This was posted 2 years 2 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Price Error] Jim Beam White & Cola 375ml Cans $7 (1 Carton Unit Price $0.08 Per 100ml) @ Coles (Deal Honoured)


Jim Beam White & Cola 375mL CansJim Beam White & Cola 375mL Cans 1 carton
$ 7 .00
1 carton Unit Price $0.08 per 100mL

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    Insane deal

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    Already fixed.

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      Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. So close yet so farrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Location? It isn't available for me

    • Defaulted to Richmond when I clicked the link, so maybe Vic?
      Unavailable for me in WA

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    This is for 1 can yeah?

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      $0.08 for 100ml means around 9L of this stuff or 24 cans …?

    • This price should be 1 can but they've listed a carton.

  • Still showing now should i risk it.

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    No way they will honor this lol

    • They always catch on

  • Can this be mixed with Coke?

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      It's pre-mixed with Cola, not sure you'd want to dilute or sweeten it further.

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    still working just need to have $50 min order

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      $7x8=$56 :P

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        And there goes any chance of it slipping through for people not being greedy

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          It was a joke. I didn't actually order any at all.

  • Can't login. What a great website.

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    Managed to order - now we wait…..for the cancellation e-mail.

    • you have to buy something else to fill up the $50, so most probably a out of stock email, and charge you for any thing else.

      • uh oh

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    taken down down down

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      and the blame went higher

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    Ordered. Lets see what happens.

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    Still haven't fixed the price.
    Fingers crossed they honour it.

    Anyone had any experience with previous Coles price errors?

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      Got my similar Woolworths order cancelled, that's a while ago

  • Sorry, we couldn't find the page you're looking for

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    Nice find. It showed it was available when you're not logged in, but disappears after logging in.

    Good luck to anyone that can order it.

    If it helps anyone, this link shows it's still available when in incognito.

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    Wow the Coles site was glitchy as while trying to process the order, and needed to refresh a few times, but finally managed to snag the order through.

    Now to wait for the cancellations to happen, but gotta be in it to win it!

  • Unavailable

  • Managed to order 8 cartons as well. Let's see! :D

  • I need a drink now!!

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    Btw there’s been a heap of bargains at Liquorland for wine lately. All random clearance stuff.

    • Just in-store? Or can you find it online as well?

      • Nah just in store. There were special sections but also in the standard sections

      • The clearance products show up online, but at full price. You need to go to the store to see what they have left and to get the discounted prices. I ended up getting 36 bottles from 3 stores, all at $5 or $10.

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      Liquorland are clearing a bunch of wines to make way for a new plan-o-gram/layout/range.

  • still in stock
    was able to add to cart
    but couldn't checkout as all stores are saying they can't sell liquor grr

  • Link not working

  • bwahaha i got it
    worth trying i guess the worst that can happen is a refund

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    Still shows up as $7 for me

  • What does it show in the email confirmation for you all? in cart it showed "White & Cola 375mL Cans 1 Carton" while in the e-mail confirmation it says "White & Cola 375mL Cans" missing the 1 Carton. I took a screenshot of my cart just in case. But there is a price policy that the prices are only estimates and subject to change at time of order finalisation.

    • In the email it says 375ml cans and with 8 cartons lists $0.08 per 100 ml which equates to roughly 200 cans so that seems like cartons. I just checked the Coles site and it says it's down for maintenance so I think we're going to have the orders mass cancelled.

  • Picking up tomorrow. If not cartons can we do a refund in any way? And how do we even do a refund on an online order

  • I know they will not deliver but I can order to fill gap of $200 shopping so will not pay delivery fee of $12. Even get delivered I will not mind lol.

  • ‘We’re currently preparing your order axxxx which is booked for the 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM, Thursday 4 June, delivery window.’

    Any else received this email this morn?

    Mostly expecting to receive a couple of single cans and then having to go through the hassle of complaining/ organising a refund. We’ll see what happens.

  • Not yet still waiting my pickup time was 12-2 today

  • I think it's looking like this may go though!

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    Hi, just a friendly reminder that you have an online delivery arriving today. If you have any questions, please call 1800 455 400 or text 0429 989 656. To track your order please visit

    Text received.

    Looking more and more likely that I'll be receiving something.

    A plastic bag with a handful cans, or a pallet of slabs??? that is the question.

    • +1

      The plot thickens!

      As with any Ozb…. I want you to win so we can shoot down the man together. But I want you to lose cause the deal had ended before I got to it.

      Oh the complex!

      • Same/same.
        Want to see them get it for 7c a can…

        …but as I missed out.

  • Dear xx,

    Thank you for your recent order with Coles Online.

    Your order contains a quantity of products that are currently unavailable. Regrettably we don’t have this stock available at this time and had to cancel your order. I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this will no doubt cause you.

    Once again, my sincere apologies for being unable to meet our goal and provide you with a convenient service.

    • So it got to store and the person looked at it and said nope. Cancelled order based on 'insufficient stock'. We both know they have the stock, the question is…. do you want to keep playing for what is obviously a price error? Usually it's cards down time now, and they're holding a full house. :(

  • Ok cancellation email just came in :(

    Edit: Not really cancellation, but not available…

    Where items are unavailable you have not been charged. Where we have substituted an item, we’ve charged you at the lowest price. Your order has now been finalised with the below item changes and can’t be changed.
    Qty ordered Qty supplied
    Item you ordered Jim Beam White & Cola 375mL Cans 1Ctn 3 0
    Item we supplied No substitute available 0

    Now to call Coles to get them to cancel the whole order and provide refund for the other items I didn't really need to make up the $50 min spend.

    1 Coles
    0 AnDyStYLe

  • +1

    Literally all I got was a one line email even when I ordered other things as well to get it to the $50 minimum.

    This is a courtesy notification that your Coles online order has been cancelled.

  • It's still showing for me? I'm tempted to click and collect but seems very unlikely, do the picking slips show prices for click and collect orders? Maybe they won't notice lol

  • AHHHHHH cancellation just came through. Was worth a crack though :P

  • Good morning,

    Thank you for choosing Coles Online.

    We regret to inform you that your order:———— has been cancelled. Unfortunately, the store where your order was to be prepared has advised that they do not currently have the sufficient stock to fulfill it

    If you wish to discuss this further, please feel free to contact our Coles Online Customer Care team on 1800 455 400.

    Thank you again and we look forward to your future custom with us.

    guess it was worth a shot anyway :/

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    this is exciting, delivery of 3 " cartons" and other food due in the next hour - no cancellation email

    • +1

      Mine too maybe!

    • +4

      success 3 x cartons just delivered!
      thanks op!

      • WTAF. That's got to be the deal of the decade so far ….


  • +6

    I ordered 8 slabs last night and just had 6 delivered as "due to high demand" they couldn't supply all 8…

    • which state?

      • +5

        Victoria, the delivery driver couldn't believe it when I showed him what I paid. He bought one off me for $50, so I ended up with 5 slabs for a grand total of $4 👌🏼

        • +1

          Good call in opting for delivery (plus $12), that's probably why you ended on a win!

          I'm guessing c&c purchases (like mine) got the 'unavailable' spiel and ended up on a lose :(

          Pour a little out for us as you drink a few!

          • @AnDyStYLe: I opted for delivery and got a cancellation email that there was insufficient stock available. Just unlucky I guess.

    • Yeah, not impressed. Totally didn't need to see that at all…..😉

    • FFS. About the only time I'd like to live in VIC :-)

  • +4

    Thanks OP! I went the delivery option too, got 5 slabs for $35!

  • Came back to check if anyone scored, left satisfied. Well done, cracking deal!

  • now:

    Jim Beam White & Cola 375mL Cans Jim Beam White & Cola 375mL Cans 1 carton $ 96 .00

  • Thanks OP! Ordered C&C, picked up 1 slab on Friday with no issues.

  • Well done to the winners. I didn't get to order so I am smirking at the lucky ones. If you ordered and got rejected, that's a bitter pill when you see others got through. Goes to show that it's always worth a try on Ozb, remember….. humans are not always a part of logistics these days!

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