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Up to 60% off @ Superdry AU


Received email that Superdry AU is having an up to 60% off EOFY sale. Good quality clothes and decent (sometimes outlandish) design, the fit can be tight so maybe try on in store if you’re not sure

Dont forget Cashback - currently 7% with ShopBack
Free standard shipping with spend >$50 - ships from Vic

Couple of decent deals:
Wave Quilt Jacket $199.95 $99.95
Travis Skinny Jean $129.95 $64

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Superdry AU
Superdry AU


  • Been keeping my eye out for a new windcheater since the UK eBay sale posted here. Not on sale and it's 50% cheaper to get posted now from the US.

  • Travis Skinny Jean(superdry.com.au) $129.95 $64

    I'm pretty sure they were have been the same price for several weeks now. Hardly any change during the recent click frenzy "sale"

    Really annoying when brand try to pull the wool over your eyes with the fake "sales".

  • They've had this same sale for at least four months now. I've been eying the exact same item that has been there every sale and it's been the same price each and every time.

  • Yeah nothing special - throw in another further 20% and maybe..

  • those big Superdry logo designs are gaudy

  • junk sale — nothing decent cheap poo

  • I recently exchanged an item in store for a size change. They had to order it in but gave me an extra 20% off the sale price. The guy said the 20% off was applied to everything in store, not just full price items.

  • Free shipping?

  • As usual with Superdry, key phrase is "up to".

    They have chained the same old "sale" campaigns since the start of the year.

  • It's a particular look but generally I find the material and quality of the garments pretty good, certainly better than other brands. I have a peacoat and wind/rain jacket that I'm pretty happy with.

    • Me and a friend were talking about this tonight. Their tshirts are actually thicker better quality material than other similar brands around same prices.

  • Bought 3 items online on April 10th, one of them (Tri Colour Optic Vest) had a stain and snag which the CSO said I can send it back for a replacement and emailed me a return label.

    The other two pieces (a polo and a tee-shirt) arrived separately and were fine, but a size too small - I enquired if I may exchange one size up together with the same return label and the CSO replied: "I can confirm we will be able to action this for you (subject to availability)". I even printed out the email correspondences and highlighted the relevant part and slipped it together with the return parcel to prevent any confusion.

    A few weeks later, the two pieces (the polo and tee-shirt) that were meant to be exchanged for a size up were refunded (despite it being still available online in the size requested). The original defected item (vest) wasn't refunded and I waited for a tracking number patiently for a few weeks.

    When I follow up on the original defect item earlier today (3rd Jun), the CSO replied: "How can we assist you with the Tri Colour Optic Vest?" … bearing in mind it is the same email thread that we have been corresponding for weeks.

    TLDR: Prices might be slashed, but at what expense?

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