Looking for a new gaming PC

I don’t know how to build one so needs to be prebuilt. I only have about 1,700 max to use. Is possible to only spend this much and play new games like war zone with decent FPS on lower settings?
I also play mainly csgo, so cpu needs to be decent. Thanks


  • Expand your budget a little more and get this:

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    With $1700 you'll get something that plays on high-ultra setting.
    This was posted today but is $200 overbudget.
    You could get this one for $1631 which is the same as the above other than a less powerful GPU (RTX2070 Super vs RTX2060)

    • That pc is a bit too expensive. Any cheaper ones?

      • is there a lot of difference between GPUs?

        Yes, there is a lot of difference with GPU's. They quite literally will be the make or break if you can run games at high settings. There's a big difference between the RTX2060 and the 2070 Super, it's about 3 levels above. Techfast PC's are decent, but currently the Dell deal posted is better value.

        • Do you know how long this deal is going to last?

          • @Kkkzo: Unsure - eBay deals are always inconsistent. You edited your comment asking for a cheaper deal - here's one, seems to be quite good value as well. From Techfast, comes in at $1518 with a 2070 Super as well - though the other specs are worse, so you may want to add on a hard drive upgrade and/or a RAM one to get some more storage and have it running smoother. That PC will more than fulfil all your specifications and more, though aesthetically when looking at the outside it will look less visually pleasing and it may run hotter and louder than the Dell.

            • @Zazer: Coupon expires 31/05. Deals will expire then assuming stock doesn't run out earlier

            • @Zazer: What will FPS look like on war zone?

      • Techfast is quite popular here at ozbargain. I've never bought one myself but prices are great.
        Recently many have started to to point out that the components used aren't very good quality.
        You'll generally need to also purchase more hard drive storage as the base units are sent with only a small SSD.

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          Fair enough I might just have to wait a few more weeks to save up and buy something in the price range of the dell. Hopefully there will be another decent deal in the future.

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    I also play mainly csgo, so cpu needs to be decent.

    No it doesn't

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      It does… csgo is CPU intensive

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        Not really…

        CS: GO Minimum System Requirements
        * CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 / AMD Phenom X3 8750 or better.

        • If you want really high FPS it becomes more CPU intensive

        • In defence of Kkkzo, CS:Go (rather, Valve's Source Engine) was a known CPU hog back in the days before decent GPUs were around and games being optimised to them. CS:Go was and still is based on the Source engine that Valve developed back in the in 2000's which was heavily dependant on the CPU rather than the GPU for stuff like post-processing. Im not sure if its changed now, but back when i last played CS:GO in 2015 it was still hogging my Cpu (i7 2700k)

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            @Neilzy: Spaghetti code!

            CSGO did get a major update which decreased CPU usage by 40%. This was a fairly recent patch made back in 2019. https://www.shacknews.com/article/110376/csgo-update-patch-n...

            Still, CS:Go is running a very outdated engine and it still has no support for DX11, DX12 nor Vulcan. It's probably high time it got a Source2 refresh.

            • @scrimshaw: haha yeah spaghetti code. Im on a project right now thats had three different cooking academy's been through it over the years, one of which was the vendor :S

  • Someone link me the best pc to buy for 1100?

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