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AliExpress 7.5% Cashback (Was 5%, $50 Cap) @ Cashrewards


Enjoy :)

Special Terms

  • Cashback is capped at $50 per transaction.
  • Confirmation of delivery or goods received must be made on AliExpress within 60 days of placing your order to be eligible for Cashback.
  • Empty your cart prior to clicking from Cashrewards. Add items to your cart after clicking from Cashrewards.
  • Cashback is ineligible on purchase of gift cards, coupons, travel, ebooks.
  • Cashback may be ineligible if using coupons not listed on Cashrewards.
  • You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

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  • +10 votes

    Still waiting on my order from late January… They are telling me to please wait.

    The service is nothing like Amazon/Ebay. Also the app and website is quite confusing to navigate for disputes.

    • Once it's been 90 days since you've placed the order (or higher based on what estimated shipping was), AliExpress usually refunds the order if you haven't received it.

      • Just had to wait 90 days for toothbrush heads only for them to not show up. Fair enough, I got a refund but that isn't the point. Aliexpress are completely useless. It's the third time this has happened to me where as gearbest etc have never given me issues.

        • Yeah it's not always great that's for sure. I try to minimise the risks by only buying from seller with a large number of orders and good feedback and I've been happy so far.

    • Can you track your order?
      One of mine showed that it failed to leave origin country (China) and was returned to sender 3 weeks after being posted.
      No issue with getting refund.

    • I don't know why you got a neg. Removed.

      You're telling the truth. You can't open a dispute if your order is still in transit, and the seller decides to add random days if your order doesn't arrive within the expected timeframe. You can't pass that useless and stupid robot if you decide to contact Aliexpress customer service and want to speak to a human. Can't be more frustrating

      • of course you can dispute your delivery if it is outside the set delivery window

      • Yep they have been adding extra days and weeks since April lol

      • You can't open a dispute if your order is still in transit

        Yes you can. I did one the other week and received a refund.

    • it's really your decision to wait at this point, you can either get a refund or continue waiting

      my order from late jan was posted and received in april, i had to manually extend the delivery window twice for them because i rather get the item instead of getting a refund

      • They rejected my offer for refund and told me to keep waiting and kept extending the time to dispute.

        I know the virus has slowed shipping times and all that, but it will be 6 months in a couple of weeks. But this wouldnt fly with Amazon, you would get a refund no questions asked.

        • Ask your bank to do a chargeback

        • the seller or aliexpress? pretty sure you can dispute with aliexpress at any time for a variety of reasons, ignore what the seller says. also is it not the buyers pejorative to extend delivery time? and since it's 4 month out i'd say you have a pretty strong case dispute, sounds pretty ridiculous tbh

          my seller was nice and kept telling me i could refund or extend

          in one of my recent orders the seller didn't send the item to the courier, this showed up in tracking and i got a refund after disputing with the automated system within the hour, it was funny because the seller was telling me to wait for the package and i was like lol

    • I've never had an problem. Not sure why you find it confusing to navigate. Go to your orders page and everything is there. Tracking, confirming receipt, invoice, contact seller and it even has the live countdown timer on each order item where you can dispute once it counts down 90 days. There is more information and control on each order than ebay and Amazon. There's also the chat window where you can direct contact each seller that is automatically created on each order.

      I've ordered tonnes of stuff from there over the years, and not only does it arrive faster than ebay/amazon most of the time, but only once has an item not turned up and that got refunded without issue. On the off chance you got a dodgy seller who keeps extending the date, it's irrelevant. You can open a dispute any time after the 90 days is up and contact Aliexpress directly, not the seller, the same as you would do on ebay.

      If you're still confused, there's the Eva chat bot on the bottom right of the page where you can navigate and get help if you don't know what to do.

      • Each time the countdown went to zero it was automatically extended and I had no say in it.. I mean its been 5 and a half months so in my experience its alot slower than Amazon/Ebay.

        I'll cut them some slack because of the coronavirus. Aliexpress already rejected one of my refund requests. I guess i'll find out about the next one soon.

        • That's the seller doing that. Shipping has been messy because of Covid and again, it's out of their hands once it's been shipped so yeah, expect delays. Still, contact the seller as they are usually reasonable but like with all sites, you might get a dodgy seller who tries to extend beyond the timeframe where you can do anything.

          After that, contact Aliexpress themselves and take note of any tracking. Many sellers on Aliexpress have tracking even if the item doesn't say it has tracking. Their distributors can track the package. There have been several occasions where it seemed I didn't get my package, but it had made it to Australia and it was AP themselves who were slacking and they all eventually arrived.

  • To get the full $50 cashback you have to spend $666.66

    • +3 votes

      To get the full $50 cashback, you will need to spend at least $606.06.
      $606.06 + 10% GST = $666.67
      $666.67 x 7.5% = $50.00

      • That's right, forgot that AliExpress doesn't include GST in their listing prices 👍

        • this is what got me, last year.
          i got "caught out" by the GST component,
          only after i checked my credit card statement
          (because AliExpress showed it at the end & i missed it)

          the main thing was, i didn't expect 'foreign sellers' to be hit with the GST,
          and now we have Patreon also being slugged for 'GST'.

  • Goes part of the way to balance out the 10% gst now added by aliexpress at checkout.

  • Wouldn't be getting anything from China at the moment - taking a few months for anything to get here if it arrives.

  • THanks OP! Was waiting for this again since i missed the 7%
    I make all my purchases for my business through aliexpress, so this a big difference over the 5%, saves me about $50-60 on top of the 5%.

  • There is a very high chance you will not receive your item within 60 days.

    • Very likely. Made a purchase on 14 April. I'll wait till 13 June, and if it still hasn't arrived, I'll open a dispute and ask for a full refund. I'll see if they honor their "full refund if product is not received in 60 days" policy

  • Sweet, just paid for my tax.

    Now, to wait a century for the stuff to come.

  • I bought an item located in Australia.
    They still add 10%.

    • Obviously mate, GST is an Australian tax.

      When you go to the supermarket and buy something, they're collecting the GST from you that they then forward to the ATO.

      It's the same thing here.

  • Is this once per customer or I can make 2 transactions and get 2 cashback? Also when does this end?

  • Thanks. Bought a bunch of cables I may (or may never) need. I should get them by August or September.

  • Make sure you confirm your order when you receive it as AliExpress may reject the cashback if it hasn't been confirmed. Sellers don't receive the money from your order until that happens.

  • Another 1+ for not ordering at all from AliExpress at the moment.

    Ordered an IPAD keyboard for daughter on 2/5/2020. Original Ad (I have a screenshot of it) says delivery expected 20-41 days. Not happy.

    • Business days. Shipping times everywhere are always business days.

      Besides they're just an estimate.

      • Well that's an unfortunate misleading idea in my books.

        Anyhow AliExpress won't offer a refund unless the item is not received after 90 days so it's a long wait.

        I have bought from AliExpress prior to COVID, but now will probably only buy non important items from there.

  • I've had wild variations in the shipping time for things I have bought from Aliexpress recently. Some things come within 2 weeks, others take closer to 6-8 weeks.

    Just set up a new account to get some new user coupons and made an order for a Pagani Design Hulk homage watch…the cashrewards browser (on mobile) seemed to crash on the payment screen but the payment did go through and the order was confirmed. Aliexpress does show up in my "click history". What's the chances I'll see any cashback…

    • Have a look at the reviews on the page you're buying the Pagani. Check the most recent reviews and see how long it has taken for everyone else to get their packages. I think Pagani has been reasonable with their times.

      • Thing is I bought from some random store that had much lower prices than the official Pagani store…anyway the CB has tracked so I just have to make sure i click "delivery received" when i get it.

        Interestingly, when ShopBack were doing their 10% aliexpress cashback earlier in the year, I bought an RX 480 and it took literally 4 months to get here. My cash back was originally cancelled because I didn't click "confirm delivery" within 60 days. But lo and behold, last week it was paid into my ShopBack account. Which I thought was interesting…

  • I had couple things in my cart waiting for such cashback or coupons. However, the shipping costs have increased alottt. What was $2 to ship is now at least $16 to $30. All of the stuff I had in the cart have increased in shipping :'(

  • With the potential delay are e going to be penalised (ie not getting Cashback)? See the Special Terms “ Confirmation of delivery or goods received must be made on AliExpress within 60 days of placing your order to be eligible for Cashback.”

    Also! there is another condition which we may potentially get tripped “If a coupon code is used that is not listed on Cashrewards”. I cannot seemed to find any coupons listed in Cashreward. So does it mean that we won’t get Cashback if we use “new user coupon” or “seller coupon”?