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JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker - Black $79 (Was $149) Free Delivery @ Amazon AU


As the title says. Other colours at or around retail price.

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  • great little speaker, you can even buy two and connect them so they play the same thing

    Bought one two years ago, still using it from time to time

  • I have a Flip Essential. It's great for the size and the IPX7 waterproofing means it's my daily shower speaker!

  • Expensive for a Flip 4 when a Flip 5 is out. That uses USB-C. I paid $80 for my Flip 4 three years ago.

    Edit: The Flip 5 has Party Boost, that doesn't connect with the older speakers with JBL Connect+. ☹️

    • For real!? I know the 3's couldn't connect to the 4's but the 4's can't connect to the 5's either? That's so dodgy!

      • Yeah there was huge criticism on the new model's inability to connect with older speakers. The rationale for newer models was that you could daisy chain I think hundred plus speakers where the older ones had a limitation. For most users they just engineered obsolescence.

        I'm using 5 and I quite like it. Bass is richer, usb type c I love. It's not super detailed in mid and high but it's fine for this price and this bass profile. It goes loud and battery is good.

        The flip 4 uses 2 drivers, instead of 1 for the flip 5.

        The flip 5 'standard pricing is around $120

  • Says speaker only. Does that mean no charger?

    • Looking around, difference between Flip 4 & 5 seems to be slightly better sound (base and clarity at high volumes) vs AUX (wired) connection.

      Personally would prefer the JBL Flip 4, as I prefer to have the option of a wired connection. And it’s cheaper overall.

      In saying that, thanks for the heads up and the link :)

  • Can it be used with aux cable connection or just bluetooth? How does it compare to charge 4 ?

  • Thanks OP. I also used my promote code offered by Amazon, so basically it's such a great gift for my bday present arriving next week!

  • I just bought one for my daughter, great price, great speakers.

  • If u can find them jbl link 20
    Thereon sale at ow $99

  • Can someone tell if this model has one speaker or two? (one on each side) I have a charge 3, and it needs to be horizontal when using it. From the pictures I could not figure that out
    Honest question

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      This (JBL Flip 4) is the best one on the market.
      It has that surround sound 2-3 drivers inside, which is better for camping and poolside. The new model JBL Flip 5 only has a single, although larger driver. So it's more unidirectional, and sounds better indoors with the waves able to bounce off the walls.

      However, there's a big feature difference between the two.
      The JBL Flip 5, doesn't have a Headphone Jack, doesn't have a microphone, can't do Siri/Google Assistant, and doesn't have JBLConnect+ (proper stereo and surround sound setup with multiple speakers, many supported models).

      The small advantages of the Flip 5 is having a slightly longer battery life, slightly faster charging time, USB-C port instead of microUSB, and not having a flap. It also has PartyBoost mode, which isn't nearly as good as having JBLConnect+ (clone speakers, few supported models).

      Pretty much all Flip models sound a little better horizontally, as you can place the bass/woofer to a flat-sturdy surface to resonate and bounce off. If you don't have that, eg all grass, then I suggest laying it in landscape mode instead. One good trick is to tie it up to the hillshoist or a tree when outside.

      • Thanks mate, really helpful.

      • +1 vote

        Good sales pitch. I've ordered 2.

      • Someone pin this comment

      • Awesome review - thank you! I was umming and arghing whether to pull the trigger or not. You've convinced me :)

      • Lol, thanks for all the positive comments.

        One thing I forgot to add, is that the JBL Flip (1-5) are all roughly the same width as a Coke can. That means it will fit snuggly inside a cup-holder in your car. When my sound system got busted, that's what I used. And to make things better, my cup holder was a dual-slot with a bridge between the two, so it was acting like an echo-chamber and amplifying the sound and directing it directly up into my ears. Overall, it was quite a bit louder than the standard speakers in my old car. I had to turn the volume down to like 40%.

        I have since passed that old speaker down to my younger sibling. But if I'm in the market for a good speaker, I would choose getting 2x Flip 4 and using the JBLConnect+ feature. It's just that good of sound quality, and has a nice way of filling an area, instead of a single large one like UE Megaboom. Plus the portability, long battery life, waterproofing, build quality, and those other features are neat. And if there's any issues, JBL is a namebrand with somewhat of customer support, I can't say the same about UE when they refused to help fix my OG Mini boom UltimateEars.

        Here's a long-time big speaker nerd (+150 devices), with his tests and opinions.

  • Bought one for my girl as well. Great Found.

  • Daughter's mind set on a UE Boom 3. Anyone know (from personal experience) how this compares to the UE Boom 3?

  • Anyone tried connecting this with Google assistant/casting via Google Home?

  • for other JBL products, 25% off from JBL online, the code "TOYOTA25" valid till 31May2020

  • maybe a stupid question but can this be used as plugged in, or will it ruin the battery for when I actually need to take it with me?

    • The general rule for li-ion batteries is they should be kept at 40 to 50% for long term storage, and keeping them at 100% does reduce their capacity over time. (You may have noticed your li-ion devices are usually half charged when you get them out of the box)

      It won't be ruined, but eventually will have a shorter runtime (though not sure how long this would take or how much it would be reduced)

      Would be good if these had an 80% mode like some laptops do to look after the battery when being used plugged in long term.

  • Wondering if you can AUX out to one unit and then wireless connect to multiple speaker for the stereo/surround setup?

  • Bought one for the daughter 20 months ago and the battery is stuffed. Doesn't hold charge anymore. She can only use it plugged into power. Good sound but disappointing about the battery

  • Do you guys know if Officeworks will price match catch? Want to see if they can price match the JBL Flip 5, because I prefer usb c

    • Yes they will but including shipping charges.

      • I just call them and they refuse to price match the 99 dollars green one because she said the catch do not accept return for change of mind and only offer store credit. So wired

  • Some lengthy reviews & specs here if you're interested a read:

    For youtube review, jimsreviewroom made it an easy decision:

  • It’s interesting how people react to certain deals. This was listed for
    same price from same seller end of last year which received far few upvotes at the time.

    • I notice if you post just a particular item it tends to receive more attention than a whole range or some items put together in the title.

  • Thanks OP. Good deal. I've been so unimpressed with the sound quality of my Megaboom 3 that I'm going to give this a go. The review on Jimsreviewroom that compared the two speakers convinced me.

  • Be careful with these as mine has a very poor battery after 1.5 years of casual use (battery only lasts 25 minutes now from full charge). Talking to JBL support this is apparently normal after 1.5 years so didn't think they needed to replace it or provide a replacement battery

    • Thanks for the heads up. Let's hope it was an isolated incident.

      You have recourse under Australian Consumer Law (https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees...). The battery should not deteoriate under those circumstances.

      • Thanks mate really appreciate it just wondering where normally the best medium to raise a complaint referencing ACL? I mentioned during support chat that although warranty is only one year that you would expect a premium speaker to last at least 2 years but kept getting ignored - bought initially from Myer so maybe I can chat with them instead

        • Directly with the manufacturer (JBL) with receipt on hand. Choice have a helpful set of phone and email template scripts. I'd recommend making the request over the phone as you'll get a response today. Link is here for the scripts: https://www.choice.com.au/shopping/consumer-rights-and-advic...

          I've had two Bose products replaced using a similar approach.

          If they still refuse, state that you'll be making a complaint through the ACCC website which is on the link I provided earlier. See how that goes. Same response? Make the complaint.

          Good luck!

  • thanks OP love this by my pool.. too bad its getting cold now….

  • I'd ordered black, but a blue one pitched up instead. Anyone else have a similar experience with Amazon?

    • Just get on the live chat. They will probably give you a small credit to your account for the inconvenience, or you can send it back free of charge if you don't want that colour.

  • Is the sale over? or is it just for the Prime members?

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