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My Arcade Data East Mini Player Retro Game System $38.70 + Delivery ($0 with Club + $45 Spend) @ Catch


Caught this deal on Catch for the My Arcade Data East Mini Player Retro Game System.

Another Mini arcade unit. Probably not as sought after as most but still neat to add to the collection for collectors.

Usually RRP's for $149 and down from $129 on Catch's site. So great deal.

I signed up for 30 day Catch Club sub and got free shipping as I ordered an extra for my brother.

Have at it and enjoy

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  • Got the full list of games?

  • anyone know can i hack it to play romzzz

  • Full list from amazon:

    Games list: Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, Bloody Wolf, BreakThru, Dark Seal, Heavy Barrel, Darwin 4078, Karate Champ, Side Pocket, Caveman Ninja, Shoot Out, Super BurgerTime, Midnight Resistance, Lock N' Chase, BurgerTime, Pro Bowling, Pro Soccer, Pro Tennis, Rootin' Tootin', Scrum Try, Nitro Ball, Super Doubles Tennis, Super Real Darwin, Tomahawk 777, Treasure Island, Tumble Pop, Two Crude Dudes, Western Express, Wizard Fire, Zaviga, Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory, B-Wings, Joe and Mac Returns, Street Hoop, Desert Assault, Magical Drop 3.

    Dude playing them all:


  • Data East really do just shove their games on everything, hey.

    I swear I didn't buy the Switch Johnny Turbo re-releases.

  • When I log in it says that it's over $45 for free shipping with club catch?

  • Is this the game console using NES rom instead of arcade rom ?

  • I've tried this at Jaycar but couldn't handle how all games were stretched out on the screen (4:3 forced to 16:9).

  • Received today. I plan on installing more emulators and roms on it later tonight. The control stick is very stiff, I hope it just needs some work to loosen it up a bit.

    Ordered a OTG cable, small hub and nano wifi adapter. Hoping I can connect USB storage, and wifi so I can just access ROMs from my network.

    • Same received it today it's got the revision board tried the mouse via otg and it goes into a boot loop. There might be a way into it via an app called Vysor looking into it now.

      • Hmm yeah it seems they've disabled otg in the firmware. The power socket is now a full USB port (all data pins connected) but you still have to open the unit to get to the 'Enter' button on the back of the board if you want to use recovery to re-flash it. Hold volume + and - during boot to get to recovery.

        I haven't found any resources for it yet apart from this guy mucking around with it. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/255982-mini-arcade-alert/?...

  • I just received mine. It only has 34 games and three dont open just goes back to game selection menu screen. They advertised 37 games but mine effectively has 31 games. Is that same with anyone else. Street Hoop is one that doesnt open for me.

  • I just found something. If I press and hold the coin button in game selection menu, I get some sort of rom select screen. Doesnt do much but the three games start working when I change it.

  • I hadn't received my delivery and when I checked today Catch cancelled my order due to "the details provided in this order have not met our system's verification requirements". WTF does that mean?

    Anyway I check online, and I can't seem to find the device for sale any more. F-rs.

  • Yeah received mine last week. Was everyone elses re-sealed? To me they looked like they had been opened and re-stickered. Also saw a T mark on each of the white boxes in a black texta. Neat little unit. Screen is a little weak on angle(from looking down, straight on is fine). Some decent games on there. Seems a little laggy in game to me. The Neo Geo Mini is much better build quality wise.

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