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20% off Minimum $10 Spend @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


Get 20% off on orders $10 and above via mymaccas app, not targeted

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  • Pity no more $5 mcfeast meals…could smash two of them for $8

  • When McDonald’s pays you $1.19 to have a large frozen coke with your 24 nuggets

    • how does that work?

      • 24 Nuggets $9.99 + $1 Frozen Coke = $10.99

        $10.99 - 20% = $8.792

        24 Nuggets $9.99 - $8.792 = $1.198

        Therefore you save $1.198 when adding the Frozen Coke with 24 Nuggets or McDonalds paying you $1.198 to add the Frozen Coke, whichever way you want to interpret it.

        • Went to get the $8 deal last night and saw the 24 pack nuggets now going for $11.95.

          • @calinya: not sure about McDonald’s but with many organisations software is used to pick up trends and anomalies (Amazon is a definite) to tune pricing for demand but also mistakes ….. so lots of people ordering frozen cokes with 24 nuggets which they didn’t do e.g. just 24 nuggets before , would have flagged as anomaly. it’s like price matches at bunnings takes a day, but they notice unusual demand, check and adjust e.g adjust prices so peopl,e don’t get 10% off, takes a day or 2.

            • @garage sale: If they have an offer to give you a saving if you spend $10, why would this be an issue?

              If they adjusted the price of frozen cokes up (even though this has been a long term price) you could always order a soft serve cone etc

              • @NotBritishorUK: Think you missed where the nuggets had their price increases from $9.99 to $11.95. The point of the deal is that if you find something for $9.99 you aren't getting that 20% off saving but by adding the cheap $1 item you hit the $10 min and get back your $1.

                In this case it's not the $1 coke that's the issue it's finding a replacement $9.99 for 24 nuggets

                • @Agret: Well officially you’d still be getting 20% off, just worse off than before haha

                  I do see the point but I checked my menu beforehand and the nuggets are 9.95 for me

                  Update: actually I completely missed that @garagesale was responding to the post about the nuggets going up, now I fully realise why that was raised
                  I thought it was a response to the original post of buying nuggets with frozen coke and warning people it probably won’t last but instead it was an explanation for the nugget increase

                  Think the fact that someone had negged the post made me auto think it was a bad point but now it’s got some upvotes I see it in its true light :D

              • @NotBritishorUK: or you can add a source $0.50 each

          • @calinya: And back to $9.95 now. Weird.

        • There's quite a big difference between paying less for something and being paid for something. Obviously I know what you're getting at, but it's better to interpret it correctly, as that type of thinking can seep into other aspects of life, eg, when you get a tax return you might misinterpret it as getting money back, when it's really the tax office TAKING LESS off you.

  • Good value when using it for the mcfavourites box.
    Pity their use at restaurant doesn't work.

  • FYI this also works with Milk 2L for $2.80 (Paul's brand), Eggs (Pace Farm), and Bread buns.

  • Will come in handy! My local (Bracken Ridgese) has small cheese burger meals for $3 (permanently) and for May and June they have both the McValue and McFavourites boxes for $19.95!

  • got mine yesterday $10.10 :) down to 8.08