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DJI OSMO Action Dual Screen 4K Action Cam $348 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Original Coupon Deal Coupon code APPONLY10 for $10 off may eligible for some users but obviously not me. Hence, $349.95 for me.

Cheapest by far since I joined here and among my past similar contributed deals.

Edit 6/6: Back in stock and dropped to $348 (from $349.95)

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Amazon AU


  • Best Action and Vlog camera…

  • Ted's Cameras also have it for $349.95 if anyone has a store that's back open again nearby.

    • That would be who Amazon is matching then. Kind of annoys me that they never lead, rather, they always seem to be matching someone.

    • Says they open again June 1st all stores.

  • Damn this is good price… i bought mine for about $600 last year

    • Has this ever been $600 that high?

      • well including some accessories, such as screen protector, sd card, carrying case etc…i still paid a lot more than $349

        • I just checked that China now selling it around 420, but include battery set which is worth 110 aud plus all kind of accessories

    • I love the 28 degrees shopper protection for this, I never worry about the price because I can always claim it back up to a year later. 5 claims so far, always get the refund in around 4 days.

      • i really need to look into this…. is this a credit card?

        • Yeah its through the 28 degrees credit card. They randomly offer this 'Shoppers Protection' insurance to some customers, it's free if you pay off your balance every month (before the balance is due), otherwise they slog you with 1% of the closing balance.

          I simply bpay the balance + some a few days before my bill cycle ends.

  • Teds have also dropped the Osmo Pocket to $499.95 (~$100 off), and Amazon have matched (presumably). Not cheapest ever but cheapest around at the moment from what I've seen.

    • Few competitors arise and seem the Fimi Palm is pretty good choice over OSMO Pocket

      • The Fimi seems less mature than the Osmo so far (I got the Fimi from Tobydeals for $260, Dad has the Osmo Pocket and I've borrowed it a few times now).

        Quality of Osmo footage looks much nicer… Fimi footage looks a lot more "flat" or action-camera style - infinite focus. 4k30 does indeed run at 100Mbps on the Fimi, but for some reason they drop the bitrate when running at eg. 2.7k60 to ~50Mbps, so it looks worse than it could. Their F-Log still looks a bit oversaturated but I haven't spent a huge amount of time trying to grade it yet, that's just eyeballing it.

        I'm hoping Fimi continues to tweak the firmware, because it's a good device, but only (IMHO) when you consider it's half (or less than half sometimes) the price of the Osmo. If I could get an Osmo Pocket for say $400 I'd take it over the Fimi.

        • You got it from the recent $260 deal? How long did it take to arrive at your doorstep from placing the order?

          Good personal feedback from you, i will reconsider my view on these.

          • @ISO9002: Yep, ordered on the 12/5, arrived 22/5. Pretty good considering the world is still sort of in a pandemic!

            The Fimi has a number of features that I prefer over the Osmo, lanyard holes so I now have it hanging around my neck and can start shooting really quickly, built in Wifi with a pretty decent app, 1/4" thread, although the location of this is quite annoying. I've got a whole stack of GoPro mounts and all 1/4"-GoPro adapters I've tried foul on the gimbal cover, so you can't put the cover back on when you have an adapter attached, small issue but it bugs me. Built-in joystick is useful. The battery life is probably better as well.

            So if video quality is your overriding concern, the Osmo is probably the go. If convenience & speed, the Fimi would probably be best bet.

            Side note, confirmed the Osmo Pocket filters attach perfectly to the Fimi, so we can share filters which will be handy :)

            • @seedosrun: Does the fimi record at a constant or variable frame rate?

              • @martigan: Not sure if you meant framerate or bitrate, but yes to both according to MediaInfo.

                That reminds me, another difference is that the Fimi records at an actual 30.000 fps, whereas the Osmo Pocket (and my GoPros, which are pretty old by now, but assume nothing's changed) record at the "correct" 29.97 fps when in "NTSC" mode. You'll never notice the difference but it's a point of interest (for me anyway :))

                • @seedosrun: I meant framerate. I have no problem with variable bitrate in video however I have found variable framerate to be problematic. The cheap gopro clones I have used recorded in variable framerate like all phones do. The gopro and osmo action records in constant framerate like a proper camera does. I am interested in the fimi if it can record in constant frame rate? Thanks

                  • @martigan: Cool, yes MediaInfo specifies that the files are Constant Framerate, and I have not noticed any artefacts when looking at footage in Resolve that would indicate a change in framerate mid-clip.

            • @seedosrun: Thanks, seedosrun, for your comments. Ordered the Fimi from TobyDeals. xD

        • I own neither of these cameras but am looking at a device like this once we can start traveling again.

          It's interesting, we all see and process things differently.


          I am a big fan of the Fimi's field of view, it really captures more of a busy scene (as at the start of the video) than the Osmo. And this guy's testing during ast walking/running indicates that the stability of the Fimi is superior too.

          The Fimi looks a bit more heavier on the contrast and colour than the Osmo, but for me personally, I don't mind that. The Osmo's colours look a bit washed-out for me in the start of that video (a grey day) - maybe it's something that can be tweaked in the settings by the guy filming it. Osmo looks better in low-light conditions, but you wouldn't want to be using either of these in really low light anyway IMO.

  • Is this similar to the insta360 one x?

    • Depends what you mean by similar, but it's not a 360 degree field of view if that's what you're after.

  • A question. Would this be better value since it comes with 2 extra batteries?

    DJI Osmo Action + 2 FREE Batteries + 1 FREE Protective Housing $398 https://www.memorymania.com.au/dji-osmo-action

    • Im indeed debating the same myself.

      1) Is the 2 free batteries extra (cause it doesnt say EXTRA 2 free batteries or is it IN TOTAL 2 batteries?

      2) Is the protective housing aftermarket unbranded or official DJI one?

      • Yeah wondering the same. If the one from memorymania come with 2 extra batteries on top of the already included battery then it might be worth it.

        If it's just an extra battery then perhaps not.

  • Im new to cycling and wondering if you guys/gals would recommend this camera for 25km one way commute?

  • I bought one.
    Any recommendation on where to buy accessories and also which ones to get?

  • Also how do you attach these to osno mobile 2?

  • Back in stock and dropped to $348 (from $349.95)

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