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Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB Kit DDR4 3200MHz $127 + $5.90 Delivery (Was $243) @ MightyApe.com.au


Hey guys, I just posted this deal on cheapies.nz but noticed that it's also available on the MA au website, so why not let you guys know about it :))

Pretty great deal on 3200mhz RGB ram.

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Mighty Ape Australia
Mighty Ape Australia

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  • Decent price for 3200mhz CL16 RGB ram at this time. Delivery works out to be $5.90 to NSW, so $132.90 total.

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    RGB makes my RAM go brrr

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      It improves performance by at least 30%

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        made those cars go faster in Fast & Furious …..

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          Did they bring back cars in Fast & Furious?

  • lol at their was price. When, back in 2016? If anyone paid $243 for 16gb/3200mhz, in recent times. Dear lord.

    • The black kits still appear to be at that price… wow.

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        Looking at part picker, the white pack had been hovering between $215 and $220 recently. Everyone else seems to have it between $170 and $200. Was $350 two years ago.

      • Black kits are like $150 on Amazon? $240 was consistently the 32gb pricing for these, not 16gb

    • Yeah, we don't exactly get the best deals down in NZ…
      This is probably the best one in a while

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        You guys get screwed with prices on everything! I'm originally from Palmy and trying to get decent deals on things for my dad over there is damned hard. Saw your post on Choice Cheapies, earlier - cheers :)

    • Paid $200 from Newegg for CL16 3000 Trident Z RGB in 2018.

      Pretty normal price for RGB RAM with the price hikes in recent times.

      I got super lucky and have CL17 at 3400mhz with all the other timings lower then stoc so I'm not mad.

  • Is that compatible with below DRAM? I bought it for $190, thanks

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      Can't comment on official support/theory, but I've managed to get two similar sets working together. I have 2x8gb Vengeance LPX 3200MHZ C16 and 2x8gb Vengeance RGB pro 3200mhz C16 in my B450 board running a Ryzen 3400G.

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        This is similar to my rig setting too.

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      You should have a fairly high rate of success. Your motherboard will change the timings of the RAM you install to match that of the one with inferior (looser) timings.

      It is also possible the tweak the timings yourself in BIOS to further optimise stability, but there's a lot of trial and error in the process and it's something I've thrown into the 'too damn hard' basket many times.

    • Compatible but you may not be able to use dual channel mode. Pretty sure you cannot use it actually but I could be wrong.

    • In 4 DIMMs configuration, if you want to keep DDR4-3200, it is likely the command rate will need to be set to 2T. It could be challenging for 1T. Whereas for 2 DIMMs setup, you generally can go 1T without issue.

  • Thanks OP,

    I was waiting for the price to drop then caved and bought on Amazon for $175.63/Black.

    Since i still have it packaged will send it back, even with the $7 fee for returning still save $36.

    (Pairing the ram with 3600x on Asus B450-I)

  • similar price on amazon au @ 132.99

    thanks op! i was gonna buy it at $170 2 days ago. lucky i waited it out.

    • I think amazon is 2666? Not sure

    • On Amazon looks like its 2666MHz for $132.99,

      Even when you select the boxes "3200" & "16GB (2x8GB)" still defaults to the 2666MHz pack

      • just bought 2 sets from amazon with $10 discount, confirmed with their customer service that they are 3200, not 2666(only available from 3rd party)

    • can you share the amazon link please

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    Anyone want to convince me my desktop needs another 16GB ram to add to my current 16?!

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      do it

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        There you go Sir! About as convincing an argument as you need.

  • is this compatible with AMD x570 motherboards? thinking of filling up the ram slots with this. i.e 32gb. says its and 400 compatible but not 500 series. i have a ryzen 3700x btw.


    • Check the QVL of your board, it should work, but ryzen is funny with ram. I got the Gskill trident z neo 3600mhz c16, you'd expect it to work just flawlessly with Ryzen, but the AU sticks seem to be on very few QVL or memory support lists.

      • I agree.
        I have the hyperx and added some additional hyperx (same speed and clocks)….didnt work.
        Turns out the memory type (HX426C16FB2K2/16 vs HX426C16FB3K2/16)
        not sure what the difference is between the B2 and B3 though

    • 99.9999% it won't be a problem. except in rare cases like 1st gen Ryzen, and even then only for the few months at launch, ram compatibility is pretty much a non-issue, regardless of QVL.

  • Wow prices have definitely gone up, I got my 2x16GB (Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro) for $228 back in March

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    RGb does increase the PeRfOrMaNcE

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    Amazon has it for $132.99 right now also, only 3 left.

    • +2

      was 5, i bought 2…

    • Can you share link? Can't seem to find it

    • can you provide the link for Amazon please much appreciated

    • All gone and price back up sorry :(

    • Crucials are Micron Rev E - fantastic for overclocking if you are into that, or might do so later to keep the option open.

      • agree, Samsung B and Micron E are the top dogs, sometimes deals could be found on less attractive sticks, but anything with RGB is pretty much rip off city.

        consider that you'd be paying about 33% more over this for ~10% more fps using 1usmus settings.

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    Is this Samsung B-die?

  • what do people do with the existing memory that is getting replaced? my PC only has 2 slots

    • gumtree/fb marketplace

  • Thanks, mate.

  • Might buy 4 sticks x 8 gb … the RGB sold it!

  • Bought this even though my PC doesn't support it, GREAT PRICE!

  • This couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you!

    • :))

  • Bought 1 pair - thanks OP!

  • Missed the ssd deal and now see this. Just bought mine over last weekend, $168.8 from amazon, still in the mid of nowhere as it’s from the US. Arrrr

  • Bought the exact same set on Amazon 29th November 2018 for $239.15 before cashback. That was the cheapest I could get back then and it's still serving me perfectly. Still got two more slots available which I purposely didn't fill out as I knew this would happen in due time so thanks for the share OP!

    • no worries man enjoy aha

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    And its all gone

  • Just got an email asking for ID verification… bank/utility statement, driver license… WTF?

    • Thats why I got it from ebay with Price match was for $120 shipped from a local AU seller shopping express with a Tax Invoice :D

      • should've shared this trick yesterday…

        • FML got cancelled too.

    • what kind of email did you get? i ordered on Wednesday and received a email saying they are working on the order and that another email will be sent when the item is shipped. Kind of worried that they are out of stock now to fulfill the order.

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        booking cancelled now sign, i even cancelled my amazon order for this

  • Order Cancelled.

  • My order was cancelled aswell :(

  • My order cancelled too - sad… where will I get my multi-coloured lights now??

  • +1

    Screw this I'm going to download them instead of buying them

  • Mine was also canceled, wont be using this site ever again…

  • just got this from mighty ape,
    No good at all

    Our supplier has advised us today that they are unable to supply the 16GB (2 x 8GB) Corsair Vengeance DIMM DDR4, 3200MHZ on this order, as they no longer have stock of this item.

    In the meantime, this product has been removed from your order, and any payments made have been refunded to your payment method.

    Please accept our apologies for any disappointment caused - we hope we can be of better service to you in the future.

    Ronald Ko
    Mighty Ape

  • Did anyone get their order confirmed? I am curious to how many they actually had.

  • order cancelled.

  • Yeah ffs, my order got cancelled as well.

    Pretty disappointed.

  • Mighty-Ape, more like Mighty-Disappointment. Why allow customers to buy out of stock items, terrible practice.

  • Cancelled. Very disappointing as there were other offers available at the time.

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