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Suimin Cup Noodle, Braised Beef/Chicken, 70g $0.90 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


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Suimin Noodle Cups are a quick and convenient snack or meal option. Available in a diverse range of Asian inspired flavors, Suimin Noodle Cups provide a tasty Asian take-away eating experience.

Chicken Flavour

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  • Thanks, ordered. Does anyone know what price these go on sale for at Coles/Woolworths.

  • I once ate two of these in a row. Do not try. Resulted in so much regret.

  • Pitty all others are $1.5

  • Having lived in Japan and often eat instant noodles, I would say these instant cup noodles are terrible, tastes are extremely bland and the texture of the noodles are terrible; I would recommend pay the extra premium the ones you can get from Asian grocery stores.

    On the cost saving side, I would recommend getting some Mi Goreng (55c at Woolworths), pop it in a glass container and pour boiled water, and throw in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Afterwards drain the water (but not completely dry), now mix in the seasonings packs.

    • Provide us with some links/names of good ones.
      Sometimes I am buying some new noodles from Asian stores to try. But most of the time it's rather "miss" than "hit". :)

      • For Chinese/HK/Taiwan, i highly recommend the taiwanese brand Man Han Feast beef noodles, they got really big chunks of beef; I would avoid Chinese ones, too much oil, and not sure how much preservatives they throw in there

        for Japanese brands, my some of my favourites are Nissin Don-hyoe Kitsune Udon, Maruchan Seimen Umakoku Tonkotsu Shoyu, Gotsumori Koku Tonkotsu, Maruchan Dekamaru Darishaki Moyashi Miso, Gotsumori Sousu Yakisoba

        Korean cup noodles I havent had that many, Nongshim Chapagetti is probably my favourite, love Chajangmen

  • They've also got these on special at Coles atm. Even these are better than this fake/shit instant noodles:


    • Bro relax, different people have different tastes. Plus I think these are vegetarian (not sure about the wei lih ones).
      These are also cheaper and an Australian made and owned brand.

      • I'm just trying to point out better alternatives. This stuff is no different to say Chinese who have no idea how to make sushi opening sushi shops, selling garbage that looks like sushi. Sadly some people seem to have no taste buds or simply havent been educated.

        • Idk man, like I like instant noodles (nissin, cup noodle (mij), the list could go on) and these certainly aren't the best, but they're OK. The Vietnamese beef pho (rice noodle, not ramen) is probably my favorite suimin flavour. Not like they're entirely a Japanese invention either since they were invented by a Taiwanese guy.
          But I get where you're coming from when you mention Chinese made sushi (which is more akin to gimbap most of the time). That stuffs an abomination and always so dry…

      • I'm not a food snob and this is only instant noodles, but none of my Asian mates will touch this stuff.

  • Really wish they would add Tom Yum bowls. They are best flavor of all noodles.

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