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SCA Tool Kit with Bag 48 Piece - $11.99 (Was $19.99) C&C /+ Delivery @ Supercheap Auto


Reduced further >$19.99>$14.99>$11.99

The SCA 48 Piece Tool Bag Kit contains a collection of tools geared towards small jobs around the house. The tools are manufactured from chrome vanadium and high carbon steel with chrome plating for great corrosion and abrasion resistance. The soft grip handles found on the hammer, bit holder and pliers provide comfortable operation and improved grip to ensure confidence in your work. All contained within a water resistant nylon bag with a comfortable soft handle for easy and convenient portability

Kit includes:
300mm Toolbag
8oz Claw hammer
40 Piece assorted bits with holder
9mm Snap-off knife
Torpedo Level
Bits Driver
150mm Adjustable wrench
150mm Diagonal cutting pliers
150mm Longnose pliers

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  • +3 votes

    40 Piece assorted bits with holder

    At least there's no cable ties.

  • +2 votes

    Delivery unavailable and no stores with stock near me :(



  • +25 votes

    Please avoid. I got a set of these and they are cheap $ but terrible as you pay for it in frustration.

    1. Screw driver hex bits that fall out where there is gravity. The holder doesn't hold and some bits don't fit..

    2. Pliers are made with cheese. I kid you not after cutting a few 2mm coat hanger wires. You can see the jaws have warped. Same with the long nose pliers the bend easy and will develop a gap.

    3. Hammer is useful when you want to end it all after losing bits down tight places and that 10min job turns into a 3 hour process

    • +4 votes

      Thanks available in my area, but I will pass. I already have a hammer to end it all and the rest sounds useless.


        I inherited stuff from my father & have about 8 hammers.

    • +1 vote

      fall out where there is gravity

      Perhaps these are the same tool the astronauts use?

    • +2 votes

      Better to buy good quality singular tool as needed rather than these ‘kits’


        I agree. I use to justify cheapo tools, but after doing various renos in the over 2 years house. I now value my time and invest in good tools. Mainly made up Wera / Wiha hand tools and Bosch cordless tools.

    • -2 votes

      I hear your pain, and it is worth paying real money for tools.
      BUT, if I COULD buy this right now I WOULD (because = broke and need ANY tools)
      1. Driver Bits falling out is inexcusable, but can be fixed with a lump of blu-tack, works better than a magnet any-how
      2. Don't cut steel (I agree, however WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO), hacksaw it, replace long-nose and anyway the first tool I buy is a pair of "Plato" knockoff side cutters on Aliexpress <—But only for cutting copper
      3. And, again, yeah, if you have the money, better to buy something that lasts

    • +1 vote

      Lol what a terrible opinion. You literally pay $11, what do you expect?
      A pair of pliers alone costs triple than that lol

      Can we stop with all these ‘not worth it’ posts for sort cheap tools? Even for the bag alone it’s worth it.


      I had to come back to reply to this comment again, the fact that you got 25 upvotes for this makes me cringe hard (also tells a lot about the average ozbargainer)

      I literally changed the head unit in my car and set up 2 shoe racks with this $12 set, i couldnt have made a better purchase, and that comes from a tradie (recently moved cities tho thus tool-less)

      Please stop making bad posts like this trying to sound smart, this tool set is literally the best vfm money ever

      If i had 50 downvotes to share at once, your post would get all of them

  • +2 votes

    Wow, not bad. How’s quality? Suppose can’t complain for $12!

    Just ordered click and collect! Thanks!

    • +5 votes

      The bag is great for keeping lunches in!

  • +3 votes

    Not bad for just the tool bag.

  • +1 vote

    grabbed one

  • +3 votes

    Thanks grabbed one, mainly just for the toolbag and the level tool


      They ran out of stock even though I had successfully placed an order - and were kind enough to discount a regular plain toolbag to 11.99 (RRP 15.99)


    Are the screw bits magnetic?

  • +2 votes

    This week's SCA sale is gonna make me broke, already 3 orders pending for pickup. I've just placed my 4th. Thanks OP

  • +1 vote

    Also got one mainly for the toolbag, thanks OP.


    these sort of cheap kits are handy if you arent home and you need to get into your tail light to change a globe or something. definitely worth chucking this under the seat for this sort of money.