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Xiaomi Mi A3 128GB $299 (Was $399) + Delivery ($0 C&C /in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Same deal as previous, both grey and white available.

B28 = yes
NFC = no

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    No NFC in 2020 is so disappointing.


      so is a 720p resolution in 2020

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        I personally guarantee you won't notice the resolution difference, what you probably will is the battery savings.


      Many differences but I'm just gonna say in screen fingerprint sensor vs side lock fingerprint scanner. One is an innovative technology, the other is a dated attempt that didn't take off.

      Disclaimer: haven't tried S10e, hopefully it's improved from Sony's days. I barely even touch my lock button much anymore.

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      Depends. Oppo historically doesn't do Android upgrades well. All my family have Oppo phones. They get security updates, but not OS upgrades. If software upgrades is your thing, go with any Android One device like the Mi A series.

      This has a lower density screen, but reviews say you can't see the difference unless you put your face up to your phone.

      This one has more storage, but I personally can survive on a 64GB device.

      This one has an IR blaster. For this alone, I'd choose the Mi A3 over the Oppo.

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      A52 = NFC and B28 - for some people that will be enough.

      Android update - Mi 9T got Android 10 in Dec/Jan, Reno Z Android 10 has only just arrived. Not a biggie - for example Android One Nokia 5.1+ Android 10 only arrived last week…

      Oppo Color OS v Xiaomi MIUI - not a biggie either way. YMMV, and if the skin irritates you get a new launcher like Nova or Poco.

      Like the big battery on the Oppo.

      Both have SD processors - so GCam APK for better photography…

      They're both pretty good devices for the money TBH.


      A3 due to Android One, doesn't look like Oppo A52 has it.

      I'm using an A1, it had two Android One updates (the minimum required I believe) ending at 9 but you can get 10 with LineageOS. I've found it a good phone and would consider them again when the time comes for an upgrade, with the way the phone is going that should be a few years away.

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    managed to price match @ officeworks and saved 14.95$

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    I picked one up after having screen issues with my pixel 3a (On the 5/6th replacement screen) No NFC is a bit disappointing but it is only something I use when I forget my wallet. The camera is decent with gcam app and overall worth the price.

    Most likely I will pick up a pixel 4a when it finally releases but only because I value the camera above all else. The phone is a solid performer and for $299 I couldn't recommend anything else

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    Officeworks still haven't dropped the price to match this so you could get it for $284.05.
    Currently $397.00.


      Seems grey is no longer available @ JB Hi-Fi. It's available at Officeworks and they have brought the price down to $299 too.