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[Audiobook] Free: The Martian by Andy Weir (Normally $48.69) @ Audible (Members)


If you've continued your Audible membership following the recent deals, all current Audible members will be eligible for June's free book The Martian by Andy Weir.

A brand-new production of Andy Weir’s modern sci-fi classic, narrated by the incomparable Wil Wheaton, and featuring bonus content from the writings of Mark Watney. Wil Wheaton, who has lent his voice to sci-fi blockbusters like Ready Player One and Redshirts, breathes new life (and plenty of sarcasm) into the iconic character of Mark Watney, making this edition a must-listen for both longtime fans of The Martian and new listeners alike. Enjoy!

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    Really good book, but they got rid of the R.C Bray narrated version for this one and its alot worse imo. Still would definitely cop it.

    • +1

      Happy to have it, but still… Bloody Wesley Crusher

    • +6

      R.C Bray is awesome in Expeditionary Force

      • And Mavericks!

      • +1

        Thanks for the suggestion. Just noticed I can get a 2 month trial for kindle unlimited which includes the entire series via kindle and audible.

      • +1

        OzB was the last place I'd expect to see a mention of Skippyasyermuni

      • +1

        Yes, shout out to Skippy.

        The Mountain Man series is also excellent. The omnibus (books 1-3) is particularly good value. The Hospital is free (short, 90mins or so, good place to start).

    • +2

      Agreed - felt like replacing Matt Damon with DJ Qualls.

    • When I listened to it the audio quality was terrible, great story though. Mixed feelings about this version but it needed redoing. Artemis by Andy Weir is a must listen - narrated by Rosario Dawson.

      • Agreed, Artemis is good.

    • Oh seriously? He was an excellent narrator. I wish he could have been in the actual film, which after listening to the audiobook is such a disappointing adaptation

  • +8

    Prime members signing up for a trial get TWO free credits plus the Martian.

    When I was cancelling they also offered me another credit to not cancel, I redeemed the credit and cancelled anyway.

    I now have FOUR audiobooks I will likely never listen to.

    Thanks OP!

  • +5

    The book is w-a-a-a-a-y better than the movie. More hard science, more plausible. Yes, RC Bray was a great reader, but at least the story is still there.

  • +1

    MacGyver in space.

  • +1

    The R.C Bray narration of The Martian got me into audiobooks. It was brilliant.
    Curious to try this version.

  • +2

    Have listened to R.C Bray's Version few times. Its excellent.

  • When I searched for good audio books The Martian was one that came up again and again.

  • Genuinely surprised that the freebies Amazon give away are actually decent books. Got sucked into a deal when I went to cancel the initial 2 credit/$10 offer and now pay $8 per month for 1 credit for duration of three months. Will complete the Harry Potter audiobook collection and collect all the freebies in the meantime.

    • -2

      And then… give them all back when your subscription is up.

      • +2

        You keep everything you've ever bought (or got free) in your library which you can access at any time. It's not like Netflix where you lose access if you don't continue paying monthly.

        • Not for me, lost all my books when I stopped paying monthly.

  • Fantastic book

  • As this book is free will it still use one of the 2 credits offered in the trial?

    • +1

      No. When you go to purchase it, the button should say "Buy Now for $0.00". If you're going to use up a credit it will say "Buy now with 1 Credit".

  • This book got me into audiobooks. Listened to it while painting my house. Twice.

    • +2

      You painted your house twice?

      • 2 coats

    • Two different houses.

  • They sent me an email to say the monthly FREE book is out. Then I clicked on the link and realized I'm no longer a member :(

  • Where can I sign up for free trial in US Amazon?

  • Survival at a molecular level.

  • Why would they redo such a well done production? There are plenty of other narrations that actually could be improved. Crazyness.

    • +2

      From RC Bray's Facebook a little while ago:

      Audio rights, unless otherwise specified, usually last for 7 years. When 7 years is up, the audio rights owner has the opportunity to re-up another 7 or make other plans. That's what happened here. Podium Publishing's 7 years were up, Audible wanted the rights, so they bought them from Podium. What Audible didn't get were the rights to the audio I recorded for Podium. Audible approached me to rerecord the book. Because of the impact my performance had on the success of the audiobook, I have no problem telling you it came down to money. Audible was very gracious to ask me to record it again, but not only was I ready and OK for my association with The Martian to come to a close, we just couldn't come to terms on a number. So Audible went another direction. I didn't know who the new narrator was until this morning, same time you all did; I suggested Matt Damon. Seemed like a natural choice. But they chose Wil. Love Wil! I wish him the best with it.

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