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20% off All Peak Design Gear via Signup @ Peak Design


The discount code will be available in the bottom right corner on this page after you enter an email address:

Screenshot showing what the pop up box in the corner should look like:

My previous order:

I posted this deal in December but it has expired. User @Ozmrtw just commented that the deal is still going:

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    Here for the posts of poor people who don’t understand these products.

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      Here to see who lost 4k in tax cuts this year because of common sense.

      • -2

        Here to see who has tall poppy syndrome

        • So the same reason as me?

      • What 4k common sense?

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          The Stage 3 tax cuts meant that the tax cut of around 9k for people who earned over 180 thousand, those were cut in half by governments recent changes. Instead of a small number of people getting a big tax cut more than 85% got one and the rich still got 4k just half of original.

          • @nathand: That clearly has a much to do with specialised camera bags.

            Got the 3L sling since I don’t use large zoom lenses.

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      I have my 5 daily negs ready for em!

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      Do you mind explaining these products? I was interested in the everyday bag for travel but lots of reviews say it's quite heavy and not carry-on friendly when expanded.

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        you see - a bag is a flexible container made of various materials, designed for carrying and storing items. It comes in different types like backpacks, tote bags, and handbags, with features such as zippers and handles. Bags serve diverse purposes, from everyday use to specialized activities like travel or sports.
        - -
        I also have the everyday bag 30L - I would also say its not a one-bag-travel bag, more like a day bag. It's 30L assumes you open the top all the way to the very top which no one does. Get the travel line 30L or 45L, most airlines cut off at 45L for carry-on give or take. What do you want to know about them? They're just bags..?

        There are other options from Osprey Porter / Fairpoint to Aer Travel Pack 3 to many, many more - look up packhacker on youtube.

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        It's a great short term travel bag, especially for plane flights. One shoulder side access panels, well thought out secure compartment for wallet, good laptop/tablet sleeves. The magnetic latch on the top flat is very fast, very secure.

        It's not so great as an everyday bag though, I find the shoulder strap design to be very poor compared to packs made by outdoor gear companies.

      • I had the everyday backpack 20L (first version) and i sold it soon cause it was too heavy…

        there is something about the shoulder strap pivots causing them to not sit properly on your shoulder…

      • Make sure you research the peak design reviews - tons of people have returned the travel backpack because of the straps being super uncomfortable

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    344 for everyday backpack pretty reasonable without outliers like the ACS technology deals recently.

    looks like ACS Technology isnt even a seller choice anymore on amazon - maybe the party is over on the $250 deals.

    • 20L Ash was 230 from ACS earlier this morning.

      • ah - i was checking for the 30L options. maybe they are just going to quietly restock then do another run.

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    Woo, have been looking out for the 10L sling as my 6L one is sometimes a bit tight. $50 saving and brings the price down to pretty much the price on the used market.

    Thanks for the heads up, mate!

    • No worries, good to be able to give back to this community.

      I've saved a ton from this website, bought a lot of stuff I didn't actually need and laughed a lot at the forums/polls.

    • +1

      I have the 6L and the 10L… and also the 13L messenger (yes I need help)

      The 10L is considerably larger than the 6L but quite a bit of extra space is in the vertical space, and I also find the 10L gets quite heavy when loaded up. You can get 'like new' used 10L thats cheaper than whats on peak design even with the 20% off I reckon.

      • Seconded, my 10L gets heavy and I don't really use it anymore.

      • r/manybaggers unite

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          today I found a subreddit I never knew I needed

          • @lawyerz: Everytime I think I have a bag collection problem, I check out that sub and think nah I’m aright

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    I have a few PD things and generally happy with them, though there's always the nagging feeling that I'm not going to notice when their magic clips are failing and I'm going to drop all my kit on the ground.

    I have the Slide camera strap which I actually don't love - I had a Crumpler one previously which was so much more comfortable to wear for longer periods. I like being able to detach and swap out for the wrist strap but in practice I don't do it that much.

    • I rarely disconnect my wrist strap either - I have the long strap a bit thinner than the Slide, rarely use it, though sometimes when I'm paranoid the tripod is close to a cliff edge I'll use that as a tether from the camera back to my bag,

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    PSA; do not use the clips on newer Olympus / OM bodies that has their polycarbonate (plastic) bodies e.g. Em5 mk 3, om-5, - they do not reinforce their tripod mounts and will break off leaving a giant hole at the bottom of the camera.

    Peak Design website annoys me to no end because they only add taxes (and shipping) at the checkout

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      they do not reinforce their tripod mounts and will break off leaving a giant hole at the bottom of the camera.

      Jesus christ! That is atrocious. How are you meant to mount the cameras on a downfacing "rig"/tripod for product photography with a heavy lens?
      Seems like a pretty big oversight.

      • +2

        I can Imagine that they are designed for holding the camera's weight. Not accounting for the dynamic forces that come with a strap mount. Because you're moving and bouncing all around.

        • Yeah definitely haven't catered for that situation. Although, at this juncture, you'd think the mount point would be considered as a "hardpoint" capable of the dynamic shear forces of carrying a camera assembly on a monopod across the street (for e.g.).

          Interesting thread on this:

          Genuinely don't feel that Olympus should get a pass on this, given the metal mount plate inside the body is still reliant on plastic to keep it "secure" rather than have an internal metal frame to evenly distribute shear forces across the entire body of the camera.

    • +3

      Yeah I wouldn't call their web design peak

      • +1

        I know in the states each state has their different sales tax so they can only add taxes when you add your address (which is its own kind of dumb) - but they couldnt be bothered to do a localised version for Australia.

        In fact, I think its against the law as the prices shown need to reflect prices with GST.

        Just a few months ago - if you had logged in through Shoppay (the automated pop up once you entered your email) - and tried to use a coupon of any kind - it would throw off the prices all over the place in a bizarre way - and there was some back and forth with their website technical team to find the problem.

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    I've got the 30L Everyday Backpack v2 and the older style Everyday Messenger for 15/16" laptops (v1). Expensive yes… but really really good quality and well thought out design/functionality.
    My job sometimes requires me to carry around my dSLR and extra lenses and so these bags have been really handy

    Can vouch for the camera accessories too (straps/clips ect)

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    mmm wonder if its time to try out their packing cubes. My cheap amazon compression cubes don't compress anymore and I really like the idea of the dirty/clean sections

    • I wish their cubes had a mesh transparent side

    • +1

      Love the packing cubes. I have them in various sizes and they feel way better than any others I've purchased

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    Highly recommend their wash pouches — I have the small for gym, and the large for travel, and they're a terrific product.

    • +1

      Grabbed one for travel. keen!

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    I use the Everyday Case on Pixel and for the most part love it. Slim, looks good, the mounts are fantastic and the magnet feature on its own is actually way more useful than I expected.
    The case has saved the phone from some pretty big tumbles, but one awkward one last year did result in the back panel cracking. This turned into a big issue this year when the phone died and I discovered google's policy is to blanket refuse warranty on devices with any physical damage… (thankfully got it sorted though).

    I reached out to Peak to share my experience and some pics of the case, where it took the impact. It was clearly a user error issue but I figure practical feedback is always useful for the design team. They responded straight away, passed my feedback along to the designers, and also sent me a brand new case as a goodwill gesture. Great support from them and I'd happily use their cases on new phones going forward too.

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    Thanks! Looking for a camera day-pack as my Think Tank is just too bulky to carry around and doesn't have space for jackets etc.

  • +1

    Can you buy the velcro inserts for the every day bag seperately?

    • +1

      sure, you can buy more of their inserts, or just get your own. they're just normal velcro.

  • +1

    Long time fan of PD and never knew this! Always waited for sales so this is helpful

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    Debating whether to purchase either the 30L or 45L Travel Backpack for carry-on only holidays or for weekend getaways. Any thoughts on this?

    • I understand the 30L is newer and has some refinements over the 45L. After a bunch of reviews, I got the overall feeling the 30L is the one to go for unless you really need the extra capacity.

    • +2

      I recently travelled with 45l (with the camera/packing cubes) is very versatile if you need that extra capacity. Had my R5, 5DIV and f/2.8 zooms, a couple of primes and accessories as well as my CF Travel Tripod. Managed to fit in a change of clothes too. My only issue is that because you can fit so much in there, you're tempted to put so much stuff in there like I did and maybe cause some issues because of weight. Otherwise, I highly recommend the 45l Travel. So many configurations you can set it to, fit almost anything in there.

      Carrying that much actually made me want to consider changing to a wheel suitcase (maybe Pelican?) instead because all up, I was carrying about 20kg worth of camera gear on my back.

      If you're want a smaller bag, then perhaps try the 30l Everyday instead.

      • Thanks! I'm leaning towards the 45L. Just found out its standard size is 35L and only when it's expanded, it's 45L.

        Carry on is 7kg for most airlines and the bag is 2kg. So 5kg for packing. I'd really just be packing enough for a 5 day trip. I think the bag is more versatile particularly if you're travelling to a country without paved roads; making it difficult to wheel your luggage.

        • I only had the one issue with check in staff when they enquired about the weight of my camera gear and since you can't check it in, they had no choice but to allow me to carry on. I did promise that I was the only one that was going to touch it because I think the weight limit per bag is for WHS reason. Especially with how small some of the cabin crew can be, I can imagine them getting hurt if they can't lift it up properly. Also, even in 35l standard mode, it's waaaay too big to fin the footwell, so it needs to be stored above.

          • @prosnapdeluxe: Good to know :) I don't intend on keeping it in the footwell. Otherwise, I'd have no leg room!

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    Not stackable with the "buy 3 get 10% off" packing cubes.

  • +2

    Great kit. Have multiple items. My only suggestion would be to check other retailers b/c you can get certain items cheaper, delivered, than the discounted price from PD.

  • +7

    For those wondering why they're bags or expensive or what's special about them, beyond material, quality and construction, their customer service is top notch.

    I was part of their Everyday Backpack (v1) Kickstarter group in 2016 and paid $244 USD for the 30L bag. The bag had some discolouration and the webbing around the back cushion was wearing down. I read some posts where PD were happy to replace the bags free of charge so I submitted a warranty claim and they were happy to send me a brand new bag and asked me to hand down the old bag to someone if I'm not using it rather than throwing it away. So $244 USD for 7 years worth of use. I think that's a pretty good deal.

  • +1

    Hey OP, Love their products. Use their 6L sling for travel and the 3L version for everyday carry. Recommend both items highly. I also have their slide lite camera strap, but it's just a bit too thick for my light mirrorless and don't use it much. Excellent quality though, perfect for heavier gear.

    So I just need to subscribe to their newsletter to get the discount?

    • Just enter any email and it will display a coupon code for the discount.

  • +2

    For those wondering why there are many fervent fans who are willing to fork out the extra $$$ - the key reason why I went for a PD bag over others is primarily how it optimises run and gun workflows when it comes to accessing camera gear.

    I can speak primarily for the v2 20L everyday backpack and also for the v2 6L sling. It makes travelling with them a breeze on holidays. Definitely not ideal for multi-day wilderness hikes, as its not the most ergonomic (but still a solid 7 to 8/10 for me as a day bag on holidays). But in terms of workflow and of ease of access? 10/10. It smashes most brands out of the water and I haven't found anything close to it - especially for changing lenses on the run AND accessing all my kit without needing to take my bag off or put it down. The V2 backpack gave me the most seamless workflow of any brand or model.

    Best advice is to watch the PD videos on how they use it and how it can be configured to your needs. Then go into a local store with a demo, try it on and visualise how you would use it for your use case e.g. accessing kit and changing lenses during work shoots, holidays, multi day hikes, etc, etc.

    Also - I can vouch that I've had great post-sale customer service with PD on multiple occasions. Had a zip break and also one of the strap magnets come loose on my 20L V2 everyday backpack and they replaced the whole bag for free after returning it. Also had a capture v3 replaced for free due to a sticky release lock mechanism, and also a missing part for the carbon tripod sent to me for free very very promptly. Their lifetime service is definitely up there - I'd dare say better than apple.

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