This was posted 4 years 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$15 off Your Order (Pick up / Delivery) @ Menulog (Min $16 Spend - Including Delivery Fee)


Menulog has partnered up with ESL Australia. As part of ESL's Counter-Strike's ANZ Champs starting today, they've given out a code just for tonight.

Minimum spend is $16 (includes delivery, so $12 order + $5 delivery is fine).

Mod: Pick up is also available.
Can schedule order for tomorrow (Wednesday). Add voucher at payment screen (I have a voucher code).

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Drivers/Couriers: random (14)

Referee gets $50 after completing 25 deliveries. Referrer gets $100. Courier/Driver Signup

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    Put an order in an hour ago!

    • +15

      You can schedule an order for tomorrow

      • How Solved

        • Share your wisdom!

          • @MBix: How do you schedule an order?

          • @MBix: You can schedule on the last page before payment.

  • +1

    dinner sorted for tomorrow night!

  • Damn lowest min spend around me is $25 + $5 delivery so it would make it 50% off but I wish I had a $1 deal around me it would be an instant buy.

    • +4

      Spend another 15 if you are with CBA to use the $15 off $30 spend reward

      • Good thinking

      • Where do you get access to this?

  • do i book now or tomorrow? Is there a chance my delivery will get cancelled tomorrow night? I've heard they might cancel orders if there are too many or if it exceeds the limit.

    • Since the code expires at midnight if you book tomorrow you won't be getting the deal.

  • Is this just tonight or includes tomorrow as well? The restaurant I want to order at won't taken pre-order for tomorrow.

    • +7

      Same. I just ordered now and gonna fridge it for tomorrow.

      • Pasta keeps well. Lunch tomorrow is sorted. Thanks OP

  • +2

    do we know when this expires?

  • Getting a pizza delivered for $1!

  • +1

    thanks for this! i've pre-ordered for tomorrow - hope they dont cancel!

  • Thanks OP, lunch sorted for tomorrow.

  • Awesome actually worked for me!

  • Ordered a late dinner for delivery - cheers OP!

  • Thanks OP tomorrow's dinner for $2.21!

  • +4

    i'm full from dinner, why wasn't this posted before i was making dinner hahahaha
    gonna see if i can try find a desert place lol

    • +3

      Save the food for lunch or breakfast tomorrow

      • +1

        i'm getting a milkshake from krispy kreme for 50 cents LOL

        • +1

          thats a bloody expensive milkshake mate

      • You are right, I should’ve organised breakfast instead #fail

    • Lol ordered pizza today from seeing an Ozbargain deal. So full now - ordered dinner for tomorrow!
      $30 min order for free delivery. Order was $30.90 for two curries at my favourite Indian place in Sydney - now $15.90 after code!

  • +1

    Lunch sorted. $4.90 for a whopper cheese meal delivered. Thanks op

  • +3

    Getting Schnitz wrap for $3. I have never been to Schnitz but it's wraps look so awesome!

    • Schnitz is so good. Their schnitzel and chips standard offering is the bomb!

    • +1

      Ordered parma, chips and 600ml for $5 delivered!

      • And turned up perfectly fine :)

    • +3

      Schnitz is amazing, their fries are the best

      • +1

        totally agree, their chips are best!! - great seasoning but most importantly that diamond cut shape for maximum crunch, flavour coverage, and outer-crisp to inner-soft-potato ratio!
        So satisfying!
        (do I sound like a freak haha)

  • +14

    Believe there is $15 cashback on orders above $30 through Commbank rewards too?

    • yep i have that one activated also

    • So total must be $30 after the code?

      • +1

        pretty sure you have to spend $30 using your commbank card, which would mean the order total would have to be at least $45.

        • Yea that's what I was thinking, now need to order for the siblings too :)

  • I might be blind but I can see no option to schedule a delivery for later on their website

    • +6

      When you order before payment it has drop down menu that says ‘soon as possible’ and you change

      • +1

        Ah, awesome. Thanks

  • +1

    Awesome, orders for tomorrow then place is closed haha so they deliver Thursday now. Pad Kee Mow for $3.99

  • +5

    Don’t forget to stack with $15 off $30 order in CBA Rewards!

    • Does it stack??

    • Depends if you need $45 of food though

  • Thanks OP !

  • $1.90 dinner. Thanks!

  • Thanks OP :)

  • Where do i put the discount code?

    • +2

      check out

      • Cheers!

    • +1

      write it down on a piece of paper and post it to them. address is on their website :D

  • +1

    Great, got $4.50 ramen delivered scheduled for tomorrow night! Hopefully they don't cancel or anything.

  • Awesome lunch sorted tomorrow!

  • +2

    2nd dinner sorted. Cheers OP.

    • +1

      Pregnant Pam is that you?

  • Is there any way to save this promo for later ? Still at work :/

    • Order for future date. I wouldn’t hold off too long as it’s likely to expire once it gets ozbargained.

    • I think you have a sudden urge to pee right now. Time for an extended toilet break.

  • +1

    Champ OP : Your order

    Marinara, Large




    Delivery Fee


    Voucher Discount



    $ 2.90

  • Put an order in for tomorrow night delivery. Got a phone call from a random mobile 5 minutes later and didn't answer… Why can't I have nice things

    Google says it could be a scam number. Perhaps a coincidence

    • +2

      I got a call too about 2 min after I placed an order, I too didn’t answer. I googled the number and someone had said it was Menulog.

      • Me too, I googled the number and it tracked back to the restaurant though. I’ll wait and see if they call again tomorrow

    • +4

      The restaurant is trying to confirm your order for tomorrow.

    • No, it’s the restaurant prob closed like mine was

      • Definitely open tomorrow night. Likely was PissLURs comment.

  • Thanks OP, lunch sorted for tomorrow!

  • +2

    Thanks. HSP for $1.20

    • Worked fine for me. Ordered 1 min ago

  • Thanks OP, ordered 1 large halal snack pack for dinner tomorrow!

  • can't believe it work! I have $5 happy hour for several days now, order get rejected by restaurant everytime, shitty suburb I guess, order from other suburb and voila!

  • +6

    A dozen subway cookies delivered - thanks OP :)

  • Order lunch for work tomorrow, thanks!

  • Thank you!
    Dinner sorted for tomorrow for $3.

  • Orders are cancelled via SMS…Miss my dinner

  • It's saying invalid for me :( bummer

    • Order over $16?

      • Nah I found out why, restaurant minimum

  • My order for tomorrow accepted.

  • Just got a call from Menulog "customer support", to confirm if I still wanted my order… very odd…

    • yeah same here, well i was washing the dishes and got 2 missed calls which appear to be from menu log , looks like they checking to confirm my order but my order is stuck on "driver being assigned" … dont think any driver wants to pick up my order for a milkshake delivery LOL

  • Still worked for me just now, cheers op. Tomorrow's dinner to stash in the fridge tonight

  • +1

    Why does Menulog take the most fee from Fish & Chip shops?
    Can order the same pack in-store for $10 but Menulog "charge" $13, making 30% markup.
    Wouldn't go through a Menulog order without a coupon.

    • I think it's up to the store to set their MEnulog prices.

  • +1

    You get all the votes.

  • is it only once per user?

    • Yes once

      • see my comment below.

  • +10

    Worked for me. Unfortunately i fked it up and burgers getting delivered 10:30AM - ah well brunch it is.

  • Are you entering the code in the Account Credit section? I'm getting an error that ESL15 is not valid

    • Once your at the payment screen it should ask for promo code

  • Ordered Thai food for tomorrow dinner.

  • $2 kebab - second dinner.. thanks OP

  • +2

    Coupled with Commbank $15 to get $30 off >$45 w/ delivery :)

    • -1

      how did u do it with commbank

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