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  • -3 votes

    Just waiting for the angry lefties to comment below :p

    • +2 votes

      The UK articles are generally decent and well written, but the Australian supplement is basically the worst parts of Sky News in print form.

      If people are subscribing thinking they're getting useful commentary on local issues, they'll be in for serious disappointment. That aside, thumbs up for the deal!

      • +2 votes

        I felt the same way, but not living in the UK or having other similar alternative media for context it was hard to judge.

        The Australian content was genuinely awful. Completely obsessed with climate science denialism and whinging about Labor governments from 10 years ago.

        Upvote because free is free but geez… I do worry haha.

        • +3 votes

          It's the Green Left Weekly for the Australian hard right. Which if that's your thing then you'll be very pleased, but otherwise it reads like a bunch of partisan children taking idiotic pot shots at everyone who doesn't agree with them…