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Segway Ninebot ES2 Electric Scooter $499 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Best price ever on official Segway stock. Great entry into the electric scooter lifestyle and you can upgrade it to an ES4 later by getting an external battery if you like.

All products are sold directly from Amazon and covered by our official warranty.

Edit: This deal is back! This weekend only and limited stock. Get in quick.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    How about the max?

  • Is this legal in NSW?
    edit - I mean to ride in public place.

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      Discussed many times - do a search for deals like there.

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      Hey SJ,

      They're currently fully legalised in Queensland and ACT. NSW and other states are anticipated soon; many ride them anyway but are not yet officially legal in public spaces.

      • +3

        Thank you for answer. I hope that this gets legalised in NSW; I really like to buy one.

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          legalise it, don't criticise it

        • As mentioned they’re not legal in NSW so you take your chances.

          We have some for the office (NSW) and our building is right next to one of the hotels the government are putting people in for 14day isolation, as well as the AFP headquarters. Heavy police presence out the front/side/back of the hotel and we come and go on our scooters, we get looks from them but they haven’t mentioned anything.

      • Victoria is no hope?

        • +82

          We only had walking in public legalised recently LOL

        • +5

          Laws might not have kept up, but policing has. I've done 1000+km on my Xiaomi M365, mostly commuting from Brunswick to Melbourne (pre covid) via the bike paths and ridden past heaps of cops. They don't pay any attention to you. Just don't ride on the footpath where people are, exactly the same if you were on a bicycle.

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            @squinly: presumably with a helmet, yes? I see quite a few without a helmet in the CBD! A bit unnerving… (safety).

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              @the4thzodiac: Yes, always with a helmet on. One for cops, but mainly for my own safety. At 25kph you're actually zooming past many push bikes, not ebikes or fast road bikes but its surprising how many commuters I'll be travelling faster than.

        • -5

          "raiseyourstakes" No hope for Victoria now that your State leaders Signed you up to the Chinese

          "One road, One belt" Business initiative, true.

          • @ozhunter68: That makes no sense - surely now that "your State leaders Signed you up to the Chinese", there would be more intense lobbying from the likes of Xiaomi to get scooters legalised? Or was your comment just a way to have a dig at the Victorian govt with not much relevance to scooter legality?

            • -1

              @pangwen: Or he's just got a problem with the anyone who looks different and takes every opportunity to have a dig. This is about laws ffs.

        • -2

          Comrade Andrews can't deliver every Victorian one so no, it's unfair to sell them here.

        • +1

          I bought one 6 months ago and rode it everyday in Melbourne and police don’t care. Heaps of people ride them now!

        • It's black in colour so you should be fine in Vic.

      • +3

        I can't see any interest in legalizing in the NSW Coalition. Am I missing something?

        • +20

          COALition dislikes adopting new tech..

          • +22

            @xuqi: Only scooters wired with copper will be allowed

            • +13

              @johnwinkle: Powered only by their favourite 'Clean tech'! It's all in their name.

              If Segway could figure a way of powering it with a lump of the Black goodness, it'll be approved n a heartbeat.

        • +7

          If we had scooters with a coal fired boiler, I imagine there would be a $499 state government rebate applied.

      • -1

        Hi, I am in Brisbane. Should I drive in the walking path or bike path? Can I go through the green bridge?
        Thank you!

    • +1

      No, but look around, loads of people are riding without issue. Tempting deal, I really want one too.

      • People are riding it; does not make it any legal. You have to respect the law.

        • +1

          Nah. I'd ride this on a bike path or around local streets without worry. People ride them around the Sydney CBD, most cops couldn't care less about fining someone for this, as long as you are not being a nuisance and causing a danger others.

          • +8

            @nubzy: I think you're missing his point. The cops might not "care" but it is illegal, and they have every legal right to fine you hundreds of dollars.

            Case in point when nsw police started clamping down on cyclists without helmets, going through red lights (even when quiet). Or people jaywalking in the CBD. 'i always do it' isn't an excuse

            • +1

              @Davo1111: Yeah no shit.. but like I said, i'd use it locally and on bike paths without concern.

          • +1

            @nubzy: Been pulled over twice. Lucky to get off.

            Essential worker was the inly reason why they let me off.

            They definately will pull you over on a slow day.

            Wearing a helmet helps.

        • +1

          I don't see your badge

      • someone on reddit posted about how they got done with a 2.5k fine in Sydney. People told them to contest but there was no update so who knows what happened.

        • +2

          A contractor in my office was fined over $1K a few years ago. Sounded like it started lower … but he was french ;)

          • @mctubster: thats fine. thats only 250 bus trips and you are break even

        • Contest it under what grounds?

          • @Davo1111: That it's a mobility scooter for your leg injury … somehow mobility scooters are legal, where these aren't. I don't think it's ever been tested in the courts.

            • @salmon123: Pretty sure i remember that thread.

              From the RMS website

              Have a reasonable need to use a wheelchair because of physical disability or limited mobility

              from memory, when pushed, OP didnt have any evidence to support the case.

          • +5

            @Davo1111: The cops bet on the fact that regular people are scared of the court. But you can go and appeal it, or at least write in and ask for leniency. The OP said he had a clean record, never been fined for anything before. The cop was being a hardarse when he could've just given them a warning but instead chose to issue 4 (if I remember correctly) fines. And apparently the courts don't like it when they stack fines like that particularly when it's trivial.

            Someone also mentioned a section 10 which is that the court can find you guilty but will not record a conviction, so no penalty no loss of license but I don't know if the offences old mate made were actually criminal.

            I AM NOT A LAWYER, JUST A PERSON ON THE INTERNET. I too wish NSW were not such a nanny state.

            • @ippy: Section 10 would be likely course of action if OPs story was true (ie no prior convictions, not someone who actively breaks laws).

              I'm unsure about the 4 fines - I've heard of police issuing multiple fines in this way though I've not seen many court records on it. The fine is already in the thousands as is without consideration to if they have a license or not. It's obviously not intended to stack.

              • @DisabledUser126516:

                But you can go and appeal it, or at least write in and ask for leniency

                The review criteria is pretty strict. You can google it. They don't just grant "leniency". You need to go to court for that.

                • @salmon123: sorry I did say I wasn't a lawyer. So the first half of that sentence stands, not the latter half (or the former part of the latter half lol).

                  "But you can go and appeal it, and ask for leniency". There

                • @salmon123: There's not much criteria as far as I know, it's essentially judge discretion. Few dot points they judge upon (ie priors, likelihood of reoffending, moral factors, etc).

                  Would assume considering the moral side of this "crime", it would likely be a schedule 10 case if no priors etc

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      been using more than a year now around wolli creek/ sydenham with no issues.

      • +1

        Where do you usually ride?
        Unlikes bicycles, I find it hard to ride these on the main road so unless there are bike paths/shared paths, I've been sticking to the footpath.

        • +3

          I'd say most laws say you're meant to stay off the road anyway. A quick look at the QLD laws shows you can ride them on "local roads" (50km/h or less) but not main or CBD roads, other times you're meant to be on the footpath.

          • @dav3: Good law, should apply to bikes too.

  • +1

    I have an ES4 (the ES2 with additional battery installed) - AMA

    Also - I'm getting a $15 Prime discount on this item with PRIME15

    • what range do you get?

      • +4

        Varies greatly. Brisbane is notoriously hilly and I almost exclusively have it set to sport mode which affects things greatly. If I'm just out for a joyride at my nearby park with constant stop/starts and hills all on sport then I would say roughly 20ks. At my last house I had almost direct access to the inner city bikeway, so using that on standard mode I would be pushing 30+ kilometres.

        • I've noticed a few reviews on amazon saying they're not very reliable, any issues for your self?

          • +1

            @Manusdei: I've had mine since Feb last year and the only issue I've faced was a cable for the rear lights disconnecting itself inside which was fixed by the retailer. While doing that they also swapped out the control board which in earlier models had been known to burn out. My understanding is this issue has well and truly been resolved in later models.

            Compared to what's on the market for a lot more money these are relatively basic, but it's done me well for over a year now.

        • Nice! and how many flats have you had?

          • +1

            @Torres1234: I'm pretty sure the tyres on these are solid (non-pneumatic) so you should get zero flats, just wear over time.

            • @sicmate: disadvatnages when using solid tyres is that there will be more vibration and shock, as such the es1-4 scooters tend have their bolts loosen overtime. i hear using some threadlockers will fix this issue.

          • +1

            @Torres1234: Zilch - they're solid tyres. Makes for a bit more of a bumpy ride but you'll never worry about flats

            • @Hinee: Also apparently changing the xiaomi Inflatable tyres is a nightmare, so that's another pro for solid tyres.

    • What kind of range are you getting out of it?

      • As above ^

    • How does it handle steep hills?

      • +1

        You'll need to help kick it up hills but it'll still go ~10km/h. You'll need to at least double your budget if you're after a hill climber.

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    Not sure why these are considered different to a bike in terms of legality of use? They go about the same speed and take up the same or less space, and would help to ease traffic congestion. Would be very simple to just implement the same rules for scooters as for bikes, or am I missing something?

    • +2

      Things like the standards for requiring a bell, reflectors and brakes might require tweaking first.

      • +1

        Agreed, but surely those things can be done quite easily. Just set the standard and then scooter makers will adapt.

    • +3

      It's just outdated legislature relating to powered vehicles. Anything over 200W is deemed a motor vehicle thus needs to be registered.

      • Yes very outdated. A human riding a push bike can easily generate over 200W and travel at 50-60km/h (race bike and race rider), so why is that not considered a powered vehicle?

        • +5

          A very fit human can generate over 200W for an extended period of time, but I would say 99% of cyclists are not that fit ;)

          The scary thing for me (daily cyclist for 30+ years) are people not used to cycling riding an e-bike travelling over say 30km/h … the cars are not expecting them to go that fast, not to mention most of these e-bikes don't have great brakes or tyres.

          At least if you are human powered and are 30km/h + you have spent some time cycling and more likely to appreciate the dangers of going faster than most people expect … eg I had a spectacular accident when 20yo down on aero bars in a built up area … I'll say no more other than I was fine, my bike was not :)

          • +4

            @mctubster: I dunno about that. One thing no one seems to realise about ebikes is that the main benefit is getting into motion fast, not moving fast, and getting up hills. The need for leg power makes them feel just like a regular bike once in motion, including speed adjustment and control.

            It makes a lot of sense to use e-bikes in urban environments with a lot of stopping and starting, and might be even safer because the rider doesn't need to push off before gaining stability. This also reduces any need to maintain momentum, eg no need to build speed when going down a dip because the uphill won't be a struggle.

            I've been riding an ebike in Tokyo for the last 2 years, which means frequently weaving through crowded footpaths and traffic, and it feels much safer than my regular bike. It's easier to maintain and transition between stopping, crawling and swift speeds, so I can more easily move with people/cars when needed, and get away from them as soon as a gap opens up.

            And I hadn't ridden a bike in about 20 years before this, and still wouldn't ride around Sydney because the distances have conditioned everyone to treat cycling like long distance racing, and not simply commuting. Hence racebikes, spandex, work showers, and the assumption that everyone will go as fast as possible on an ebike.
            In summer I arrive at work less sweaty after using the bike, than if I got the train. On the way home I take a slow leisurely ride, powering just for the hills.

  • +14

    had one before they were legalised in ACT and I used to go past the AFP headquarters building everyday without issues. I guess common sense applies but definitely not worth risking a fine. I still ride this to and from work to the car which is parked a few kms away to get free parking. The scooter has paid for itself within a few months in the parking money I have saved to this date.

    • +4

      that is genius, i like that

    • Of course you wouldn't have any issues. The AFP wouldn't look twice at you as they don't deal with state law.

      • +20

        AFP are the local police in ACT. There's no state police as they're not a state :P

        • +3

          Ahhh! You learn something every day :-)

  • How different are they from xiaomi ones

    • +3

      The M365 is pretty much the direct competitor to the ES2, and funnily enough they're the same damn company. I prefer the Segway, especially for the fact you can upgrade to the ES4 easily which is a huge lift.

      • +1

        Thanks for the Info much appreciated BTW what is ES Thingies

        • +4

          ES = segway model numbers. The earliest version of this range was the ES1, this deal is for the ES2 and when you add one of these you increase the overall power and capacity and it becomes an ES4.

          I will add though that the Xi has two big advantages of the Segway - rear disc brakes and under-deck battery vs front e-brake and battery in the neck.

          • @Hinee: Just get ES4 probably work out cheaper?

            • @Gavman: I haven't had a good look but haven't seen ES4s listed under $800 which would make it cheaper than dropping the $500 on this and waiting to snipe a cheap battery.

              • @Hinee: sounds like anything under 850 for the es4 and its waste of time trying to source both separately.

      • +1

        I found the ES2 quite flimsy compared to the M365 as the deck pivots against the handlebars and back wheel.

    • +3
      • xiaomi m365 has air tyres, which allegedly make for a smoother ride, but require maintentance.
      • ES2 has suspension, m365 doesnt.
      • m365 has a disk break (like a bike), ES2 has a foot brake.
      • m365 is allegedly better on hills and has longer operating distance
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    I'll buy one, the DAY they make the stupid things legal in NSW for commuting.

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  • Waiting for scooters to become cool again so I can pull the trigger on one

    • +1

      Get ahead of the game ;)

  • https://electric-scooter.guide/reviews/segway-ninebot-es2-re...

    Segway Ninebot ES2 Review: Overview
    This Segway Ninebot ES2 review details one of the most prolific, yet most mediocre electric scooters on the market today. The ES2 is underpowered, short on range, and underpowered. The design and build quality are nice, but as an overall package, we don’t think it is a good value.

    • +6

      So I'm guessing it's underpowered enough that mentioning it twice was necessary to drive the point home :P

    • For RRP sure, but you won't get a better scooter than this for $500. Plus down the track if you do find it needing more grunt, add one of these and you significantly up the torque.

  • +2

    Any M365 or Ninebot Max deals OP? Even in-store?

  • +2

    Very sad these aren't legal to ride in NSW. If the state needs more revenue, which I believe they do right now you will likely to be fined 😂

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    I have the Max in Victoria, haven't been questioned by police for using it, so much fun. This price is very good however outside of this deal I would recommend getting the Max over the ES range.

    • There was a article on the age website today with a city councillor holding his electric scooter. Article was about the financial impact of covid, that was just the photo they picked for it.

      Fairly certain most cops wouldn't actually know they're illegal, definitely no one cracking down on them.

  • +23

    It's a bargain but it's gonna be an expensive divorce when my partner finds out I'm gay

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    • +1

      It'll be the perfect Segway.

  • +1

    nearly spat my coffee @ picklewizard

  • +2

    What's the max weight these scooters can carry?

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