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Samsung Galaxy S20 4G 128GB $897.08, S20 5G 128GB $996.83, S20+ 5G 128GB $1096.58, S20 Ultra 5G 128GB $1329.33 @ Samsung EDU/EPP


UPDATE (04/06): The discount code bug has been fixed and now the EPP prices are also stacking with the $50 Samsung Newsletter offer. So the effective prices are now - Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB $946.83, S20+ 5G 128GB $1046.58, and, S20 Ultra 5G 128GB $1279.33. Getting close to irresistible now, Haha!!

The Samsung EPP store prices are even better now with an Extra 5% EOFY offer on top of existing 30% discount on EPP portals for Galaxy S20 models!
"Save an extra 5% on our mobiles, tablets, wearables and accessories*. Offer ends 05.07.2020 Additional discount will be applied in the cart and is off EPP discounted price." This basically takes the prices to lowest ever for the S20 5G series!

[Note: All these devices support Dual Sim (via eSim). Also, it appears that you can't double dip this offer with $50 Samsung Newsletter Vouchers - So it's better value to use the $50 newletter if you are after the S20 4G 128GB model.]

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  • +3

    I was about to post the same deal 😊

    • I know that most people are 100% certain that the exynos chip is dramatically worse, and even if that is the case, it may be worse to some degree but The actual see able performance is completely ignorable and not noticeable. Since I got this deal a couple months ago, the phone has been amazing and definitely think that the price of this is too good to turn down for the processor being a margin worse in performance/battery. With the high refresh rate, you will forget you have the exynos model. As for long term durability, I've heard its not great but I just want to be a voice in this pool of comments that says this is not a deal you should turn down just for the fact that it's exynos.

      • +1

        I am running an Exnos s20U and I am totally delighted with the performance. Yesterday we got a big firmware update that improves the last remaining issue surrounding the auto focus performance, so the phone just got even better.

  • +29

    Very good price for them. It's a shame that we get the inferior Exynos chipset instead of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865…

    • +5

      Completely agree

    • +1

      Agree! Whats the best possible way to get Snapdragon version in here , I had many samsung phones but no Snapdragon version, want to try.

      • +1

        I went through the ebay route and found the model number for the s20 ultra, got some 5.5% discount ebay giftcards maximum 1500 per transaction and maximum 8 cards, add 1% discount of cash back too which helped bring down the price to 1580 for it but I guess that's the price to pay for snapdragon. Probably will help too the Australian dollar is hovering at 68-69 cents us so not a bad time to bite the bullet before we go back down to 50cents again.

      • exactly…Need a SD no matter which model version or phone it is.
        Exy isnt coping up after 3years of usage..slowing down daily..

    • +2

      Would buy this if it had the Snapdragon.

    • +8

      Fair point, but outside ones control I guess. Only option is to to buy Grey import and let go of the 24 month Samsung Australia warranty - which I reckon is a bigger tradeoff compared to the minor (albiet important) real-life performance benefits Snapdragon brings to the table.

      • +3

        Yep my argument everytime. For the average user, Snapdragon trade-offs are neither here nor there.. Especially when they haven't experienced snapdragon previously. The 24month warranty is way more beneficial and you don't realise until you need it. It's a good idea to set her in at month 22-23 for a Samsung clean and refresh. If you have screen burn they will replace that and the battery free of charge.

        • +6

          What is a "Samsung clean and refresh"? This some sort of service Samsung provides? Is there a cost? I'm curious, cos I'd love to have my battery replaced after 22 months of usage!

        • For average User you don't need these high end flagships any A series can fulfil your need plus you get 24 months warranty there too.The point is paying premium for inferior product doesn't make sense.

        • +4

          Keen to know what this clean and refresh is?

        • Yeah. I've only ever had problems with one Samsung, but when I bought an S7 the GPS functionality died within a day. They ended up giving me a new phone, so I have no idea what that would have cost to fix.

    • It's a shame that we get the inferior Exynos chipset

      Can you please post evidence to justify the "shame"?

      Because it seems like the differences are practically… nothing

      • exynos gets hot quicker (hence thermothrottling) and uses a bit more power to match snapdragons performance.

        im guessing samsung had to overclock their chips hard and needed to jack up the required voltage to keep it stable.

        • exynos gets hot quicker

          Mine is not suffering from heat related issues.

          and uses a bit more power to match snapdragons performance

          The performance of the Exynos chipset is plenty powerful for the vast majority of users. Getting obsessed about benchmarks when both variants can easily meet most people's needs is losing focus on what really matters, how it performs for your specific needs. I am totally delighted with my S20U.

          • @dechah: I'm only talking relative to the snapdragon. It may have been the way I wrote it that made you feel so defensive about it.

            By all means exynos 990 is not a bad chip at all. You still get good battery life and good performance, u just won't get exceptional battery life and exceptional performance that snapdragon provides.

            I wrote here as well but at 30% off then there is no other phone that can match an exynos s20. At full price tho then go with an actual sd865 flagship

      • +3

        Heavy gaming there is a big difference due to thermal throttling, if you don't do that you wouldn't even know the difference.

    • -1

      Agree but this has been discussed to death.

      Its time for Aussie's to start moving on and explore other options within same price range:

      • Oppo Find X2 Pro
      • Xiaomi Mi 10 5g Pro
      • Huawei P30 Pro

      All can be purchased locally and have warranty. Take yer pick.

      • Where can you purchase Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5g locally with official warranty?

    • +3

      I have the s20 Ultra. Full disclosure, I paid $1,000 using a 50% voucher. I have never noticed a slow down. I dont play many games but lately I have been playing PUBG. Haven't noticed any issues. I change my phone yearly. Previous was an Iphone XS and this is definitely a smoother experience.

      I have a feeling 99% of people wont notice any slowdowns. Its a great phone and although I hated the size in the first week, I love it now.

      9/10, would definitely pay these prices.

      • Wow is the 50% discount the one Telstra staff get?

  • In the govt store I am getting $1210 for the s20 5g. The s20 4g and s20+ 5g and s20+ 4g are all the same price as me tioned, but just the s20 5g. I have been delaying getting the s20 4g but might get the s20 5g at just under 1k…

    • Maybe it's just the colour you have selected. Did you try other colour options?

  • +1

    There is 2 things, one either $50 or 5% EOFY

    so according to the price you can choose it.

    • +3

      Yup, for anything under $1k use the $50 newsletter, and for stuff above $1k 5% EOFY comes out as the better deal.

      • +1

        I'm trying to apply the $50 newsletter code, and it seems to reject it, "saying The code you entered did not affect your order. Please note, codes may only be valid for certain items or in certain conditions."

        I think this is because the EOFY discount is being automatically applied already, and only 1 discount can apply.

        Has anyone actually found a way to un-apply the EOFY code so that the $50 code can be used?

        • Hmmm.. not sure if they changed something since, but managed to apply both the EOFY 5% and the $50 code.

          N.B. I placed the order through the mobile site and the $50 voucher used was from signing up to the newsletter about a month ago. Not sure if either of those made a difference.

          • +1

            @Easygoingjoe: Yes they fixed the bug after I (and other people) contacted Samsung.

  • Blue colour is only 20% off so not available at this price.

    • +8

      I'm fine with my S20U thanks.

      If you play mobile games, good for you.

    • +8

      Exynos 990 is the worst APU ever

      You clearly have no idea what the word "worst" means.

    • +2

      I love my S20U. Thanks mate

  • +1

    Sweet their Galaxy Book S is also on sale plus further 5%!! Been eyeing it for a while to take to uni :) thanks for the post!!

    • Any thoughts on Galaxy Book S vs Tab S6(with attached keyboard and trackpad) for taking to uni?

      • Hamstrung ARM chip windows machine vs full android. So depends on what apps you are using. Choose your poison but I would go s6.

      • +2

        I'd get the galaxy Book S6. It's great for basic tasks like running office apps and offers snappy performance. It's definitely not for anything intensive as emulated 32-bit apps run slow. Best thing about it is, built in LTE, uses a phone charger! and it's thin and light.

        The Tab S6 with Android is clunky on the other hand. The device itself is great. It's just that Android on tablets isn't the greatest thing. DeX mode helps with this but I'd take full windows over that even though it's ARM64.

      • I have both surface pro and iPad Pro (personal and for work) and really felt the need for portable laptop body so went with book s. Watch some review on YouTube to make up your mind because it doesn’t have ARM processor and limits what you can access for the time being until app developers catch up.

  • +2

    How am I able to avail this if I’m not a student ?

    • Become friends with someone who is either a Student or works for one of the EPP eligible companies. Alternatively, look for OzB classifieds or Gumtree for those ready to sell with a small premium/commission.

    • +3

      If you have kids who were given .edu.au or similar then you could sign up to the education store using that. Best thing to come out of homeschooling during this pandemic.

  • -1

    Thanks op,

    Good price but crap CPU

  • +1

    is anyone can confirm that auspost still include with EPP Stores , trying to log in and can not recognise my email , my pinned page take me to the public samsung online store (I bought 2 phones previously)

    • There’s an universal code provided on the benefits directory web page (in AusPost web site) before you click the link to EPP store. Also remember to visit with desktop computers because mobile phone browsers do not send you to EPP store but the public store now.

      Note10+ dual sim went up $150 compared to last week…

  • +7

    Happy to help of anyone needs access to education store, for free

    • Hi mate, would love it if you can assist, how do we go ahead?

    • Hi mate, could you tell me pricing for A71, A51 please? Smashed my S8 and hoping to get a similar spec phone around the $500 mark. cheers

    • Hi potatonator…can you help with the education store access? Thanks!

    • Yes pls

    • Halp please.

  • Wow these price dropped fast aren't they? Its not even half year of the release!

    • +1

      Actually the S10 was available with 30% off RRP via the EPP only 2 weeks after release last year https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/446269?utm_source=amp&utm_...
      Then it was 35% off 2 months later lol

    • I actually got my S20+ 5G on release cheaper than the current price via the EPP and cashback so their RRP are just overly inflated

      • Did you actually get your cashback? Rakuten told me that Samsung told them not to honour the cashback, so they closed my account.

        • +1

          They did say cashback was not eligible for purchases from the AU store at first but I complained saying that there was nothing on their website to indicate that was the case. After some back and forth they agreed to credit me US$100 which when I withdrew in May was about AU$150, more than 10% of the purchase price.

          • +1

            @xers: This post gives me some hope. I will renew my email chain with their support line and see if I can get an outcome similar to yours. Thanks.

            • +1

              @Jonzay: I did try to argue, probably the person I dealt couldn't give a flying f, when I argue that where it says it goes against the t&c, they just removed my credit without my authorization. Anyway, I've just asked them to close my account, hopeless bunch.

  • Finally I have an edu.au account for work and can access these deals.

  • ARGH I bought one from the .edu store on Monday!

    • Give Samsung a call and ask them to honor the new price. Else return and buy again.

      • From personal experience, samsung online returns process is horrible. They LOST the phone I returned even though it was pick up by a courier.

        • +1

          Did you end up getting your money back?

  • Also happy to help for free, have both EPP and EDU access:)

    • Hi mate. Can you help me with access to EDU? Thanks

  • +5

    Also remember another limitation of S20 series. You can use 120hz display for smoother scrolling and animations but with only FHD resolution, which makes text and images a bit blurry. And if you increase the resolution to QHD+, you lose 120hz display. This is a hardware limitation of S20 series, and cannot be fixed. Compared to this, the One Plus 8 Pro and Oppo Find X2 Pro have 120hz display with QHD+ resolution. A bit technical, but just wanted to let everyone know. Effectively, despite spending about $1k you won't be able to enjoy the best display as marketed by Samsung.

    • +3

      Completely correct.

      However I would say that I have not found any blurriness in images or text when being set to FHD. It's a pretty minor tradeoff for me compared to the smoothness of 120hz.

      • -2

        I agree difference might not be noticeable, but when you pay a hefty price, you expect to receive a fully optimised display to enjoy the best of both the options.

    • Thats true. Although 96hz seems possible in a future update at QHD+.

    • Is there any point of a 120hz display for a smart phone if you don't use it for gaming? Any idea how much of a difference it actually makes?

  • -1

    For shooting semi professional photo and video shoot, indoors and outdoors, which ones better? iPhone 11 or Samsung s20. The pro versions of these mobiles are out of my budget. So only want to know iPhone 11 or s20

    • +9

      If you're shooting semi professionally (being paid??) then don't use a phone, any phone. If money is an issue buy a crop sensor mirrorless camera such as Sony a6xxx series. Most importantly, learn how to use the camera.

      • +11

        When they say "semi professional", they mean photos for their Instagram account. You have to read between the lines these days.

        • And for that, I'd suggest Samsung as they generally lean towards over saturating which is ideal for instagram etc etc

          • @DisabledUser139667: Its mainly some product videos for the products I sale online. Sometimes I use a model to talk about the product or just show him/her using the products. Also creating content related to the product.

            • @Dealsteals: I was also going to say a sony A6**** or there have been some good deals on EOS RP –– they will long outlast a phone and with a good lense you'll get plenty of versatility.

        • Or onlyfans

    • All reviews I've read/watched suggest the 8k video isn't great and the 100x is pretty much unusable. I'd go with the Galaxy and torrent a version of lightroom for edits.

      • I've read/watched suggest the 8k video isn't great

        It is perfectly fine, the only thing not "great" about it is the need. Hardly anyone has the hardware to view 8K video on. You are not obliged to use it if you don't want to.

        and the 100x is pretty much unusable

        It is perfectly usable. Not for posting on Instagram, or sharing with friends etc, but it is great like a telescope for seeing details of distant objects, like signage on distant objects. The other day I was playing with it and I could read the ingredients on a packet of twisties from 3 metres away. Sure the text was blurry, but perfectly legible.