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Fractal Design Node 202 Mini-ITX Case $139 (Free C&C or +Postage) @ Mwave


Price just dropped from $165 to $139. Seems only in stock at Mwave.

Its size is similar to the PS4, but could fit a 310mm high-performance graphic card.

Recommend to someone who wanna build an ITX PC during the EOFY sale.

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    Fractal has the sleekest design imo.

    • +1

      Hard to beat the node 202 for horizontal design. Wish there were more nice horizontal cases to choose from

      • +1

        The Skyreach S4 Mini might be the finest, in terms of design, but is way more expensive. I wish more companies made this style of case at an affordable price

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    10L mini ITX cases are tough to work with IMO, mostly because of the heat coming from 100w CPUS and 250w GPUs.

    That amount of Heat, airflow and most importantly, getting things to actually fit in the case including cables is tougher.

    Especially if you prefer a quiet PC.

    There are flashier cases,
    I like the Silverstone RVZ03 or the phanteks evolve shift, etc. But, yeah the 202 is pretty awesome. As long as you don't mind spending 2 to 5 months waiting for parts of a certain Size or Brand to arrive… Sigh.

    The more commodity parts you can get, helps a lot IME. It's not the first or last time I've had to fold, warp, shave or cut metal heatsinks and brackets to make things fit by 2mm.

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      Or you could just get the Noctua low profile cooler to begin with? Cryorig I believe has one too, everyone recommends these for low profile needs? Do a great job.

      Admittedly I bought well before all this BS….

    • +1

      not everybody has that config and would obviously be stupid to do that, some of us have different needs, i.e. I have 65w cpus and either no gpu or 28w gpu :)

    • If you are okay with serious modification then this case is actually pretty fun to work in. It's only a few rivets to drill out to get it into its component pieces. I managed to squeeze a CPU+GPU custom loop with TX240 rad, DDC and Silverstone FW121s. It's one of the most rewarding cases I've modded and I commend it to anyone who wants to push the limits - https://i.imgur.com/kcpbXgd.jpg

  • +5

    Still no USB C…

  • +2

    Using this as a HTPC for over a year with a 9600k and 2080 blower. Awesome case.

  • +1

    This is a normal pre covid price. I was looking at it around February.

  • Looks very plastic-fantastic.

  • Chiming in to say I've been impressed with all of my fractal cases

  • +2

    I got one of these but I am yet to use it, I just need an SFX PSU to go on special. Come on OzBargain gods, I beseech you, bring me a good SFX PSU deal this eofy.

  • Just a heads up for anyone looking to buy this. I had to part with my Node 202 due to heat issue. The GPU compartment has very limited space for exhaust, even with 2 120mm fans installed under the GPU. The trapped hot air also get circulated into the CPU and PSU compartment, making their fans run extremely loud. I eventually switched over to SG13 and temps have great since then. Still Node 202 is a very slick case and will accommodate just fine if you don’t have components that does not run too hot.

    • Would recommend the reference card using Turbo design. GPU with fan cooling will trip the hot air in the small case body. However, turbo GPUs are usually $100 more expensive than the fan-designed card.

      • +1

        My ASUS Blower 2080 was much cheaper then typical cards….. have it mounted next to two Noctua slimline fans, nothing out of the ordinary performance/noise/temp wise especially after I modified the fan curves….

        Will upgrade it to a 30 series, particularly if they are more efficient, also connected to a 4K TV so probably useful too.

    • One option to deal with gpu compartment (if gpu has decent heat sink, won't work with a blower) is to deshroud the gpu, then install two 120mm fans as exhaust. It also sucks air out of the cpu compartment which helps there too.

      • Which I have tried but I guess it depends on the cooler of the GPU, since I heard that it worked for some. Mine (RX 580 Gaming X, which is a hot boy) didn’t work that well and had worse thermal compared to having the stock fans + shroud installed.

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