Crumpler Mantra $124.50 / Mantra Travel $169 (Free Delivery) @ Myer


Only available in Black but a similar deal to the recent Crumpler sale. Mine arrived a while ago and I'm super happy with it. A big improvement over the Dry Red bag. Can't wait to use it outside my house.

Mantra for $124.50 (was $249) -
Mantra Travel for $169 (was $349) -

Wouldn't be surprised if Amazon price match soon. They usually do.

If someone is after a more entry level bag the Idealist is also on sale for $64.50 down from $129 -

There are even more Crumpler bags half price -

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  • Great bags.

  • Love Crumpler! Also have quite a sale on their site too.

  • Are Crumplers made in AU? Or China ?

  • Bought travel mantra from Amazon for $140. Great bag

  • Hey OP, are you talking about the Dry Red No. 5 back pack? May I inquire what are the pros of the Mantra vs that?

    I own the Dry Red no. 7 briefcase and have been quite satisfied.

    • I have both and difference is only on the front compartment. The main compartment basically the same. Mantra front compartment is better imo (more space and easier to organise stuff).

    • Yes pretty much what z10cvbnm said. Material/layout is similar but the front compartment is just much easier to access and utilise.

  • Would the mantra fit a 16” MacBook Pro? I’ve got a dry red no.5 which fits it no problems, but the zippers on the main compartment are starting to get a bit hard to open/close easily..

  • Is the Travel worth paying extra for?

    • Is there a review comparing the two? Trying to figure out what the difference is between them but cant even find the travel on Crumpler's own website..?

  • When I was comparing they had 3 key differences:

    • Size (25L vs 30L)
    • Travel zips all the way open like luggage - great for short interstate travel
    • Travel has a sternum strap

    I've got a larger (~35L) Crumpler for short trips so didn't need 30L. I almost went with the travel purely for the strap… but didn't want the bigger size and preferred the other colours the non-travel came in.

    What's confusing me is the non-travel in my link has a sternum strap. Mine here definitely does not. The Mantra on the Crumpler website also does not.

    Maybe Myer have a special edition with a strap?

  • EXPIRED, back to full price

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