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OnePlus 8 Pro (8GB, 128GB) - AU $1139.39 + Shipping @ BuyBuyBox


Have been following the prices of the OnePlus 8 Pro's. And it seems to me to be at a all time low.

$1139 for 128gb versions
$1254 for 256gb versions

I believe they are the IN2020 versions, meaning Chinese. Which misses the B28 band.

Unsure if you are up for GST upon arrival, maybe someone with prior experience can comment?

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    X-ray phone

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    Just come to Australia please Oneplus.

    • They did like a soft opening for the OnePlus 5 but it probably flopped XD, doubt they would do it again :( can only hope

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        I've still got my OnePlus 5 from the AU store. It was a weird opening; seemed to go well then never heard of any Australia stuff again.

        • Ditto - I even went to their AU launch which seemed popular enough…

      • Oppo is gone soon unlikely oneplus will come. Forever import mate

        • Why is that? The just launched Find X2 Pro…?

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        I was at the Melbourne launch - free beers and a show bag which included a T-shirt featuring "Dash charging". Only retired by OP3T a few months ago. Moved over to a Xiaomi 9T

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          Dash Charge was the thing back in the days, so darn good compare to Qualcomm QC2 or 3, until Oneplus gave it to Oppo or shared the tech

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            @neonlight: Not true, actually OPPO is the one who shares its VOOC Charge to OnePlus. Dash Charge (or the new name, Warp Charge) is basically same as OPPO's VOOC series technologies, but usually a generation late.

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              @CaiXi: One Plus is currently majority owned by Oppo as its only shareholder, which is a subsidiary of BBK Electronics along with Vivo and Realme. OnePlus uses Oppo’s manufacturing line and shares part of the supply chain resources

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      I was really hopping to get this one on a plan renewal.
      Gutted it won't be released here.

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    No official local warranty for a grand phone?

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      Better off just getting the s20 for these prices. Worse SoC, but not by enough to warrant the loss of warranty IMO.

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    Everyone following Apple.☹️😕 OnePlus mean to be great photo but cheap..

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      What he said ☝️

  • Good deal on the normal oneplus 8? 800 AUD including shipping

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    Kogan are selling the IN2023 global models which are shipping in 1-2 weeks, but they're nowhere near this price.

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    No local warranty, no VOLTE or VOWIFI, no SD card slot, no always-on display
    And child of Oppo

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      Sad thing is it's probably still the best Android flagship available at the moment.

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        Not any more they upp'ed their price. Spend your money elsewhere eg. Xiaomi Mi9T, Oppo Reno 5G or the LG V50 for half price or less

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      But no exynos, which is a plus

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        What a heap of junk that SOC is, the performance videos on YouTube are embarrassing.

      • Any yet typically the average joe doesn't know they only buy Samsung for the brand

      • That's one plus alright

    • i believe the always on display is coming in an update or is already done with an update

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      An alternative - Oppo Find X2 Pro is $1539.20 from Optus with $300 eGift Card for 5G 12/512. Plus cheapest plan $39, cancel after first month.

      Total $1278.20.

      • The device is $1,598.40 not $1,539.20.

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        over 1.2k for Oppo not worth it. That brand and quality is not worth that price

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      VoLTE on Optus.

      AoD has arrived .. if not, a few weeks away.

      wireless charging has finally arrived.

      curved display is really bad though.

    • Volte and VoWifi is working on Optus and AOD is coming in a few weeks through a software update. OnePlus is very good with updates and listen to the community, plus there is a good community of developers if you want extra mods.

      • I've got a OnePlus 7 and the only thing that would drive me away is the lack of VoLTE. We have no bars in most of the house & this is really painful. Theres no chance is there?

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          I've got the OP7Pro and on Optus, got VoLte and VoWifi working with a simple pc mod. This link will guide you

          • @ThanksOzB: Awesome, thank you. Unfortunately I'm with boost, only 1 bar on Telstra, Optus & Vodafone are even worse where I live. I'm stuck with Telstra unfortunately

        • I think it is lack of support from Australian service providers. I got both VOLTE and VOWIFI on OP6 when I was abroad with local SIM!

          • @bobz79: So annoying. Why they have an 'approved list' anyway is just annoying, why I can't buy any hardware I want when I'm paying for network access.

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      That is a huge amount of money to spend without assurance of local warranty. Having had phones die on me before, I'm staggered people find that an acceptable tradeoff to pay local flagship prices.

      • I prefer to wait for a deal for local stock, Eg: I can buy a S20+ for <$999 using samsung EPP which are equally spec compare to 8Pro. And i never have to be scared of one plus becoming one more Huawei in future (reading news abt OPPO recently)

  • so update will disable the magic camera

    • I hope not

      • it does remove the X-ray one. don't update that's the whole point

    • From what I read, the IR camera will be disabled in China. Or on the Hydrogen OS

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    Can someone explain the appeal of this phone to me? I understood why the OnePlus One was popular because it was a flagship at half the cost of their big manufacturer peers however after each successive generation, they've been getting more and more expensive.

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      Alot of the people buy the phone purely because how active the modding community is on XDA. There is so much support for custom roms, kernels etc. Also they commit to updating to latest android versions alot faster than other mainstream brands.

      • Is that the main reason? A lot of large manufacturer flagship phones have custom mods available too. Being popular phones, their communities on XDA would be thriving. For example, I just installed LineageOS 16 on my old Sony Xperia z3 compact. I'm not yet seeing that would justify charging the same pricing as a locally bought flagship from, say,
        Samsung or LG which could also receive the same treatment.

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      The only reason is The Market. Their strategy, and this is the case for most Chinese manufacturers, is to get a foot hold on the market with bargain prices and low to acceptable quality. Then start increasing the price as the market accepts it, while also improving the quality. Eventually they're established and price is at parity with competitors: profit. This is for international markets, at home it's a bit different it seems.

      Dude at work just bought a big TCL TV, seems they are doing the same. He reckons the quality is good. Few years ago TCL were virtually junk by most people's standards, compared to Sony, lg, etc.

    • Ideally it's the most "perfect" phone (so the s20 but with decent software support and the SD865) available right now.

      Doesn't really achieve that for me without a local model, but I'm sure the negatives won't effect everyone.

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      Quite a few reasons actually:-
      1. It is STILL quite a bit cheaper than most flagships (I'm talking about native prices in the countries where it officially sells, not import prices). For example, in India, the OP8Pro retails for ~ $1007, after applicable cahsbacks / discounts etc., which is about $300 cheaper than the base version of S20. The OP series is not as cheap as it used to be, but is still pretty good vfm!
      2. The hardware and build are top notch. In my honest opinion, OP has never played in the 'low-to-acceptable quality' range. They genuinely made low margins on their initial models (OP and OP2 margins were wafer-thin, and sometimes even negative — I know because I was privy to OP's exclusivity contract with Amazon India). Hence, the rock solid quality has ensured that folks stick with the brand once they buy-in.
      3. Oxygen OS and the super active modding community.
      4. Absolutely incredible service! (Again, not relevant for imports). My wife owns a OP5, bought in India. The one time it had a niggle, she was treated like absolute royalty at their service centre (which in India, is DEFINITELY NOT a common thing - going by my own experience there with Samsung and Apple service centres). I've heard pretty much similar feedback from a lot of people I know personally. Haters gonna hate, but it seems like OP's done a pretty decent job here!

      And finally, everybody loves a dark horse :). OnePlus was the epitome of dark horses in it's first few years, a feat which a lot of brands tried to replicate without much success. I guess OP's on the right track!

    • You only need to watch a 5min review video to see how the phone stacks up against other devices. Lazy

      The device is cheaper, even in the 8 series. The OS is fast as hell and not bloated. Excellent screen and the best fast charging. The aesthetics are subjective but I find it to be the best looking device as well.

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    Wow, when they first came out they were the flagship killer under $500, and now their phones are like $1000+ 😯

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      Even if it was a flagship killer, by the time it comes to Australia, its pretty much the same value as the higher end smartphones.

      Now Samsung EPP Galaxy Prices are what I call a proper bargain.

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        Not with those Exynos SoC's.

        • They aren't nearly bad enough to justify spending hundreds and losing local warranty to get an 865.

          • @N1NJ4W4RR10R: Truth be told, I wouldn't by this or a Samsung. Not convinced with either.

            • @Trishool: Depends on if you can wait for March next year IMO. Exynos next year should have stock arm cores rather then custom camsung cores and a new (non mali) GPU, so it should be a significant bump over this year.

              If you can't though, it's a rough choice this year. I've gone with the s20 but I got it through the education store.

    • They stopped saying they were budget flagship killers like 3 phones in. Unfortunately people still seem to think that's the case.

  • Are there any hardware differences between the CN and Global model? Or is it just the lack of B28 support?

    • iirc there's difference in network bands but the biggest difference is that CN phones come with HydrogenOS instead of OxygenOS, and as far as I know the only difference is that HydrogexOS doesn't come with google services and maybe comes with popular chinese apps pre-installed.

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      Just the lack of Band 28, which is a deal breaker if you go anywhere even remotely rural and want 4G

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    Had the original Oneplus One, then the OP2, OP5, OP6T. Probs will wait for the 8T Pro as my next upgrade.

    • I got the 5 on soft launch and still have it now.

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    Agreed with some, think oneplus lost their way a bit. They're supposed to be flagship killer without flagship pricing. With their current pricing, I might as well buy Samsung or Apple, less hassle with better warranty, update and apps support.

    We don't need too notch stuff for everything in a oneplus phone, just very functional and cheap, so not sure what they're aiming with those kinda price tag.

    • The price is targeting the cash cow upper end of the market. Bargain Bois going for spec/price ratio are good for generating early hype and cult following but eventually dumped for the lucrative top end

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        People in the top 5% ain't gonna touch a oneplus. They buy phone for status mainly.. At least that's my take.

        • The top 5% aren't the only ones that buy expensive phones. Everyone does.

    • Eh, I don't totally agree. I think they offer a good enough service to warrant the similar pricing they give, but it's not good enough to justify buying a non AU phone model nowadays (IMO).

      Here's hoping that oneplus Z or oneplus 8 lite that's meant to release fixes that.

    • They have shifted from an enthusiast's value for money brand to well, the high end market. This was always the plan. You may not like it. I know I don't. But it was inevitable. The margin's are (much) better on this end of the market.

  • Why is the oneplus 7 pro still so expensive?

    • My take is since OnePlus phones are hard to get ahold in Australia and there is a market for it, they retain their price pretty well.

    • OnePlus has already stopped the manufacture of OnePlus 7 Pro for a while; there are not many stocks around the market, so they do not worry to sell them, thus don't have to decrease the price.

      Also, the few stocks are still welcomed by costumers 'cause OnePlus 7 Pro has the best screen at its price range, and Snapdragon 855 is still desirable.

  • If it's coming from Hong Kong you're going to get slapped with the import fee and GST. From memory that's 15%?

    • bought from them before never ever was i charged with GST. Bought around 7 phones altogether.

      • Really comes down to customs checking.

        • I guess i have been lucky.

    • I bought the oneplus6 from them. No GST or Import Fee


    Geekbuying have what looks to be the Global model (with Band 28) for $1401 (less ~3.5% from cash rewards maybe). Unsure if I trust them when they say it has Band 28 though.

    • IN2023 has Band 28, IN2020 doesn't.

      • Yeah just was confused as their website says it covers Band 28 but doesn't state whether it was IN2020 or IN2023

        • If it says Band 28 it would (should) be the IN2023 version.

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    I don't get why people online are being so critical of this phone, it's a solid flagship device. Heaps of reviewers are saying it's the best Android phone you can buy. Yes, old Oneplus phones used to be cheap, but Oneplus has moved on and are making an awesome device that doesn't cut corners like their older phones, it has one of if not the best Android software experiences, it's priced cheaper than the equivalent competition phones and people still aren't happy.

    The only phone that comes close imo is the Find X2 pro which is basically the same phone, with a smaller battery, slightly better camera and a far worse Android skin (ColorOS). The S20 range of phones here in Australia can't really compare in performance given their inferior Exynos SOC, if we got the Snapdragon version it would probably be a different story.

    • Oneplus has moved on and are making an awesome device that doesn't cut corners like their older phones

      I still dont think their camera quality matches those that they're trying to compete against.

      • In most reviews I've seen the photos look great and easily stand toe to toe with other flagships. I know the 8 Pro had a few issues at launch, but pretty much everything has been fixed with software updates since then. Knowing Oneplus too the photos should only get better with each update.

      • -1

        Yup hence I'm not paying for a flagship that cannot compare to S20 Ultra or Huawei P40 Pro for photos.

        I rather mid range with low price.

        They market themselves as a premium brand and that's gonna destroy themselves, many Oneplus owners were budget conscious. Their 6T in particular was very good value. 7T onwards had become much worse.

        I lost interest in Oneplus brand. They meet invthe middle with not so good pricing any more

  • Waiting for ROG phone 3

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    So many positives for a phone without Band 28 ? wtf

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    Sorry, but what does not havin B28 mean for an Australian purchaser?
    I've got OP5, 3 years on, and still going strong.. but I am considering an upgrade.

    • I think Band 28 is lower in the spectrum so travels further. It's used more widely in regional Australia so you can get 4G further.

    • Gd luck once Networks stop supporting 3g in couple of years. No one will even prefer to buy this without Volte and Vowifi support. I think only optus customer can use VOWIFI and VOLTE (after few tweeks i guess)

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    I will pull the trigger when the phone is under a 1000. Given the constant price drops I dont think I'll be waiting too long

    • +3

      Judging by how little the 7pro and 7t pro are dropping, don't hold your breath.

  • Although this deal has been marked as expired, the same price is still listed on the BuyBuyBox website. In fact the green colour is even cheaper at AU$1091.

  • Has anyone recieved their phone, can comment on the buying experience from this company & the device itself? How long was delivery & if anyones tested VoLTE? Appreciate the feedback.

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