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Free Shipping on All Purchases (Save $6.95) @ Barberhouse


Our team @ Barber House are giving back due to the recent delays on shipping during COVID-19. FREE SHIPPING on all purchases regardless the amount spent. Saving off $6.95. Only Advertised on Oz Bargains.



Spend $48.00 - American Crew 250ml Daily Shampoo (Add To Cart)
Spend $80.00 - American Crew 450ML Daily Moisturising Shampoo (Automatically Added)

All Orders Shipped in 2 Business Days - Total Savings $20.00 Plus

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  • Looks like the last post was an 'apology' post, yet there were reports in the comments of delayed shipping…

    Is this the apology for the apology?

  • A way to increase website traffic?


    Hi, due to circumstances no body could work out how long disruptions where happening. This is not a promotion for anybody or to drive more traffic. Shipping is completely FREE and it is a big loss for our company. Please appreciate we are doing the best we can with our limited staff. Our team appreciate ever ones business and strive for the best.


  • Dont seem to stock Fudge products which is a shame. Needed. Some more Putty

  • Both times I have purchased, orders have been significantly delayed. First order was in December so Covid could not have been an excuse then.

    I can understand the delays but you guys need to do a better job of communicating these delays - both times there was no communication and my calls and emails were not returned.

    Can’t recommend these guys.



      Apologies for the delays in the busiest times. We always give back if we are at error. Please inbox me and we can make it up to you. During busy times we are all packing. Since November last year we have advanced in the shipping system in Australia. Our company has also introduced FREE Express shipping over $80.00.

      Our product range is expanding and our team members are coming back.


    • Jees reading over this store's posts, it's clear that shipping delays have been an issue since day 1. First post back in October talks about shipping delays, and it doesn't stop as I keep reading through, and all I see are excuses about servers, NSW fires, COVID.

      Does make you wonder, how many apology posts are needed before we just start negging this crap and force them to change.

  • The only scenario I see is that they are selling stock they don't actually have on hand. Otherwise I can't comprehend how it would take 4 weeks to get an order ready. It doesn't take long to pop items into a satchel and whack an address label on it. It's not like their inventory is massive.

    If they had been upfront from the start and said it'll arrive in about four weeks time, I would be fine with it as it's not an urgently required item.

    I order from aliexpress expecting to wait at least 4 weeks, and that's ok, because I expect it.

    But when the seller is local and lies about delivery times and then gives bs flavour of the month excuses, it leaves a very very bitter aftertaste.



    We appreciate your feed back. We have plenty of stock. We only have one packer as the margins are slim with online sales. We are now back to normal shipping times and we will prove it to all orders. Sales packing will take longer due to the volume of sales if we have a sale. We pass the saving to our clients during sales.

    We have recently moved to a new ware house and grown this year. Our product range is growing and our team are all coming back tomorrow. Future orders will take up to 4 days.

    Covid-19 Did effect our business through staff. I was in the warehouse packing my self.

    Barber House has two barber shops which where also effected in a huge way.

    We apologise if we have inconvenienced anyone.

    We have just released FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING for orders over $80.00. FREE Gifts with every order over $48.00. Brought on 7 new product brands and all office staff are back as of tomorrow.

    Team Barber House

  • These guys are a joke. "All Orders Shipped in 2 Business Days", try 14 days before it was even sent! No communication.

    Don't bother with this lot.

    • 100% agreed!!! I’ve been waiting on my items for 2 full weeks. Got zero.

      Auspost tracking was given 3 days after the order places but the status remained as Shipping information received by Australia Post - meaning Australia post only generated shipping label on their request but have not manifested the goods off these guys. I emailed and asked I got told it will arrive ‘soon’ well it’s been two weeks and they charged my card since day 1. I wanted to show support to a local Aussie business but I feel very little confidence from ordering these guys again.



    We have had some shopping diculties but can assure you we have over come them. Covid 19 did effect us in a big way.

    Team Barber House

    • Thanks for trying. But I still have nothing after 2 full weeks. I really wanted to support you guys, but the fact that you guys pull the same stunt for almost everyone by issuing a tracking number only, for mine in particular, you issued it 3 days after I placed the order BUT did not post out anything at all and still has not, is appalling.

      Did anyone even receive anything?? Stop doing this just to increase your network traffic so you can bump yourself up on the google search result. With services like this, no one is ever going to wanting to come back for seconds, etc.



    We can assure all orders have been shipped. Please [email protected] if you require more info or call. We can assure you an immediate response with our full team back. COVID 19 has impacted shipping world wide.

    Team Barber House

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