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Samsung RU8000 65" TV UA65RU8000WXXY $1185.75 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


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UA65RU8000WXXY Samsung 8 65' 4K UHD TV

last deal was $1248

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  • I got the last deal, great tv for the money. If you are stuck at home in iso wondering whether this is worth it, definitely is. Delivery was super quick too.

  • $1116 + delivery at Videopro in the last eBay sale but still a good deal.

    • That offer expired.

      • Of course, I thought that was clear from my comment. But people might like to know that this product has been cheaper just in the last month (16/3/20 actually). I think that information is useful (some might prefer to wait to see if it's that price again soon) but neg away.

  • Great price for a freesync enabled monitor.

  • Does anyone know the stand width between the feet?

  • I just got one for $1250 delivered. (Ebay and same company and code).
    Delivery has been slow, it should be here on Thursday.
    Currently have no tv and kids home so desperately waiting.

    • Why cry about it? Why buy a RV online in the middle of a pandemic when you know delivery will be slow?

      Wtf, some people.

  • Got one in the previous deal and for someone coming from 55" Panasonic Viera plasma, it has been fantastic. Seems like great value for money especially now that we are all stuck at home.
    Shipping has been super fast for me. 2 working days from ordering to having it at my doorstep(Sydney to brisbane)

  • I think they are also offering free 5 years warranty in them. Checked on Betta Home website and this seller is Betta Home Villawood store

  • Any one could think of an idea to lift the TV 5cm higher?

    • Bricks…….

    • Amazon adjustable TV wall mount/Yellow Pages (if you still have it lol)

    • Some people don't like em, but I bought a bose solo 15 sound bar a few years ago from an ozbargain special and that is the perfect 5cm higher. Even though they say max 50", it was when tvs where heavier…

      So I'd look for a sound base (vs bar)…. these do help a lot with the tiny speakers in TVs

      • The soundbase is smaller than the gap in between the 2 feet. Long time ago most TVs are kind of 50” or less and many TVs have the actual base that can sit perfectly on top of the soundbase. Nowadays TVs are big and with the 2 feet, soundbase normally sits between the legs.


    Good deal but does not ship to some parts of regional Australia.

  • Damn, just got the 55" of the same TV from JBHIFI for $995 (300 off) and now I see this! Sigh

  • Better than the usual ozbargain favourite hisense?

  • Postage goes from $65 to $240 when I use the code. Had the same problem last time I wanted to buy a TV on sale with these guys.

  • Is pick up still an option with Appliance central? Their website says nothing about Coronavirus, only that their showroom is closed. Can't see anything on the ebay page either.

  • Got the last one apparently. Thanks Op

  • New here….

    How would this compare to the Hisense 65R8….seems like a great Tv for $1,400 ish

    Also on Appliance Central Ebay they have the:

    UA65TU8000WXXY Samsung 65 INCH UHD 4K SMART TV (NEW 2020 MODEL)
    15% off* with code. Max disc $300. Ends 12/04. See T&Cs

    • The new TU8000 is not the same!! Samsung is screwing everyone by downgrading the TV and keeping the name. The 2020 TU8000 is equivalent to the 2019 RU7100
      They removed 120hz panel, freesync and nerfed the brightness!

      • yes i confirm the ru8000 has a better screen compared to the new tu8000 with bad naming it will confuse people, tu8000 its a direct replacement for ru7100, which is inferior to the ru8000,

    • Would also love to know. Looking for a new 65” TV and waiting for the 65R8 to go on sale again..

      • Yeah I had a go last night trying to bargain down HN, Appliance online & Buysmarte…but no luck :)

    • Bought the 65R8 few months ago from VideoPro for about $1200. Awesome TV for the price.

  • FreeSync so this would work as a computer gaming