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Cygnett Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Power Monitoring $27.96 (20% off, Usually $34.95) + Delivery (Free over $50 Spend) @ Cygnett


Deal on HomeKit compatible smart plugs. I bought one of these a few weeks ago and it works perfectly with Siri and HomeKit.

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  • Got it from HN price matched with BigW at $24.46


    even though its plug is indented to one side, it still makes the other socket useless.

  • Thank you for this. I’ve been wanting a HomeKit compatible smart plug but was unwilling to fork out for the EVE model. Ordered two.

    • Save yourself a lot of pain and skip the Cygnett app and use the Apple Home app to set them app.

      I have two and after finally get them set up using Apple Home (first time vs 10's with the Cygnett app) they have been rock solid.

      • Thanks, I will :)

      • mine wont work! it keeps going offline. Would you be able to detail how the correct way to set it up would be ?

        • You’ll need to put the plug into ‘pairing mode’.

          Pairing mode - whilst the plug is powered on, hold the power button down for 5 seconds until the light on the plug flashes.

          You should be able to add the plug now that it’s in pairing mode.

  • I have this model and its fine. Some limitations with the scheduling - only 8 on or off options in total. Also, setting this up on iOS was nothing like the supplied instructions. Spent a week in communication with Cygnet regarding. Surely they must know this by now and have done nothing to address it. I needed to install it using the QR code, per Apple HomeKit, but within the Cygnet app - even though I don't intend to use it in Apple Home. Frustrating process that was eventually easy to resolve.

  • Massive footprint.

  • is the monitoring by hour or 24hr?

    • one page gets values every 2-3 secs (watts, volts, amps)

      then has another page where you can see the total monthly usage by day

      • Do you know if the energy monitoring works in the apple home app or only in the cygnett app?

        • using Android's Google Home, no monitoring functions. just on/off, scheduling, voice activation etc.

          energy monitoring is only through the native app.

        • Unfortunately, no energy monitoring in the Apple Home app.

  • If you're interested in purchasing a multi pack I'd highly recommend these: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-smarterhome-smart-plug-wi...

    49.99 + shipping. Shipping is ~$12 to ACT, meaning total cost is ~$15 per plug delivered.

    I bought a 4 pack a few years ago for 99.99 and they have worked flawlessly. They are rebranded Tuya smart plugs so you can use the Tuya app instead of Kogan, and I believe the equivalent integrations with home smart systems are there.

    Fairly sure they're an ESP8266 board internally so can also be flashed with other firmware if you are inclined to use them with something like hass.io

    They are a fairly big footprint (can still usually use the sockets either side of them, depending on spacing) so if you're looking for small form factor they may not be the ones for you.

    • I would suggest that these Kogan plugs are better: Kogan SmarterHome slim. They are the same price as above, but I bought a few packs on this expired deal.
      These are slim enough to easily fit side-by-side on a standard dual power point, or one plus a regular cable if you prefer.
      WiFi, energy meter, 2x USB, one button, one LED. Definitely ESP-8266 and can be flashed to Tasmota over-the-air without opening them up. Tasmota template, and this might be the template for the above plug.

      • kogan seemed like a good deal but you get what you pay for

        Kogan 1 year warranty
        Cygnett 2 year warranty
        TP Link 3 year warranty

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