Recommendations for Cheap Electricity and Gas Retailer

I will be moving soon, just wondering if you guys have suggestions for a cheap electricity and gas retailer.

I'm on a very good offer Origin Energy, but I lose that when I move, so I'm shopping around.

I'm in NSW.

Any suggestions?


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    If only there were websites specifically designed to compare utility companies.

    • Don't use iselect no matter what. It become they select for you. They will have 100 reasons to use what they suggested for you and 1000 reasons not to use what you want.

      And they will keep calling you.

      • they select for you

        that's the point, you are asking for an opinion on what's best, so of course you should expect they will try to select for you. If you are asking with a provider in mind why do you ask in the first place? its rather odd train of thought.

        • They should help you to get the best rate of your 'selected' provider, not just pushing for the specific one they think is the best suit you.

          • @SnoozeAndLose:

            not just pushing for the specific one they think is the best suit you.

            Man, I dunno why people ask for advice if you don't think the person answering is supposed to give you the one they think is best suited to you. Donald Trump logic is gaining traction faster than Covid 19

            • @cloudy: I believe you should be given 'Options' not just one, so when you going into the shop and ask for suggestion would they push you to buy the specific item?

              Your theory is that you should just accept what you get given, others don't seek help.

              There should be no consultant in the world then.

              So that I suggest don't use select as I want options for me to choose and made decision 'By Myself'. Instead, they want to finish the deal and force you to accept whatever they think is the best.

              • @SnoozeAndLose: yea fair enough, if you want options go for the internet.

                If you want the cheapest price based on what they think (and you are asking what they think) then go to iSelect.

                I guess that's the end of the story.

                • @cloudy: I can only think of people who can't make their own choice can go to them.

                  I want the cheapest option, take it or not is my choice and they should stop calling me once I said I need some time to decide.

                  • @SnoozeAndLose:

                    they should stop calling me once I said I need some time to decide.

                    They will stop calling them if they are told to not be called back and be placed on the do not call list. It's really that simple, if you don't ask, you can't really complain.

                    They have a list, they do not call, if you don't want to be calls, ask to be placed on list.

                    • @cloudy: Do you think I didn't ask them not to call and my phone number is not on Do not call list?

                      I said no at least for 5 times and block their number using the call blocker app, total of 50 calls being blocked by the app.

      • Iselect annoyed me so much. I thought I'd give their site a go but found many companies missing so you didn't really get a good deal. What miffed me though was that they called almost immediately because the site won't allow you to proceed with entering a phone number. Not interested in being harassed by a sales rep with a cold call.

  • energymadeeasy

  • If I remember correctly, there was a govt website where you upload your current bill in pdf and it does comparisons for you.

  • AGL was best for our area and usage but if you use the Vic Energy Compare website that is a good start.

  • I just signed up with nectr, am gettng a $200 giftcard and another 50 after 12 months

  • ReAmped saved me so much compared to my previous supplier Red Energy

  • Thanks so much, I will check them all out. I'm in NSW

  • I signed with a competitor to Origin just last week and out of the blue Origin rang me with a 25% ( i was on 10%) off usage and supply.(@ the same prices) . Rang the competitor back to cancel and they offered the same plus $100 off my first bill . They definitely want your business.

    • If you don’t mind would you please reveal who is your competitor. I am with AGL in Victoria and they said they were going to change their new tariffs w.e.f 1.7.20, and I am searching too for a new provider both electricity and gas. Thanks.

      • Energy Australia , Prices fixed for 12 months and if they go lower you contact them for another contract ( No lock in) . I read somewhere prices may fall this year. I'm in NSW.

  • I'm with Alinta, they arent the cheapest going but if you need a payment extension or plan for whatever reason they don't slug you the full amount like AGL etc do, your 'pay on time' discount is carried over. Thats a bargain in itself. I'm still on the lookout to swap providers but I'll probably try to speak to their retention team first

    • That wouldn't help me. I never need a payment extension. Pay on time discounts are fine. My current deal with Origin is pretty sweet, 31% off power usage and 20% off gas usage. Its the cheapest in the market, a shame I can't take that with me when I move.

    • AGL gives payment extension. There is the option on their website where you can select extension up to 3 months.

  • Wattever is a good comparison site for electricity. They do all the retailers, but don't do gas. It might be a good start and then you can enquire about combined usage plans.

  • Getting sorted in Adelaide with Alinta at 49c a kw. Looking to move myself but $100 just to switch company.

  • ReAmped Energy was the cheapest for electricity in NSW when I compared a while back; it probably is still the case: is the neutral comparison website.