NZ: Campervan Rentals from $15 a Day (Min Period 14 Days) until Sep 30 @ EscapeRentals


IF the trans-Tasman travel bubble opens and you're going for a road trip, this is an incredible deal if flying into Auckland/Chch.

Paying $199 for 14 days’ hire, you’re essentially getting two weeks for the price of one. The deal is available on round trips from Auckland or Christchurch from June 1 to September 30, 2020. Insurance is extra but optional. Aimed at budget travellers, the campervans comfortably accommodate two adults and are kitted out with bedding, kitchen facilities and utensils and beach chairs.

To book: Say you want the “two weeks for the price of one Stuff deal".

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  • If anyone knows, would like to know how cold it would be to sleep in a camper-van during the NZ winter, and whether it requires additional equipment, e.g. do you need to fly over extra blankets?

    • It depends where you are. The further south you get the colder it gets.

      I've slept in a car during the winter with normal blankets and been fine, though I do like it cold when I sleep! You can just buy some cheap blankets there if you need to.

      To give a rough indication, the weather on the North Island will be similar to Melbourne etc. The South Island will be a few degrees colder and expect the alpine regions to get close to zero degrees.

    • South Island is the sort of cold where you'll most likely want an extra quilt and extra blankets, however it's probably cheaper to buy them over there (especially from an op-shop or the like).

    • Thanks both :)

    • i brought a sleeping bag for camping last time and expected to use it in the van..didnt need to, i found the supplied blankets good enough. South Island September last year

      • Sounds better than I expected.

        Now let's see when international travel opens..

    • Depends if you're with another warm body or not!
      It's not uncomfortably cold until you get south towards the ski fields, where it's likely to be around 0, but never quite that in the van. I've done that, and was fine with a sleeping bag over both of us. Think I did wear a beanie through night more than once.

      Just be prepared for the cold fresh and damp mornings!

  • Sure, I'll just swim over to NZ 🤔

  • A bubble before September 30 would seem unlikely.

    Even then, you'd need to factor in whether air travel is worth the risk.

    Great price for kiwis though, assuming you're not gouged on insurance.

    • -4 votes

      They're just doing the old Amazon/eBay scammer trick, sell something cheap, hope people don't ask for a refund (or in this case, within 22 day before your booking) and they keep the money. A friend bought a new $120 Kitchenaid on ebay the other day! if 10 people forget to ask for a refund, that's $1200, no risk!

  • If anyone books this and the bubble doesn't happen, make sure you cancel more than 22 days before your booking date:
    If you cancel your confirmed Escape reservation more than 22 days before your scheduled pick up date, we will refund your deposit in full.
    (and double check that for yourself)

  • I'd be seriously worried driving one of those ART campervans.


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  • Jacinda Ardern says trans-Tasman bubble could open in September

    September 'realistic' for Aust-NZ flights

  • That's NZbargain.

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