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Hippo Blue Free Name Stickers - All Letters, Delivery $5 Per Pack


This isn't a duplicate deal because now all letters are available. (Checked with moderators.)

32 Free Sticker Labels.

You can order as many as you want, but you need to sign up for a promo code each time and pay $5 for delivery.

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Hippo Blue
Hippo Blue


  • I always wonder, the way they sell it , do not need pay GST,right? Because delivery fee does not need add GST. Product is $0

  • Not working for me, any tips or something I should have done, I have generated a 2020 coupon code, but from $13 to $18 including delivery?

  • Was trying to post this as my first deal on Tuesday night but unfortunately received duplicated system messages after many attempts so I'm replying your post instead to recommend the product~~


    The above is the weblink to sign for the coupon codes. They offered sign ups for one (or two) different child name initial letter(s) per day for the past three weeks.

    All child name initial letters are now allowed to sign up for the coupon code Starting 2020-06-03 3:01am and ending 2020-06-05 11:59pm, . 1 coupon code per sign up however multiple coupon codes could be obtained by signing up multiple times using the same email address. I myself got several codes to purchase the stickers with different designs and just paid for $5 each order as shipping costs. There are heaps of design to choose from : )

    Personal Reviews: These stickers are the best I have had used so far. They are definitely dishwasher and steriliser resistant and the corners of the stickers do not curl like the Groupon ones. Though they are nearly twice as expensive but I still think with the durability they are worth paying a bit more.

  • Quality is good, thanks, ordered some more.

  • Still available

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