Which 65" TV Should I Set My Eyes on during EOFY Sales?

Last year i bought the Hisense 55P7, very very decent tv with good brightness and good image quality.
Sadly had to sell it and (happily) move from Sydney to Perth…

Now looking to buy a new TV, wanting to upgrade the size to 65 (the more, the better, right? :p )

What i want from my tv, 4k hdr movies, Xbox one games, netflic/prime video/apple tv, i also have my pc connected and i watch downloaded movies from there, also games etc

Absolutely no fta tv at all, i will probably not even connect the antenna lol

Some models I'm eyeballing atm

Hisense R8
Sony x70g
Any models from samsung??

You guys reckon these tvs can be had for around 1k during the sales?

Any form of gsync/freesync will be a huge plus for my gtx1660 as i play my fps games on my pc


  • I’ve been looking at this one https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/samsung-65-inches-ru8000-4k-u... but it seems expensive. Wonder if it’ll come down in price anymore…

    • That one has definitely been lower - I'm sure I've seen it at at least 1495

    • Good luck finding stock of an RU8000 65", none anywhere near me. The TU8000 is under $1300 from GG commercial but inferior.

  • 65" 4K telly for $1K? I doubt it very much except for perhaps a very low-cost brand. Maybe a discontinued model or floor stock. Normally I reckon it's good to wait for the new models (often annually released now) to drop and then try to pick up last year's model.

    Personally I bought the Panasonic 65" OLED in 2018 (65FZ950U) and haven't looked back. I compared it extensively with Samsung QLED, LG OLED C9 and W9 and Sony A9F. Sony always seems to have an undeserved price premium and I was able to get the Panasonic on sale for less than the equivalent LG (they are about the same and LG make all OLED panels OEM for every TV manufacturer).

    Don't forget to try and ensure at least 4x HDMI 2.1 slots in any new TV, as these are essential for full 4K HDR content input. My Panasonic unfortunately only has 2, which is a pain if you have more than 1 console plus media player.

    • Im not talking about OLED, not sure what you trying to do mate.
      Lots of TVs under 1.5k, some of them will be heavily discounted for eofy sales.

  • I am looking at this one what you think of the specs?


    On sale!

    LG SM86 65inch $1596
    This is 200hz

  • Anyone got one of these SM86, any good @ 1596$?

  • I think the hisense s8 will be around 1000 eofy idk how good it is as not many reviews out atm, could be the 1k king for months to come. I mean we are strictly talking about 65 inch $1k not more. It was like 1300 with that ebay coupon %15 so I see it coming down to 1k

  • I'd go with the Samsung RU8000.
    Good buying if you can snag it for around $1200 like it's been here
    200Hz with Freesync.

      • I'd argue that the Samsung is a much better gaming TV than say the TCL next under on that list, depends if you're doing more movies or gaming. You said freesync is a huge plus but pick the TV without it….also depends where you're putting it. It doesn't need to get extremely bright if you're putting it in a dark theatre. I'd take deeper blacks over peak brightness for my circumstances.

        I'd also take the Samsung over a TCL just for the interface.
        But I mean it's 50% cheaper so if it's a hard cap at $1000 go for it.

  • lets wait and see, dont expect FALD on a 1k tv.. just dont. and honestly most cant even tell the difference. the q70r has been around 1600 cheapest.

  • Unless you are spending 3k + I'd stick to brands like Hisense and TCL etc. You'll get more for your money.
    I've been looking for a good deal for my sister and her husband to replace a 12yo Samsung that just quit working.

    I'm leaning towards recommending the Hisense 65R8. Think a deal around 1200 should be possible before EOFY.

  • https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/dandenong/tvs/eofy-special-h...

    If youre in melb, they have stores that sell factory seconds with 12 month warranty.
    65" R8 for $1100ish

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