing for sure.

    • Approaching a large boulder is quite incredible in VR. It feels about 5x the size in comparison to normal play

      • Thanks! I've read and watched a few reviews and they're fairly positive with the caveat of the low psvr res.

        Hoping days of play will see discount on the digital edition.

  • missed this. too bad :(

  • Haha, got this sealed from eBay for $8 when no one wanted it. Now look who is laughing 😂

    • Same good times, epic value appreciation with the great job the Devs have done

      • I've been thinking about this. It was selling for $2-$4 both online and in stores at some points. Could've bought 100s and been selling them at $10 profit each now.

  • Do one for pc players too please…

  • Did anyone copy from amazon arrive without it being sealed?

    My copy just had a clear piece of sticky tape over the case opening. Looked a bit dodgy.

  • Back in stock at Amazon, but up $2 to $22.

  • Available again for $20

  • Having bought this is a previous sale… Still not worth in in my opinion, get yourself 30 wicked wings instead you'll find the enjoyment lasts a lot longer.

  • I remembered that I bought it with $10 one or two years ago.

  • Is the PC version better?

  • was this okay in VR?

  • Ah isn't this going to be free on gamepass on June 15th or 21st, well definitely this month for sure, oh hold on its PS4 related bows down sorry wrong platform post.

    I didn't again how embarrassing.

  • Why is the PC version always more expensive than PS4?

    • Developers fear of pc piracy theft maybe? And probably has more supported features the pc and has a seperate server to host the game on maybe, who knows.

      But don't get your chickens in a roast yet, it could be even free on Epics-store front.

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