[PC] Steam - Humble Choice June 2020 (incl. Supraland, Senua's Sacrifice, Barotrauma, GRID) - $19.99/$29.99 AUD - Humble Bundle


The new Humble Bundle Monthly Bundle is here. Depending on your plan you can choose 3, 9 or 10 of the following games:

  • Remnants of Naezith
  • Supraland
  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
  • GRID Ultimate Edition
  • Overload
  • The Messenger
  • Barotrauma
  • Men of War: Assault Squad 2
  • Felix the Reaper
  • The King's Bird
  • The stillness of the wind
  • Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones


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Referrer receives $11 AUD in Wallet Credit for the first 30 brand new subscribers that signup for Humble Choice after clicking on a referral link.

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  • Always shit these days. I'm Going to cancel.

    • GRID Ultimate Edition alone has a historical low price of $25.48 from anywhere (coincidentally right now on Steam). Just because you are not interested doesn't make this bundle shit.

  • The Messenger and The King's Bird were available free through twitch prime, Hellblade through previous humble bundles.

  • Humble Monthly was so much better than Humble Choice due to price and a better variety of games. The choice you have here is an illusion unless you subscribe to the lowest plan but even then it is still more expensive for less games. It was $12USD for Humble Monthly for 6-7 games, if you want 9 games you have to pay $30AUD. Don't bother mentioning grandfathered old pricing plans, new subs can't get it.

    Vote with your wallets people and cancel this crap.

  • At the beginning of each month I'm hopeful for something good (that I'm interested in or don't already own) to be offered. Since changing to the new system I've paused every month. This month is no different. It's nearly becoming a game to see how many months I can pause before finally giving up.

    • I'm with you on that, and to be honest it is the one saving grace for the service - and it is only because I prepaid for 12 months…but damn, HB really need to pull one out of the bag soon as I can see the dissatisfaction levels growing every month.

  • Glad I cancelled my grandfathered plan. Just too expensive for games I'll just add to my backlog

  • Agree with everyone else, the games got terrible. I've been pausing mine for months and cancelled it end of month despite being offered a discount to unpause.

    I guess with all the other stores and Netflixes stuff is signing exclusive contracts with other stores.
    Or another store bought Humble and is killing it off to thin out the market?

  • I know this is going to get negged to oblivion but the truth is people's expectations are too high.
    They saw the bundle with Crash, Spyro, CoD and use that as the baseline thinking every game needs to be that price.

    If GMG offered a bundle with 10 games uncluding Hellblade, Barotrauma etc for $17.99 people would think it is great value (which it is) but just because it is HB it is crap.
    Barotrauma alone is almost worth the bundle price. If the games are not your cup of tea, skip them but that does not mean the bundle is bad or bad value.

    Plus, think about the people who just got into PC gaming recently - should they not have the opportunity to grab some great games in a bundle even if t means a rebundle for people who have been buying bundles for 10 years and have 2000+ games?

    Just be realistic everyone - not too long ago people bought one game for $60 and those games were not all masterpieces. Bundles were not around. If we are being honest PC gamers have it great these days.

    • For me, it's "Is there one game in the bundle that I want, and is the price for this month's bundle cheaper that game on Steam?"

      Having played the demo of Supraland, the rest is gravy.

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