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Finish 0% Dishwasher Tablets 132 Tablets $46 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon continue their deals on Finish dishwashing products.

Deal of the Day is both the Finish 0% with 132 tablets as listed and the Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Pro with 48 tablets for $25 https://www.amazon.com.au/Finish-Powerball-Quantum-Ultimate-...

Based on historical pricing, the Finish 0% is the deeper discount deal. Save a further 10% by subscribing (remember to cancel if you're not satisfied).

Note to mods: Does dishwashing tablets count as grocery or home goods? Hmm..

Mod reply: These are the questions that keep us up at night :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Are these any good?

    • I came here to ask the same…

      • These are great. I used them a lot, I prefer these over the normal ones.

        They were $16 for 60 tablet on sale at coles prior to the virus that first started/happened in Wuhan China

        • +1

          Oh my bad they were $19 for 60 tablets. Me and my 6 and 9's mixed up.

          • +2

            @Turd: $19 from tomorrow at woolies for the ultimate pro 48pack

            • @mot: Personally still prefer the 0% one less smell of the chemicals that you get.

              • @Turd: Actually looks like both ultimate pro 48pk and 0% 60 pack are $19 from tomorrow

                • @mot: ah nice! i already stocked up a lot anyways. thanks though!

    • https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/finish-powerball-0...

      people seem to either love 'em or hate 'em.

      • The people who purchased them for their environmental benefits don't understand who these are aimed at - they have fewer additives so supposedly better for the user - as in fewer fragrances, phosphates, yadda, yadda. Environmentally? Who knows what is best?

    • +9

      They get stuck in your teeth, otherwise good.

      • Do they mix well with tidepods?

  • $41.40 with S&S. Not bad.

  • Does dishwashing tablets count as grocrey or home goods?

    Depends if these are for dinner or cleaning up dinner.

    • I thought it’s the category of the item on the page… like eBay?

  • +6

    35c per tab. Next.

  • Are these the have-to-take-out-of-wrapper type

    • No, just put it in your dishwashing cuterlry basket or talbet dispenser

  • At just about 35c per tab this doesn't seem like a deal. Am I missing something about these?

    • +2

      The bare bones Finish dishwashing tabs aren't on sale here, which is a more apt comparison if you're price shopping on $/c per tab.

      These are either 'eco-friendly' phosphate-free, perfume-free (which are brilliant for cleaning out thermal cups for eg. that absorb smells) or the Ultimate Pro Marketing Term which has 'next level' shine, degreasing cleaning, etc.

      Look, I'm not a marketing guy but eh, they work for me better than the Aldi or Fairy ones.

  • Not exactly cheap. You can pickup 110 tablets from BigW for $19, everyday price. While not exactly the same, they're just as good.


    • +4

      So they arent the same.

    • And a pain as you have to unwrap every tab before using

  • $16 for 60 tabs ($0.3167/tab) when on half price special at ww/coles. And with the 5% off discounted gift cards, arguably cheaper than this deal, albeit not delivered.

  • Aldi ones are better and cheaper

    • I tried the Aldi ones in my Westinghouse dishwasher and they were horrible… had to use 2 for the same clean I get out of finish or fairy .. I know it works well for most, unfortunately I wasn’t one of them :) So YMMV depending on your dishwasher…

      • +1

        Which ones? I’ve found only one type of Aldi tablet works (and better than any other product I’ve tried): Logix Platinum.

        • +1

          Yeh the platinum one… I was bummed that it wasn't good in my washer I mainly shop at Aldi lol. So far Finish ultimate and whatever the fairy equivalent is work best so I stock up on those when they get super cheap.. Thanks OzB!!

          I think i have enough to cover me for the year lol I don't think this is that cheap to be honest but not bad either if u really needed it..

        • The non platinum is actually better…

          Been using it for few years no issues

    • +1

      Woolworths Shine was one of the highest rated tabs tested by Choice and at 14c/ tab, an absolute bargain. Most Finish products were in the lower half of the performers!

      • How are those compare to Aldi?

        • Never used the ALDI version. I had used only Finish for the last 20 years and am amazed how much better these are!

  • -3

    Jeepers people please read the post \ stop comparing to Classic or Aldi as it’s greatly misleading without context.

    If you want 0% or Ultimate Pro that is the price listed, discuss pricing on those cheers.

    • +2

      Discussing about other brands and comparisons help ozbargainers determine if this is a bargain or not or if it is a bang for buck.

      Maybe it is cheapest for this product however there may be a equivalent product on the market which is alot cheaper and would just be as effective.

      I welcome competition.

  • I bought some tabs from Groupon today… Seems to be the same price around 33c?

  • I found its cheaper in eBay. 120 tablets for $34.99 including free delivery. Turns out to be cheaper than this deal. Costs 29.1 cents per tablet.

  • These are great imo. I have a 5 year old Bosch dishwashwer and would often encounter issues with the old tablets not being completely used on many occasions. fairly sure the wrapping on these ones breaks down easier than the other variants

  • What if you wanted 100% dishwasher tablets…