Jetstar Direct from Sydney to Nadi, Fiji from $357 Return [Aug-Sep] @ BeatThatFlight


Jetstar has some great prices to Fiji. Of course this all depends on travel bubbles, but with a lot of the flights being in September, it's possible (even NZ is suggesting September is the earliest?).

Jetstar is a Low Cost Carrier, so no checked bags are included in this one/way price.

Remember of course, while Covid cases are decreasing, that's no guarantee that that will continue, or that states will allow interstate, let alone international travel at that time. Be sure to check your travel terms and conditions.

There's also some flexibility on Jetstar tickets - but you'll need to make that call based on your situation.

Sydney to Nadi

Return Price Travel Dates
$357 23 Aug to 26 Aug
$364 23 Aug to 02 Sep
$364 30 Aug to 02 Sep
$367 16 Aug to 26 Aug
$367 19 Aug to 26 Aug
$367 30 Aug to 06 Sep
$374 12 Aug to 19 Aug
$374 16 Aug to 19 Aug
$374 23 Aug to 30 Aug
$374 26 Aug to 02 Sep
$374 30 Aug to 09 Sep
$377 02 Aug to 05 Aug
$377 02 Sep to 06 Sep
$384 02 Aug to 12 Aug
$384 02 Sep to 09 Sep
$384 06 Sep to 09 Sep
$384 06 Sep to 16 Sep
$384 09 Aug to 19 Aug
$384 12 Aug to 14 Aug
$384 12 Aug to 16 Aug
$384 12 Aug to 21 Aug
$384 13 Sep to 16 Sep
$384 13 Sep to 20 Sep
$384 13 Sep to 21 Sep
$384 13 Sep to 23 Sep
$384 14 Aug to 19 Aug
$384 16 Aug to 21 Aug
$384 19 Aug to 21 Aug
$384 19 Aug to 23 Aug
$384 23 Aug to 28 Aug
$384 26 Aug to 30 Aug
$384 28 Aug to 02 Sep
$384 30 Aug to 04 Sep
$385 06 Sep to 13 Sep
$385 16 Aug to 23 Aug
$387 02 Aug to 09 Aug
$387 04 Sep to 06 Sep
$387 21 Aug to 26 Aug
$387 28 Aug to 06 Sep
$394 02 Aug to 07 Aug
$394 02 Sep to 04 Sep
$394 02 Sep to 11 Sep
$394 04 Sep to 09 Sep
$394 05 Aug to 07 Aug
$394 05 Aug to 12 Aug
$394 05 Aug to 14 Aug
$394 06 Sep to 11 Sep
$394 09 Aug to 12 Aug
$394 09 Aug to 14 Aug
$394 09 Aug to 16 Aug
$394 09 Sep to 13 Sep
$394 09 Sep to 16 Sep
$394 11 Sep to 13 Sep
$394 11 Sep to 16 Sep
$394 11 Sep to 20 Sep
$394 11 Sep to 21 Sep
$394 13 Sep to 18 Sep
$394 14 Aug to 16 Aug
$394 14 Aug to 21 Aug
$394 26 Aug to 04 Sep
$394 26 Aug to 28 Aug
$394 28 Aug to 30 Aug
$397 05 Aug to 09 Aug

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  • +9 votes

    Includes free Sydney hotel stay upon return for 14 days.

    • -2 votes

      I've been wondering about that. Could you fly say to AKL and back immediately, and get a 2 week 'staycation' paid for while you 'work from home'? :D

      • im assuming once the tasman/pacific bubble happens the plan is to allow free travel without quarantine. thats the impression i got anyway

  • Again more BS speculative deals by BeatThatFlight

    or that states will allow interstate travel

    Last time I checked, Fiji was another country?

    • +6 votes

      Cheers, fixed the typo. We're not the ones selling them, we just find and share them.

      • You 'just find and share them'??? So you can profit from the cancellations/changes via your Travel Agency when you know that the government will not let us fly during these months. Truly awful beatthatflight. You should be banned from OzB.

        • As far as I know, under current rules, you can still fly, you just need to go into quarantine on return.

          The government has not banned you.

        • +3 votes

          No, not a travel agency. If you look at the first one above, for example, it's FlightNetwork that is selling the tickets. GotoGate as well. All different prices. We just find what's available and show the cheapest fare.

          Incidentally, if a booking through any of those is cancelled, we get nothing. Just helping find the cheapest flights available.

          • @beatthatflight: Yep do people get their money back 100% automatically?

            if a booking through any of those is cancelled, we get nothing.

            And if those companies go belly up, the customer gets nothing too!

            Dodgey dodgey dodgey

            • @supabrudda: What's dodgy? If your mate told you about a cheap flight to Fiji are you going to start saying that he's being dodgy? They aren't affiliated with the airlines or travel brokers. I haven't looked into how they earn money but I'm guessing they only get money if the flight goes ahead, just like if you use cashrewards or ShopBack, if the order is cancelled by either party (you or the airline) then you don't get the cash back money.

    • I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way about these posts, but I always seem to get negged to oblivion when I say so.

    • I'm sure OP meant those interstate travellers wishing to use Sydney as their international departure point.

  • This is literally the opposite of a bargain. It actively increases people's chance of losing money on average.

  • also, you are not covered if you get the virus when overseas as its still a pandemic. so take a risk and
    pay thousands should you contract it while overseas. until they cover COVID with travel insurance anyone travelling is crazy.

  • No chance international border will be opened before end of this year, new Zealand bubble may be, the rest of the world? Hmm..

    • -2 votes

      The hope, according to the govt, is earlier than that.

    • Fiji is meant to be a part of that bubble this year actually.

      • But it's just a hope, a wish, a finger's crossed kinda sale.

        If the flights get cancelled…as is likely, what happens? Do you get a refund?? Nope, do you get another free re-booking for the same price when suits? Nope, do you just get a credit to offset on an increased price? Maybe

        If the company goes bell up do you get a refund??? Nope.

        You take all the risk for very little return.

  • If you decide to book any of these you get what you deserve lol.

  • -2 votes

    There's a pandemic going on around the world, and you're planning on going to a remote island country with jack all healthcare and will soon be frequented by cruise ships again?

    If you leave Australia this year, I hope to god they make you sign some sort of disclaimer that not ONE Australian dollar will be spent bringing you back home.

    There are people the world over BEGGING AND PLEADING TO GET BACK HOME TO AUSTRALIA, and for very good reason.

    Foolish selfish people, you deserve everything you get.

    • Except the fact Australia will be flying to NZ within the next few months, virtually guaranteed.
      I’d say Fiji is more of a stretch but my bet is that flights to pacific will follow NZ/Australia pretty quickly if those work out ok. Still can’t see it before Oct though.

      • I'll take that bet ;).

        We are at the end of May now. End of March was when people were hoarding toilet paper and panicking. Two months later and "we've beaten it!".
        In two months we've gone from full battle stations to back to normal yay footy is back on.

        In 3-4 months, we'll be reaching for the toilet paper again. THAT'S "virtually guaranteed" :).

        • well i've been to places in the last year that didn't like toilet paper flushed down the toilet so I kinda got used to being without it anyway!

          • @Eraze: once you go bidet, you never go back

            • @Bloodfart: I completely agree! I'm sure why they haven't taken off here… great for the environment and wallet. Normally when those two things align people adapt. But with Bidet's, no is interested. *shrugs

              • @UFO: for some reason, people here find smearing feces with paper tissue cleaner than washing it off with water… cos it makes sense that if you get chocolate fudge on your fingers, that you clean it with dry tissues instead of washing it off under the sink. /sarcasm

  • +1 vote

    First hand experience here… flew to Fiji, got caught in COVID 19 saga, Virgin cancelled the flight, Aunt Betty is playing hardball in refunding. And my Comm Bank Platinum card insurance will not cove the flight cancellation nor the extra I had to fork out to take the midnight express to Brisbane them ripoff Qantas ($400 one way from Brizzie to Melb). And yes, two weeks in quarantine in Brisbane (which I appreciate and understand). Buy direct with the airlines during such times - not third party sellers. And yes, you will never see cash if flight is canceled etc - just travel credits.
    And if you ticket says there will be a cancellation fee, then rest assured,Flight center, Aunt Betty and the like will have their pound of flesh with the blood.
    Having said the above, Fiji and NZ are the "safest" travel options that are coming up.

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