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$10 Joining Bonus at Up Digital Bank via Student Edge


Get wise with your money. Up your Banking game and get a BONUS $10!

Up is a digital bank designed to help you organise your money and simplify your life.


Join in minutes and pay no monthly fees. Get Apple Pay™, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay™ instantly.


Get locally‑based support, 7 days a week using Talk to Us in-app.


Next Gen security features and the safety of accounts backed by Bendigo Bank.


Please follow this 5 step process to receive your bonus $10

Click ''Download the app''
Enter your phone number to download the app
You will receive an SMS download link
Download the app
Once you have successfully signed up, $10 will automatically be transferred to your Up account
Smash your savings goals

Create and customise multiple Savers for your life goals instantly.

Round-up your spare change with every purchase.

We’ve got you covered. Split your pay into any of your Savers automatically on pay day.

Get on top of your spending

See where every dollar goes with auto-spend categorisation.

Get monthly, weekly, and daily insights into your spending habits.

See all your upcoming bills at a glance. Avoid late fees.

Automatically track everything you spend at specific brands and shops.

Always know your balance with instant notifications.

Bank like a local, globally.

No fees on international purchases online or in‑person.

Get the actual Mastercard exchange rate, with no added conversion or mark‑up fees.

No fees from Up when you use ATMs overseas.

Keep it safe. Lock down your card with in‑app card controls.

Instantly see the cost of purchases in both Australian dollars and foreign currencies.

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  • Doesnt up always give you $10 via referral

    • +1

      Yes, but somebody must be able to refer you, for $5 and then you must make 5 purchases within 30 days. But this would be $10 upfront.

      • +7

        I would hope most OzBargainers would be kind enough to help others out and use their referral.

  • Thanks Got it 😀

  • Doesn't seem to send the SMS? It's a bit f'ed UP atm

    • Noticed the same thing when I just tried

    • +1

      Was sent straight away, set up, balance: $0.

  • No fees from Up when you use ATMs overseas.
    But you still get gouged by the OS ATM, ING will refund those fees

  • +2

    Get locally‑based support, 7 days a week using Talk to Us in-app.

    Asked a simple question in app after joining… And waited!

    Their reply 6 minutes of silence later:
    Just to let you know this isn't a live chat, we're real humans and will respond as soon as possible!
    I’ve sent this on to our Account Matters team to take a look. Someone from the team will get back to you via this chat as soon as possible. 😊
    (Please note: We are experiencing a high volume of queries, please be mindful of potential delays in response time. Thanks for your patience)

    60 minutes of silence later…

    So they'll get back in response to my question via the chat - sometime…

    Their t&c 19.4 state I need to notify them about a Tax File Exemption - but they can't tell me how…

    Not impressed with their communication:
    Sent Up an enquiry about signing up months ago. Took them 1 week to reply, asking for details in original enquiry. That went on for 4 times (a month) - never got an answer!

    • +1

      personally they seemed to have replied fast

      • +1

        It varied - from a minute when this $10 didn't arrive today to a month with no real response about opening an account.

    • +1

      They've always replied quickly to me, whether for bugs, ideas or help

  • Anyone received the $10?
    Followed instructions from Student Edge email, clicked link, downloaded… but Balance is $0.

    • +2

      I got it :)

      • +1

        Thanks. Mine still shows $0!

        Another Suff UP!
        Back on chat - they added the $10 straight away!

        Still waiting for reply to question in chat… 2hrs ago.

  • +2

    I've switched over to Up for my everyday account from ING as I like how the app automatically categorises purchases according to the seller. Their savings rate is also slightly better than ING but you have to make 5 card transactions for the bonus rate to be activated.

    Still holding onto my ING card for future overseas travel. Have a transferwise card also for places that accept card overseas as it gives you the best rate.

    • +1

      I'm still holding on to my 28 Degrees MC lol, it's just sitting inside my travel wallet collecting dust. Stupid COVID.

      • Just a stupid question probably. If you have ing and citibank debit card for travel. Why do we need the 28 degree credit card?

        • +4

          When travelling, it's always best to have back up access to money / credit.

          Had a card incorrectly suspended while in Japan. Was trying to get $ to buy bus fare from mountain village to airport. Almost missed bus & flight home because of the bank's error.

          And handy to have cards from different systems (Visa / MasterCard) in case one is not working.

          Credit cards have an advantage over debit, in that it gives time to pay them off.

          Using a credit card (with no overseas fees), is useful for payments like accommodation when travelling. That way the payment can happen after the holiday!

          I still use my 28 degrees card on PayPal.

  • +1

    sms works on microsoft edge im having troubles on chrome with the link

    • not working for me in Edge or Firefox
      The button changes from "Send" to "Sending" and nothing happens.

      • Up's servers got downed by ozbargainers? ( ̄ー ̄)

        • I downloaded the app, signed up then opened a chat with them. 10 mins later they applied the Student Edge code and credited my account $10

  • I found that Pi-Hole was blocking the SMS sending, after temporarily disabling Pi-Hole, I received the SMS

  • It worked! Ta

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