Zinus Suzanne King Size Metal and Pine Wood Platform Bed Frame with Headboard $288 Delivered (RRP ~$355) @ Amazon AU

  • Very highly rated on Amazon AU, with a good number of reviews
  • Sizes available - King: $288, Queen: $248, Double: $231.20, Single: $192

Description from the page:

  • 18cm strong steel frame structure with wood slat support for mattress longevity
  • Wood headboard detail. Distance between wood slats is 7cm
  • Easily assembled in minutes
  • Foam padded tape is added to the steel frame for noise-free use and non-slip tape on the wooden slats prevents your mattress from moving
  • WARRANTY - Join millions of happy customers worldwide. Zinus has a 5 year worry-free global warranty on our beds

PS: I see 'free delivery' for this in my account but it's showing $30 delivery to some people as per comments below. It may have to do with location - I am not sure about it.

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    • The price of King size on eBay and Bunnings still shows as $358 to me. The deal price is $288.

  • I'm sad that none of these brands offer King Singles :(

  • Has anyone used this bed before? Is it solid and strong?

    • I have one in my guest bedroom, it's fine for the price, it's not flimsy but it's also a flat pack so yeah you get what you pay for

      • I have the one without the headboard, I love it. It was one of the easiest beds to set up. Looks good especially for the price and it doesnt make a huge statement either.

        The main reason I bought one was they have a 15cm high model and I wanted the lowest frame I could find, couldnt be happier with it.

    • It's ok. Way too low. I added steel bed legs from Bunnings to mine; not plug and play but it is doable with some handy work.

      I'd give the bed a 6.5/10.

    • I've the full hight one from the same brand which ran me about $130, thoroughly impressed, my experience matches the user ratings in amazon. Simple, no noises or issues in the 12 months I've had it.

    • I have this bed and it's been great. Was easy to put together and very sturdy with my heavy arse sleeping duck mattress on it. Very understated but didn't want to pay over a grand for something to hold my mattress up.

      Also worth mentioning that it is very low to the ground which some older people may find difficult getting out of bed. I happen to like the look of the low bed and just rolling out onto the floor in the morning. No real storage underneath which won't tempt you to fill with junk.

  • Not eligible for Prime, +$30 for shipping?

  • Apart from aesthetics, is there any functional difference between the beds with headboard and the beds with just the base/ frame? The later seem to be quite cheaper in general. OR even this one without any wood use.

    • One with the head rest seems lower to the floor. You'll probably need a 30cm + mattress

      • You'll probably need a 30cm + mattress

        Sorry, what do you mean by 30cm + mattress? By 30cm are you referring to the clearance under the bed?

        • I think he means that unless your mattress is very thick, your bed will be uncomfortably low.

          • @Make it so: Yup… I think the bed height isn't an issue for me as long as I can still use vacuum cleaner comfortably under the bed. Don't want to be moving the bed every time I want to clean the floor under the bed (at least near the edges if not center).

            • @virhlpool: I have one of the cheaper frames from Zinus, without any of the wooden boards.
              It's super light weight but it's still sturdy.
              The wooden boards would add little additional structural integrity, they're mostly for athletic purposes.
              Good call on getting one that you can vacuum under, I also went this route. Got about 15cm clearance underneath. It's also good for stashing things under the bed.

    • Yes - a headboard protects against the cold from external walls. I didn't know it was an issue until someone pointed out out to me.

      • Haha - wow I had no idea. I thought it was to stop smacking your head on the wall (I have brick walls).

  • Damn it, just bought one 3 days ago.

    • If you got it via Amazon there is a good chance that Amazon Support will offer the difference in credit.
      I have contacted them before for things dropping in price quickly after purchase.

  • Also says $30 shipping for me to SA

  • A lot of Fantastic Furniture online order stuff is actually Zinus. Packaging and all, just on their website as a different name.

  • How do people find the same brands mattresses?

    • Unless discounted, I find them pricey.. the same with this bed. I don't mind Ikea's basic pinewood bed which has been going for 5 yrs and doesn't make any creaks etc (which has been an absolutely great value for money for its crazy cheap price), but this deal is an ok price to pamper myself with a bit of Zinus. My personal view would be the same for the mattresses.

      • Thanks. Under $500 for a king seemed pretty good to me compared to most other places, under $400 for some of the mattresses.

  • I got the Queen size for full price and I was very happy with that purchase.
    The build quality is fantastic, even the tool it came with for setup was super high quality, enjoyed putting that one together.
    It is perhaps a bit lower to the ground than I had expected, leaving no room for under bed storage, but it does look really nice.

  • I got the King size one recently on sale and love it.
    Low and doesn't move too much.

  • I bought one of these recently because our dog is a shorty and was struggling to jump on the previous bed, to be honest the quality, instructions and even the little things like including a ratchet make me really think this was a good buy.


    IF you buy this from Bunnings it is actually delivered and fulfilled by Zinus anyway

  • Wouldn't want to stub your toe on that metal frame.

  • Points to note: Low ground clearance. Very steady. I bought the Zinus Ironline for $210 during a promo. It's similar to this.

  • purchased for 2 months. Not the fancy looking but it is great value considering its price.

  • Any recommendation with matching bed side tables with this bed frame ?

  • Free delivery for my account , however,

    after the description there are other similar offers New from xxxxxx + free delivery ,
    apparently there are other sellers offering same bed for a lower price with free delivery

    For example
    Here Queen bed $ 248 & free delivery ,
    Other seller offering Queen bed $149.99 & free delivery

    same with the single bed here $ 192 & free delivery other seller $39.00 & free delivery

    King here $288 & free delivery, other seller $149.99 & free delivery

    • So, some of those 'Just Launched' sellers are unreliable (rather fake) in my experience. Not sure of the exact story behind those (it's a mystery to me as to why Amazon allows them) but I ordered an office chair at a surprisingly cheap/ unreal price ($70 or so) and the order was cancelled after a few days. I am still not sure why they take orders in the first place and why they list such unreal prices. Something that Amazon can answer.. but I wouldn't try them out again.

  • anyone from Tasmania with Amazon Prime account? did you have to pay that $30 s/h fee?

    • I'm in Tas with Prime and it says it's not eligible for Amazon Prime. So you do need to pay the $30 delivery. Still, $30 delivery isn't bad for a whole bed frame!

      • It's not eligible for Prime anywhere but there's a $30 delivery fee for some locations and delivery is free for some locations.

  • this seems like the same thing for $149.99
    delivery times are the same… I suspect its just being drop shipped from this Chinese supplier.


    • Looks fake. See the prices for other products they're selling, e.g. https://www.amazon.com.au/Zinus-Marie-Strong-Assembly-Warran...

    • Ships from and sold by 邯郸市宝通建筑劳务分包有限公司.

      Having a look at the other products sold by this merchant, something doesn't add up, how can this be $5 delivered?

      Edit: According to the seller page, they "Just launched", I put in an order this daybed at A$4.99, purely out of curiosity.

      • I put in an order this daybed at A$4.99, purely out of curiosity.

        Most likely it will be cancelled in a few days so money is safe. Weird though.

      • Update: Amazon literally locked me out of my account for 2hrs

        We recently detected unauthorised activity on your account and have removed this order from it. We've sent you an e-mail with more details. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Amazon Customer Service.

        Order is gone, account is locked, but the listing is still up?!?

        • I ordered the cheap king bed from the same seller (just to try it out, like you did although my original order is with the genuine seller). However, my account is still not locked. I am pretty sure the order will be cancelled eventually. I reached out to Amazon to check if the seller is genuine and they said they would look into it. Zinus confirmed that they aren't genuine but Amazon has to confirm and remove them if that's the case.

          • @virhlpool: Update: As expected, the order of above mentioned seller at a seemingly unreal price got cancelled today without any efforts from my side. I am curious as to what the sellers gain from the whole such exercise though as I have seen it quite a few times on Amazon.

  • That's annoying, showed $288 till I went to checkout and then it was $318… Makes you not want to buy it now :(

  • Pretty impressed with delivery times.

    Got it today but Allied Express are a joke, they ended up delivering to a house up the road.

  • What's the best way to sell the older bed and mattress? Gumtree doesn't seem to be getting much response. I understand that there are less buyers for hefty items on resale as picking them up is a bit of a hassle.

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