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$15 off Single-City 12-Month Digital Membership - $55 @ Entertainment Book


With the restrictions being lifted, and more and more people wanting to dine out, and last years book expiring today, figured it was time to see what deals were still working, and it seems this post still works.

Reminder that the new subscription is 12 months from when you sign up, not till June 1st as previously was.

Click on this KFC link to purchase your membership.

Similiar to previous expired deal

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    Used this earlier this morning after dredging up the original post. The expiration email from Entertainment book prompted me to search OzBargain and voila. Thanks for reposting spackbace 😁

    • Exactly, thanks OP! Very happy with my purchase as everything in it says x2! Maybe they've doubled the vouchers for everything this year?

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    Can I ask what you gain from this?

    • I normally purchase through my son's school as it's a fundraising activity and about $16 goes to the school itself

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      He/She gains nothing, it just automatically comes up on referral links.

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    You'd think they might offer something better for existing customers who've been unable to use most of their vouchers for the final 3 months of the year due to Covid.

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      I thought the same and wouldn't have renewed at full price, but more than happy to renew at $15 off

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    They pretty regularly have this $15 discount - just annoyed I couldn't use any of my vouchers for the past 3 months.

    • A lot of restaurants were open for takeaway which we've never noticed before. We also managed to use up a few vouchers when they re-opened for 10 people. Could be a good tip to use up the next lot of vouchers.

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    Unless its targeted, I have received email to renew for $70 but 12mths + 2 mths and $10 Woolies GC.

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      Yep I got this too. Would prefer this as the difference is only $5 after the GC and 2 months is worth more than $5

  • Any chance there's a way to get the $15 off but still be able to nominate your own charity?

    • See the deal I posted.

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    There is no way I'm going to renew at the moment, so many restaurants have removed themselves from entertainment book since corona virus and its not clear when they will come back.

    I think it should have a 50% discount.

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      $15 membership would entice the true ozbargainer here. COVID plus the restrictions on voucher use kills the discount.

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        Plus I've not used last year's membership for three months so is this $15 meant to make up for that? I'd rather use Eat Club and First Table.

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      Me too - the company is only worried about the $$$ currently. Have been absolutely useless to current members.

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    I have no idea why some restaurants are refusing the voucher lately. Surely this would help to move stock, build goodwill and expose your business to new people.

    In addition, in many cases, I'd fail to see how the business wouldn't turn a profit.

    • I don't understand what you are saying.

      There is a 10 person limit right now among other problems.

      Giving a discount will just make problems worse and cause business's to go bankrupt.

      I'm curious, do you have paper or digital? There are so many restaurants removed from entertainment book digital I assumed the ones left did still accept them.

  • If you just got the email latest offer, might be worth holding out for a better deal.

  • If anyone has the Perth one is worth it compared to last years?

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    I know you can save money using this but just wanted to warn people that they have been extremely ordinary dealing with the Covid-19 experience and the fact 95% of the 'book' became useless.

    I'm talking promising members updates within a week and offering extensions and then instead deciding to completely ignore everyone and delete all social media posts asking anything about this over a period of about 2.5 months.

    Also the company that owns this (Incentiapay) is absolutely tanking share price wise so I can't imagine the deals will be overly amazing….even if you can use them!

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    Came here to see if they had offered anything for COVID19 closures and what not.

    What a shame.

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    I thought we'd be offered a 3 month extension or something

  • I think this has been superseded by https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/541751.

    • Superseded is probably the wrong word.

  • It says KFC - ACT, VIC, TAS. Does that mean this deal is valid for books in those states only?

    • Yeah, how do I select Perth before I buy on this link?

      • Can confirm this works for WA (and all other states).

    • Has anyone successfully purchased for states other than those 3?

  • Is the voucher still available?
    Seems like it is now $65

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