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[eBay Plus] Boost Mobile: $150 Prepaid SIM Kit, 80GB for 12 Months - $134 Posted @ Mobiletechmart via eBay


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Boost Mobile: $150 Prepaid SIM Kit, 80GB for 12 Months - $134 Posted @ Mobiletechmart via eBay

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  • Sorry if this has been answered before, what are people's experience porting from Telstra to Boost? Can I just order this sim and I'm good to port in as usual, or I think I remember reading there is a special sim? Thanks in advance.

    • I asked a similar question in OzB before. Was advised to contact Boost and accordingly they'll send a special SIM for you to use in porting from Telstra.

      • Okay, but I can still buy the sim here at the reduced price? Then ring Boost to sort it out?

        • would guess so, the sim is a separate requirement

          From Boost

          if you are porting from Telstra to Boost, you’ll need a special blank SIM. Please call 1800 100 933 and we will send one out to you.
          When your blank SIM arrives, contact Customer Care on 1800 100 933 to activate it.

    • From my experience last month, They are now happy to port over a normal sim starter kit you buy in Coles/Woolies.
      No Special Sim card Required!!

  • I switched to Boost about 6 months ago and the expiry is coming up. I see a lot of discounted sim kits but are the recharges ever discounted?

    • I have not seen any. Standard OZB process is to port out to Catch Connect or Kogan and port back to Boost when their subsidized package expires

    • Also keen to know this.

    • Coles does it once or twice a year I think. They do $135 for a $150 voucher + a $2 sim so it works for both new and existing users.

    • Very rarely, and unlikely to be again. From July 1st, Boost is no longer allowing reselling of 6/12 month recharges. Thus, will have to get them direct from Boost. Probably done this to remove commissions and occasional discounts on these recharges.

      • Does this affect the prepaid sim kits at all? Like the one in this deal

      • Yes @mouth, let's hope it backfires…way to screw over your existing client base.

        • Disagree. I think they represent great value, even at full price. Any discounts were just icing. If the change means Boost can continue to offer them as is, then I'm all for it.

  • Code doesn't seem to work.

  • Does anyone know whether this kit can be used to recharge or extend existing Boost subscriptions?

    • I'm wondering the same. Description says, "Starter kit cannot be used for recharge".

    • NO, its been covered in other boost posts many times.

      • Yeah I did a bit of a search but TL;DR:

        You can port your number out and back in and it will work.
        You can call up and claim that you thought it was a recharge voucher, but good luck getting them on the phone.
        You can suck it up and spend the extra 15 or so bucks to just recharge.

        Personally I think the latter is the way to go.

  • Ive got 3 months left of a prepaid plan with Kogan, would buying this now and waiting 3 months before activating a decent idea?

  • What happened if I finish all data before the expiration date? Recharge another pre paid plan or buy data separately from Boost? I am mainly in Sydney metro area and using Vodafone at moment. Will the Telstra network makes any difference to Voda. I am paying $40 for 50G data at moment although I only need around 30G a month. Thanks

  • FWIW this may be one of the last "deals" on the $150 recharge. Received the following SMS from Boost on 27/5:
    "From 1st July $150 recharge vouchers will no longer be available. You can continue to recharge on our $150 plan using the Boost website, app or #111#. More info bst.st/010720"

    • That's in reference to physical recharge vouchers being discontinued. You can still recharge via the website.

      • Hence no more Coles/Ebay "deals" and pay full price via the website

        • So maybe I should buy a recharge voucher for another year now? or see what the landscape is in 12 months time?

  • Does anyone know with the $150 prepaid credit available for 12months.

    Can we use that for Mobile Payments in games such as League of Legends(Riot Points)?

  • Out of stock. Just missed it. :-(

  • I ordered about 2.5 hours ago and order just got cancelled

    • order more than 3 hours ago, same. The guy seems quite apologetic, well that happens. He said they going to repeat the price next week

  • Same here, order got cancelled.

  • If you are in Melbourne, This guy Tovmobile in Melbourne CBD offers 20$ cash back for "local transportation", which effectively 130$ for the 150$ sim card.

    They had posted similar deals on ozbargin before. I think they are willing to do online delivery deals as well. You may pop them an email or give a call

  • Looks like they're back in stock, $136.95 after using PMONTH200 code.

    Quick question, am I able to buy this now and activate it in August (when my curreent Catch Connect deal expires)?

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