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JVC KW-M745DBT Head Unit Apple Carplay/Android Auto $449.25 (Normally $599) @ Supercheap Auto


Good price for this unit with capacitive screen, DAB radio and (wired) Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

JVC is owned by Kenwood. ISO connector for straightforward installation (you will still need a secondary harness).

Another positive: the JVC and Kenwood units have steering wheel controls built in. There is no need to buy an expensive controller for this functionality. Edit Please check the official specs, I am not sure if this particular model has OEN steering wheel functionality built in.

Original Deal: 25 - 50% off RRP Sitewide @ Supercheap Auto (Saturday, Online & In-Store, Includes 25% off Special Orders)

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  • Bought one JVC KWM750BT from previous deal,  couldnt use Android Auto without USB cable. If you already have Wireless Car Charger, better buy an Android Auto wireless head unit which has wifi functionality, so you don't need to plug and unplug your phone every single time you go anywhere.

    • Yes but this is the case for most Carplay/Android Auto units. Wireless Android Auto has only been released in Australia a couple of months ago. Majority of units is wired only.

      I actually bought another unit myself, the JVC KW-M950BW. That unit has wireless Carplay, Android mirroring and (in developer mode) wireless Android Auto too.
      Got that for $490 during eBay sale. Downside: resistive display which is just not as nice as capacitive.

      • I just remind people. If they don't mind no Wireless Android Auto, this is good deal. But if I knew it before I wouldn't buy the JVC KWM750BT unit.

    • Sorry, got wrong link. Previous deal

  • Great post OP. Timely.
    Thoughts from OzB community pls:
    This or Sony XAV-AX5000?
    Aside from slight difference in power output to speakers.

    • Sony XAV-AX5000. Spewing I missed the AX-3000 for $399 the other day after hoping SCA might have some good prices going, but sadly the normal 25% off.

    • AX5000 has capacative display so probably a better option. Keep in mind that Sony doesn't have the built-in steering wheel remote controller. If you have & want to retain those controls, add another $90 or so to the price of the Sony.

      ***Edit never mind, I forgot this JVC has capacative as well.

      • Thanks for info. Helpful!

      • So what the friend is saying is that you don't need extra bits to get the steering wheel controls working on a JVC?

        That would be a big game changer, i wanted the pioneer z5350 for my 2012 honda civic (gen 9) but it sounds like i have to buy the bloody $250 aerpro harness/converter to get it to work, buying a jvc would avoid that cost by any chance?

        excuse the ignorance lol

  • Has anyone tried replace the head unit of a Chrysler 300C?
    Any advise welcome. I’m thinking of buy this and DIY…

  • Wanted to see what discount was going to be on their AV products. However then saw Built-In Bluetooth Yes (Version 3.0 - Ummm that's a bit behind the times.

  • Are all android (and Apple CarPlay) wired to the phone, not a Bluetooth connection?

    • Yes, wireless AC/AA only works via Wifi. So you need a unit that supports Wifi. For a budget wireless solution you could consider Android mirroring (which is like casting your screen to the unit).

      The cheapest wireless AC/AP unit I've found is the JVC KW-M950BW. When on sale, should be less than $500.

      • Thanks. Bluetooth/wireless, either would be fine. At least I know some are out now.

        Seems most, I have recently found, were via a cable which sounded crazy.

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