[VIC, NSW] Free Landchecker Essentials Plan (Normally $15/month) @ Landchecker


I guess I must have used this site a while back as I got an email saying their Essentials Plan is now free until August 31. The service basically gives you information about land, property reports, permits etc. Just tried it out and found out that neighbouring property is putting through a big planning application (not yet advertised, just prelim report). :(

Essentials plans adds:

  • Site area
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Topography
  • Previous sale price
  • Full sale history
  • Easements
  • Permit status
  • Permit history
  • Basic measuring tools

Free and no billing details needed. Just sign up for free plan and it will be automatically upgraded to Essentials.

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    Thanks Neil. I think it’s the same free information that can be available from Landdata?


      The free account is probably getting data from Landdata but landchecker presents it a much better format.


    I have just signed up for the free plan but haven't seen any email for upgrade to the essentials.


    Any sites like this for QLD?

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      Landchecker say QLD coming soon. The info they use is probably available elsewhere, depending on where you live.

      Gold Coast council publish an interactive city planning map which hosts all the zoning details

      Finding out about development applications is hard as their PD online can only search by specific lot number, and not an area.

      Historic property prices are on many free sites like On The House which is also useful for for past rent info and old picture caches.

      Aerial survey photography is published on the QImagery site, which is slow and cluttered but was great to find history of tree growth for planning submissions. Noticed that's not in their 'essentials plan' but is in their next tier up. Saw this in case it's needed. Get 30% off for 3 months. Normally $45, so assume is around $31.50. Coupon: COVID-AERIAL-A

      If you or others find something similar could you please share a reply?

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    It shows it’s a trial, will end on 01/9/2020.


    Thankyou, its just what I needed as my daughter is looking to buy a place 4 1/2 hrs away.


    Do the banks loan funds for buying land?


      Yes, but not necessarily on the same terms as a purchase of a property. Depends on your situation, and the risk/return of land they own the debt on. There are a few mortgage brokers in these forums who can give a better answer


      They do, under different terms as Lurker said already. Land size, use of land, zoning, LVR etc all come into it


        Thanks Guys and are they on higher interest rates too?


          Not necessarily a loaded rate but youll find a lot of the market leading rates around 2% at the moment wont do vacant land alone. So in a way yeah a higher rate


          land is Interest only.
          Rate can be slightly higher pending if it's used for owner occupied or for investment purposes.

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    I looked up my own house. Entertained to see that "Nearest High School" lists a juvenile drug outreach/homestay farm about 1km away… lovely place, not exactly a High School though.

    Also it shows no Building Permits, I guess it doesn't include anything older than 10 years?

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    All reports are locked for me. For example:
    80 Planning Permits found Premium report only
    1 Planning Permit found Premium report only
    CLOSEST PRIMARY SCHOOL Premium report only

    My current subscription: Essentials (Trial) Trial ends at: 01/09/2020

    Is it the same for everybody? i have not been able to find any valuable info using the essentials trial

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      same for me. Seems like the "Upgrade" is from "not much" to "not much"

      There is slightly more detail on the Right-hand section of the map /address page than there is in the "Report" itself!

      and the realestate websites seem to provide most of this stuff for free anyway.

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      Premium Reports are not included in the essential plan, only standard reports as per the link in the OP. You can see the status of a permit and history which is useful as it plots current and accepted permits on a map. Just have to copy the planning permit # and put it in your local council website.

      I use Planningalerts.com.au to be notified of new advertised permits however Landchecker found a prelim assessment lodged which is something Planningalerts didn't show me.

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    Happy to do a syndicate and split the costs for the $540 (45pm) package.
    10 ppl = $4.50pm


    Very helpful, thanks!


    What happens to your subscription after Aug 31? Do we have to pay pm to use it?


    It's not letting me sign up without entering my card details.

    What am I doing wrong here?


      Are you subscribing to the free plan or the essentials plan that costs $15/month?

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    This is peripherally related, but might be of interest to those checking this thread:


    Just noticed Neil already mentioned this. Oops.


    Not entirely sure that this offer is any good as the free stuff is nothing that it's readily available on the internet from the nsw government anyway. Anything more seems to cost money.


    Hmm. Site area for my place came up as 15% smaller than it actually is.

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