[Switch] Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling - $31.49CAD (~ $34.35AUD, Normally $45 on AU eShop) @ Nintendo eShop Canada


Game is a new release today and selling for $45 in the Australian eshop

For those unaware, this is an indie-developed take on Paper Mario that is, for all intents and purposes, doing the formula more justice than Nintendo has since TTYD on GameCube.

Game is currently sitting on 91 and 10.0 on Metacritic for critic and user scores respectively.

To purchase this, consider buying a $35CAD eshop card from PC Game Supply for ~$39-40 AUD.

Secondly you'll want to create a secondary Canadian Account on your Switch, or change your main account region to Canada (Note you will have to use all existing funds in your account before changing to and from any region on Switch).

From there, simply log into the eshop on your Switch and purchase the game after redeeming your eshop code.

Voila! Instant $10 saving on a high quality game on release day!

For those interested, HLTB has the game pegged at an average of 35 hours to beat the main story as well.

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    Well a $5 saving and $4CAD left in an account that you have to use to switch back to the AU store. If you can't find anything for the exact amount then what happens? You have to plug in more money or can you forfeit it? (Still saving $5)

    Edit: Oh sorry, if you use the second account, you can just keep the money stored there and leave your primary alone?


      Yes to your edit. Also Gold Coins help mitigate the difference when you're trying to use up your remaining funds

      You can "overshoot" your remaing balance by a few cents and cover it with gold coins.


    That's got some real Paper Mario 64 vibes to it

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