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Crucial Ballistix 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4, RGB, 3600MT/s CL16 $165.18 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Lowest price you can get on a stick of 3600MT/s CL16 DDR4, RGB Memory.
XMP Timings look to be 16-18-18-38

They also have a non RGB Version here for $158.36

http://glob3trotters.com/portfolio/crucial-ballistix-gaming-... - Review

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  • could not find a motherboard support list.

    • The QVL (Qualified Vendors List) is a list provided by a motherboard manufacturer of all the tested and supported memory module brands/models that is guaranteed to work on a certain motherboard.

      ALL ram should work at their stock Frequency. Just not guaranteed to work at their XMP setting.

      Going by amazon reviews it works at its XMP Setting on an MSI B450 Tomahawk with a Ryzen 3700X so i ordered myself two of them.

      The memory controller is on the CPU. :)

      My current Gskill 3000Mhz kit is also not listed on any of my Motherboards QVL lists but works fine at XMP on all of them.

      • For Ryzen based systems, 2 DIMMs, most decent RAM modules should run fine at their rated speed. However, average RAM modules, you can get mixed results.

        4 DIMMs on Ryzen, however, is a different story. I have Micron Rev E RAM modules rated DDR4-3000. Two DIMMs, can reach DDR4-3600. Four DIMMs, have to lower quite a few settings and still cannot hit DDR4-3600. Samsung B-die probably is the best if you must go 4 DIMMs.

        Also bought some other DDR4-3200 rated RAM modules locally. Won't overclock properly above DDR4-3200 for Ryzen based systems. 4 DIMMs is a big pain with them (have to drop speed and slow the timings).

        These are probably Micro Rev E RAM modules.

      • Thank you mate. should be a dcop setting for amd. my mb qQVL doesn't support this item.

    • generally speaking if you have updated to the latest bios it would be rare to find ram that doesn't work list or no list

    • I bought the non-RGB version last year on Amazon and they're running on the Asus Tuf Gaming Wifi MB at this clock no problems.

  • Thanks for providing the non rgb link.

  • Got the non RGB Micron E-Die. Great sticks of Ram.

    • What CPU and motherboard are you running them on and are they the 3600?

      • I have 3700x running on Asus TUF Gaming Wifi with two of this ram sticks bought on Amazon US too.

      • I have the DDR4-3000 non-RGB version (bought a while back, around $110). Two DIMMs can reach DDR4-3600, but not at 16-18-18-38 (unless the voltage is bumped up a bit I think). To be honest, I never tried that setting (the one I tested for DDR4-3600 was 16-19-19-39). These ones would be higher grade E-die.

        Four DIMMs is a different story. Without voltage bump, DDR4-3466 is the limit (it can go a little bit higher technically, but I purposely dropped it down a notch to have a bit of buffer room). Also, have to go down to 2T. Can't complain, considered those are DDR4-3000 and much cheaper than my inferior DDR4-3200 Hynix (non-CJ obviously) based modules.

        Ryzen 3700X + MSI B450 Mortar. Also, honestly, I cannot feel the difference in DDR4-3600, non-gaming benchmark doesn't report any significant gain (and I feel the CPU clock speed at the time of running the benchmark actually has higher influence). Most of us don't have RTX 2080Ti graphics card. It's better to put the money towards better a GPU (or more / faster storage if you don't game much) than system RAM.

        • Yes! We all forget this. My GTX 1070 was the massive bottleneck on my system for 1440p gaming yet I was adamant in grabbing 3000+ RAM for my cpu.

          Unless you have like a 1080ti with a really budget cpu (dunno, R3 1200 or something), spend more money on upgrading gpu then cpu

      • I got the Ryzen 7 3700x, with a Gigabyte X470 AORUS GAMING 7 WIFI.

        I got the 3000Mhz C14 kit and overclocked it to C16 3600Mhz. Runs very stable.

  • how does these compare to the GSkill Trident and the Corsair Vengeance? from what i can see the timing for the crucial is better

    • The GSkill Trident and the Corsair Vengeance with the same timings as this cost around $300
      The lower GSkill Trident and the Corsair Vengeance CL16 19-19-39 Chips still cost around $230

  • Bought the Non-RGB red 32GB (2x16gb, currently using 4x8gb G.Skill 3200.

    At the start I couldn't even get 3200mhz and I recently bought another 2 sticks of G.skill, only to discover that they had a different die. (First ones Hynix, second were Samsung) So I'm still limited by the terrible first pair.

  • I have a ryzen 5 3500x and biostar b45M2 motherboard. Will this be compatible?

  • I plan on getting the next gen of AMD CPUs. Something equivalent to where the r3900x is sitting currently in their line up. Does 2 x 2 x 8gb vs 2 x 16gb matter at all?

    • General rule of thumb for fast ram, 4 x 8 gb (4 dimm slots filled) will put more strain on the IMC (intergrated memory controller) —> harder to tighten timings and XMP isn't guaranteed.

      Also 4x8gb sticks have a phat premium over 2x16gb sticks in terms of 1 kit.

      Even if you have 2 identical kits they're not guaranteed to play well which each other and makes you unable increase ram capacity.


      2x16gb > 4x8gb

      • Okay thanks :)

        • To back that up, two identical kits from G.Skill (one in 2017, one 2020) had different die manufacturers, resulting in performance being limited to the worse one.

        • One more thing, if you are after Zen 3/Ryzen 49xx series system setup, it is unwise to buy the RAM modules now. We don't know whether DDR4-3600 will be the optimal speed for the Infinity Fabric on Ryzen 4xxx desktop series yet. Unless, you don't really care about RAM speed and timings that much and just want to buy a decent pair of RAM modules right now.

      • XMP isn't guaranteed.

        Yes it is.

        • You are taking it out of context.

          4 x 8 gb will put more strain on the IMC and XMP isn't guaranteed.

          That's correct for a lot of 4x8. I used to have 4 cheap Hynix based DDR4-3200 DIMMs. Simply no post on XMP on Ryzen systems.

          Though I don't have these exactly modules, based on my limited experience with Micron E-die so far, I am a bit cynical about these can go 4x8 DDR4-3600 XMP with 1T. Obviously, that would be great.

      • What about 4x16gb?

        I’m thinking of building a new VM host to replace my old one and like to max out the RAM.

        • That's the toughest combination on Ryzen. High density double sided DIMMs x 4. If you have a decent budget and must go down that path, you might want to consider Samsung B-die RAM modules. That much RAM, you want high reliability.

          • @netsurfer: Sorry, I’m a bit out of the loop, I last built my pc in 2008… what’s B-die? Would an intel chip present the same challenge? Ryzens perked my interests because of the # threads (I was looking at the thread ripper ones but omg $$$$)

            What’s a reputable source to reference these information nowadays? I find that it’s easy to find info for gaming centric builds but I am caught completely unaware with things like maxxing out RAM builds that you mentioned.

            • @slowmo: Intel: 4 DIMMs on Intel is more pleasant, BUT you must get a motherboard with the right chipset (Z series) that allows overclocking. If you don't, the chipset won't allow memory overclock which means it is useless getting DDR4-3600. Without the right chipset, you get the CPU default memory speed for Intel (a lot of them are DDR4-2666). Overclocking RAM on the Intel platform doesn't offer as much benefit.

              AMD Ryzen 3xxx: The reason people are after DDR4-3600 on Ryzen is due to the infinity fabric speed is set to 1:1 by default at DDR4-3600 (that's the maximum). After that, it is suppose to go to 1:2. However, some later BIOSes appear to allow infinity fabric to be locked at certain speed (i.e. at the same level as DDR4-3600) for DDR4 above 3600, but you run the memory and IB at different frequencies.

              Samsung B-die: That's currently the best memory chip. Basically, get the best if you are doing a lot of VMs/containers and you must go 4x16 DIMMs on Ryzen 39xx.

              If you have been using Intel based systems and have not used Ryzen based systems for a while, just be aware 4 DIMMs is hard on Ryzen. It is very likely you need to use a much more passive timing, lower frequency and longer command rate. 2 DIMMs on Ryzen generally is much easier and far less troublesome.

              If you just want a lot of RAM and don't care about memory frequency on Ryzen, I guess you could get decent RAM modules, and just run them at slower / stable settings. With Ryzen based systems, you do want to aim for Micron Rev-E (i.e. this one) or Hynix CJ (but not other Hynix) or Samsung (doesn't have to be B die). Samsung B-die is the best, but pricey.

              • @netsurfer: thanks for the information! yes, i have been running mainly intel builds but i started looking at amd after i hit gen 3 on the i7. looks like i have to do further reading into this.. so i can safely assume that if i am not going at the top/overclock ram speeds, I should be fairly safe with 4x16gb (do they make 1x32gb nowadays?) on a lower clock rate?

                • @slowmo: 4x16gb at 3000mhz definitely, maybe even 3200mhz.

                  Definitely doable with Ryzen 3000. Its more at 3600 and higher where you'll have problems

                  Also, x570 (and b550 when it decides to release in June-ish) support 3600mhz and beyond, while 400 and 300 series AMD mobos kinda struggle above 3200mhz

                  • @NigerianGirthLord: what would be a good AMD based board (sorry if i'm hijacking these comments) , I am on a Asus sabertooth Z77 (really old intel board, i got it because it has 4 RAM slots and 8 SATA ports), and I was looking at EVGA back when i was looking for another intel chip, but what brands/models is considered the "go-to" for huge amounts of RAM and SATA ports?

                    • @slowmo: Be more specific. The CPU is important. Is it 3900X/3950X or 3600/3700X? How many SATA ports? Do you need multiple m.2 / NVMe SSD slots? Do you need multigigabit ethernet or just standard gigabit? What's your budget like? i.e. Budget not an issue, just want the best. Or, you kinda want to have the cake and eat it.

                      • @netsurfer: I wish i can say budget is not an issue (if that's the case i would've just jump the shark and start buying + building lol) I am looking at 39xx series, considering that would give me highest thread counts before going into the threadripper space.

                        I would be largely running containers and VMs

                        my concern is mostly RAM & HDD support. Preferably > 6 ports. I'm not too fussed with CPU because my current VMs run okay on my i7-3770k (i didnt overclock it) and whichever newer CPU (be it intel or amd) would be a significant upgrade?

                        My current spec is roughly (basing off memory)
                        cpu: i7-3770k
                        storage: 2x SSD (via sata), 5x HDDs (not in a raid)
                        ram: 4x4gb
                        cd: dvd-rw via sata (ancient tech but i still rely on this a fair bit, which i might free up once i can confirm the portable USB one i got still works)
                        gpu: 1080 which supports my need for multiple displays (3dp in daisy chain + 1).

                        I don't care for Nvme/m.2 or raid. As I'm running JBOD for my storage on my PC, they are literally just for me to mount cheap value for money HDDs. (ie. if 3TB is cheap at the time i'm building this, i'll get multiple 3TB to populate all the remaining slots and call it a day)

                        motherboard supports 1xGbit LAN which in the new board that can support aggregation that would be cool. If not, I'm happy to get PCI cards to do the job (as long as it doesn't take bandwidth away from the PCI bus affecting the GPU card)

                        Depending on the network point above, I might either run VMs locally or via my Synology boxes.

                        hope that's enough information. Happy to move this to forum if this is too off-topic.

                    • @slowmo: Board design for ram layout; t-topology (good for 4 sticks) or daisy chain (good for 2 sticks)

                      Unfortunately all x570 boards are daisy chain (x570 tachi gave reviewers t-topology but retail is daisy chain)

                      If 3900x or 4900x when it releases, any high end x570 board will do:
                      - Aorus pro/master
                      - MSI Meg (Unify = cheaper / Ace = more expensive) = both same VRMs
                      - Asus Strix x570-E (x570-F variant has worse VRM's)

                      This is the most comprehensive list for x570 motherboard info

  • Lowest price you can get on a stick of 3600MT/s CL16

    Er there was 4000Mhz CL18 for $139 a few days ago …

  • Bought a HP Z1 off a recent OZB deal. Any idea if these sticks would work well in this?


    • Intel based systems generally are not picky on RAM modules. However:

      • Q370 chipset on the motherboard does not support overclocking.
      • As a result, you are stuck at DDR4-2666. Anything above that is a waste of money.
      • It comes with 1x16GB DIMM so ideally you would look for another 16GB DIMM, rather than 2x8GB set.
      • Have you opened up a HP desktop case before? Some of them are not exactly like standard cases.

      So, basically no point getting these for HP Z1. Unless you feel that at this price they are good even for DDR4-2666.

      • Ok no worries - i should be able to get some cheaper single 16gb 2666 sticks. Will check when it arrives (hopefully) tomorrow

  • Why are there no deals on 32GB kits?

  • If I mix this with crosair 16gb 3600mhz Ram, will there be any issues?

    • Depends on motherboards, CPU ext.. its not 100% guaranteed to work at 3600MT speeds.. They will work at stock DDR4 clocks of 2133Mhz
      I wouldn't risk the mix… waste of money if it fails

  • Any idea if I can with this with this one which I have currently?
    G.SKILL Trident Z RGB (For AMD) 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800). This is CL18.

    • No one would vouch for 4 x 8GB setup on a Ryzen based systems being trouble free, especially at DDR4-3600.

      Need to know the actual RAM chips in your Trident Z, Hynix CJ die or Samsung B die or something else. Honestly, if you are after DDR4-3600, I would avoid 4x8 setup. While the Micron E die is good value for money and works really well in 2 DIMMs configuration, I don't have the same stellar experience on 4 DIMMs setup (identical sets).

      You will be mixing two different sets. That means you will be limited to the inferior set, plus you need to deal with the extra difficulty of having the Ryzen inbuilt memory controller operating on 4 DIMMs.

      • That actually makes sense mate. So it looks like I have two choices when I need to upgrade to 32GB.
        1. Buy another pair of the exact same RAM config.
        2. Replace this with new 32GB RAM config.

        I have Ryzen 3700x and MSI Gaming M7 AC x470 mobo (latest BIOS updated) if that helps!

        • Option #1 depends whether your current pair is Samsung B-die.

          For DDR4-3600 class RAM modules, generally they are not the low grade class. However, it depends on what you are after. Will you be happy with DDR4-3466 or DDR4-3533 in 4 DIMMs setup? What if even lower than those? Plus, is command rate of 2T instead of 1T an issue for you? Honestly, it is one thing to look at the review charts and see the performance increase in a chart, unless you actually and really need to squeeze that extra few percentage out of your system, I wouldn't be so concerned about the RAM frequency.

          You can have the best RAM modules, but if it is Ryzen 3600, it is not going to beat Ryzen 3700X no matter how nice / good the RAM modules are. Likewise for 3700X vs 3900X. For gaming, the GPU plays a much bigger part.

  • Awesome RAM and great price.

  • Sweet! Thanks for the post. Managed to get the 32Gb kit for $270 just a moment ago :) getting ready for zen2+

    • There is no zen2+ only a refresh of zen2.. and Zen3 in September

      • Oh I was talking about the XT CPUs

        • They are 100% the same chip.. just better binned chips like the 3950X gets 16 cores at the same power usage as the 3900X with 12 cores.. better binning of high performing chips.

          7nm node is pumping out allot of good QTY mature high QTY chips now one year on from its release.

    • Was it the 3600 32gb kit? What colour?

      • Black, non-RGB version. Based on 3Camels price history. Not sure whether extra $10 off from buying through the app applies or not.

  • My Sticks of ram came in today.. Running rock solid at XMP 3600 CL16-18-18-38 settings on a Ryzen 3700X and MSI B450M MORTAR TITANIUM..

    Got a second set coming soon… will see how i go with 4 sticks of 8gb running at 3600MT/s CL16

  • Running 4x sticks of 8GB's 32GB total at 3600 CL16 stock xmp nothing else changed on a Ryzen 3700X and MSI B450M MORTAR TITANIUM.. rock solid.. this ram is awesome

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