Hyundai Tucson v Mazda CX-5 v Kia Sportage

Original Post: Out of all of those what would be the best in terms of low and cheap maintenance and service? I am aware that it will depend on how i take care of the care but just generally speaking.

Also, which of those depreciate in value the most?

Edited to poll instead and to Tucson (not Tuscan)!!

Poll Options

  • 20
    2016 Mazda CX--5
  • 5
    2017 Hyundai Tuscan Active X
  • 12
    2018 Kia Sportage


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    Ain't nothing Tuscan about the Tucson.

  • Just pick the one that is your favourite colour.

  • Heard from a few people they hate the way the Tucson drives. We have the 2019 Sportage and have no complaints, can't really say much for the CX5 as I have no experience with it.

  • Off the three you have listed, what is the price differential? All pretty close so maybe a price differential may lead you to lean towards one.

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    Poll is confusing, is it asking which one will depreciate the most, or which one would we choose?

    Anyway, what are the trim levels of each model? A top end in one of the above compared to a base model in the other will be miles apart.

    • Agreed not enough detail, also if your concerned with depreciation then why those three examples only?

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        Tuscon the only one specified. Active X has leather seats and you get good features for the price.

  • I had a 2020 Sportage as a hire earlier in the year. It was Ok but I wouldn't hire again. Going back to Camry & Corolla.

  • +1

    I quite like the Tuscon - have driven all of them and it's my winner by far. ActiveX has a nice bunch of features standard.

    Also it's sitting nice in the year/kms as well!

  • I'd go Kia sportage any day of the week, although i'm biased as i currently own one, have never broken down, never had any issues/things brake and have done 110,000k's. Honestly the 7 year warranty could probably be closer to 10 and they still wouldn't be hit by unexpected failures.

  • Not a fan of any of them, but if I had to choose it would be the Mazda

  • I have the active X Tuscon. Great car, can't really comment on the others but isn't the Sportage basically the same vehicle as the Tuscon? In which case it come down to looks and I much prefer the Tuscon in that department.

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