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Seagate DJI Fly Drive, 2TB $79.06 Delivered @ Amazon AU


comparable to the recent low-pricing Oz bargain post in late May.
Portable 2TB drive - Integrated UHS-II microSD card slot for quick drag and drop to drive and laptop.
Important: HDD is not standalone; you still need a laptop or PC etc to move files around.
-> back up, consolidate and organize 60+ hours of footage on location or at home

USB-C to USB-C cable for fast file transfers to latest-generation computers - tucks securely beneath drive bumper.
Bumper helps protect data while traveling.
- you'll get usb3.1 throughput if using a usbC.to.UsbA_3.1 adapter on older PC tech

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Amazon AU
Amazon AU


  • $101.86 now.

  • Found it to be slow copy files.
    About 30Mb/s

  • I bought this one from the May deal and the speed is really good. I use it primarily to save photos and videos from our smartphones as we always ran out of storage after several months. The ssd slot is really convenient to use like after taking videos from dslr, I'll just insert the micro sd to the slot and attach the hdd to the TV. Yes I got an entry level Nikon D3200 and micro sd is compatible using an adoptor.

    • Does it just copy all the contents of the card to the root of the disk or something? Is the TV to power the drive?

      • You still need a computer to transfer files from sd card to hdd. I play videos from sd card inserted in hdd to my TV.