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$10 off $39 Spend on Eligible Items for First Time App User @ Amazon AU via App


Get $10 off when you spend $39 or more on eligible items only through the official Amazon Shopping mobile app. Even better than this expired deal.

T&Cs1 apply. Offered by Amazon AU.

  • Sign in to the Amazon Shopping app to apply your discount.
  • Enter code APPONLY10 at the checkout.
  • Items that qualify have this text under the price: "Get $10.00 off only on the Amazon mobile app"

  1. Promotion Details
    These terms and conditions apply whereby any existing customer of amazon.com.au who has not previously made a purchase through the Amazon App (Australia store) and has either been invited from Amazon or who has clicked through on site marketing whilst signed into their Amazon customer account, is eligible to receive $10 off their first purchase of over $39 of “eligible items” made on the Amazon App (Australia store) only ("offer"). For the purpose of these terms and conditions "eligible items" refers to any product shipped and sold by Amazon AU on the Amazon app and excludes products sold by third party sellers (even if fulfilled by Amazon, or sold by Amazon US), digital purchases such as e-books, subscriptions such as prime video and audible, gift cards and postage or delivery rates. Amazon's standard delivery rates and policies apply to any purchase made pursuant to the offer. To redeem the offer, visit https://www.amazon.com.au/b?node=7293361051 and follow the instructions to redeem. Once you have added at least $39 of eligible items to your cart, your $10 total discount will be automatically applied to eligible items at checkout. If you do not add any eligible items to your cart, the offer will not apply. If you return any item purchased using the offer, Amazon will only refund the price actually paid for the item (that is, less the value of the offer) and the offer will be invalidated. The offer is not transferable and may not be resold. This offer cannot be used on pre-existing orders or orders placed with 1-click. If you violate any terms and conditions of the offer, the offer will be invalid, and the discount will not apply. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or code for new customers or Amazon devices. The offer is subject to availability and Amazon reserves the right to cancel, amend or withdraw the offer at any time at its discretion. Amazon.com.au’s Conditions of Use and Sale apply. The offer is valid until 23:59 (AEST) on 30 June 2020 unless withdrawn earlier. 

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  • +18

    eligible items

    *cue ebay-styled flashbacks

  • +19

    Please Amazon, don't you start with this "eligible items" crap too.

    • +11

      read the description

      "eligible items" refers to any product shipped and sold by Amazon AU on the Amazon app and excludes products sold by third party sellers (even if fulfilled by Amazon, or sold by Amazon US), digital purchases such as e-books, subscriptions such as prime video and audible, gift cards and postage or delivery rates

  • +3

    How about first time for this afternoon?

    • +5

      This is exactly what I had said to all my ex-girlfriends.

      • -5


  • +3

    Sorry, you are not eligible for this offer.

    • +6

      Create a new account

      • Doesn't work

        • -1

          What did it say? You have to apply the code manually and the seller must be Amazon Au

          • @Nathw: Yep done all that. Clicking on the link in the promo details shows "Sorry, you are not eligible for this offer."

            • @Leonidas: If you have ordered from the app before on the same phone I highly doubt using a new account will work. Not sure if they can check some form of App identifier.

  • Is there anywhere saying that you can’t redeem this on game pre-orders? I’m looking through all the T&Cs and there is no mention of it, but the code isn’t applying.

    • +1

      Does it say "Get $10.00 off only on the Amazon mobile app" under the price? I think they are the only qualifying items.

      • +1

        Yeah, the qualifying message is on the item and everything =/

        When trying to apply the code, it says it cannot apply to the purchase.

  • +1

    $41 after voucher

    Lexar Professional 633x 256GB SDXC UHS-I Card,(LSD256CBAP633) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07GF5JFJG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i...

    • Did it work? Terms and conditions says has to be sold by Amazon AU, not 3rd party sellers

      • +1

        Just pick the seller ‘Amazon Au‘ for $41.3

        • Amazon US is the only seller available when I try.

    • Did you get this working?

      • Yup

      • Delivery scheduled on Thursday

  • +2

    Animal crossing for $58 shipped.

    • It says cant be applied to my order tho?

      • hmm must be an excluded item

        • +1

          so did you get it for $58 shipped?

            • +1

              @Caped Baldy: It's not excluded. I was able to get Animal Crossing for $58. There was a Promotion offer box on the page for me when browsing on the PC which I clicked on to Redeem. I then logged into the App, added Animal Crossing to my cart, and the discount was already applied.

  • Not working for me. :(

  • Doesn't work on S&S order :\

  • I’m not seeing any official mention of it anywhere, regardless of if I’m logged in or not.

  • +2

    Thanks for this, cancelled my order, reorded on app $10 cheaper

  • Quilton toilet paper is eligible.

  • +1

    If you're unsure what to get, supermarket specials are a good starting place. Amazon matches what the big two are selling quite frequently

    • +1

      Agreed. Free postage on top makes this an ideal service for our current times. I just signed up for 13 months after my 2 month free trial. I highly recommend. Primevideo has also been great.

  • +1

    Aww, can't get MK11 on Switch to try….was gonna bite at $39…but nope.

    Edit;; Ahhhh, gotta redeem it first lol, then it works.

  • Can I use it multiple times?

  • I redeemed the code but no discount was applied to an eligible item.

    • Maybe use the chat function and ask the Amazon staff why it didn't apply. They are usually pretty helpful I've found.

  • None of my existing accounts have the code so disappointed this time. Have a few things to grab

  • is there any trick to get the code?

    • +1

      I think you need to be logged in & it just appears on the bottom of the items that Amazon are selling (see the description for more info). Maybe it won't show if you have used the Amazon App to buy stuff before

  • I bought 2 items and although on the website it said $87.03 (free delivery), when i tried on the app, it added $5.99 delivery and then reduced $10 effectively giving me a discount of only about $4 :(

    edit: It automatically choose expedited delivery on the app although delivery timeframe is the same. I changed it to standard delivery and got $10 off

    • Win!

  • +1

    Damn, can't get it on any of my accounts including a brand new one

  • +1

    I used the live chat function in Amazon and the staff applied the $10 promotion to my account (for Amazon Apps). I got the $10 off.

  • So weird.
    Just not eligible for the code apparently.

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