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Apple AirPods Pro MWP22 with Wireless Charging Case - White $318 Delivered (Grey Import) @ TobyDeals


Was strolling google and i found this deal. I haven't used Tobydeals before, if anyone could legit check it.

Apple AirPods Pro MWP22 with Wireless Charging Case
Standard Shipping Method AU$0.00
- Shipping Time: 6-8 Working Days

Insured Shipping Method AU$6.36
- Protects your items from lost during transit

Priority Shipping Method AU$25.00
- Shipping Time: 3-5 Working Days

Insured Priority Shipping Method AU$31.36
- Shipping Time: 3-5 Working Days
- Protects your items from lost during transit

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  • +7

    For this price, I rather buy this than join eBay plus for $49 to participate in the lottery for the slim chance to buy the AirPod Pro for $249.

    • Good luck :) Another drop is at 6pm

    • -9

      well, ebay successfully wasted my time…well done. I'd say getting the $249 deal is even harder than getting a seat on an Indian train.

          • +1

            @Morien: Trains in Dhaka would like to have a word

          • +1

            @Morien: Mate - don’t worry it’s clear who has the problem with race - and it is most definitely not you.

      • +1

        I agree, it's $49 to possibly save $70 (compared to this deal)

    • +2

      Agree, will be cancelling my membership soon
      no point, eBay plus normal ads are also getting rare, moment you put plus filter on the search the ads almost a quarter. Not much value other than such deals (ie if you can get a deal)

      A quick note to say thank you to OP for the post. Sorry if I added on to comments and side tracked your post, just adding a line to the discussion. This is a good deal if you don't have eBay plus.

    • that pool somehow is impossible!

    • don't have time to waste on ebay plus fake lotteries

  • +2

    Most Officeworks would not price match TobyDeals for anyone who wanted to try.

    • +1

      Try price beat guarantee with Rosman computers ($333). They are an authorised apple seller and meet all the OW criteria.

      Edit: just realised the price beat will only work out to same as OP

      • +7

        But will be AU stock so better than grey import

        • Definitely. Delivery from TOBYDEALS will take upto 5 weeks for delivery. So if you don't mind waiting for over a month, then go ahead.

      • +4

        Which is what you want to do and have AUS stock not grey import.



        Edit: Rosman have brought their prices down for the other AirPods versions as well.

        • I just called both Officeworks and Rosman, both refused to price match the offer.

          Quote from Rosman: "If you want it for that price, go buy it from them."

          • @dwight: As in you tried to price match Officeworks with the price from Rosman? That’s what I did a few weeks back over the phone with OW and no problems.

            Umart price match is also another option now.

            You’d unlikely be able to price match against TobyDeals.

    • I managed to price match at Officeworks, the price went down to $302.10

      • Officeworks were willing to price match TobyDeals? I thought people above said they don't.

      • Same here, managed to price match office works

  • +3

    Use coupon code "CART3" to bring it down to AU$308.46

    • -1

      On Rosman? Didn't work for me.

      • Never mind..brain fart. On Toby's obviously!

  • 1.5% shopback as well?

  • Kogan has the airpods 2 for $215 do you think office works would price match?

    • I think its possible. Best bet would be to just call up officeworks and find out.

  • Just wanted to say, I don't think there is a "non-wireless charging" variant (The title specifically states "wireless charging")

  • I think you guys can try "toby10" to reduce the price 10 bucks as well.

    • code doesnt work

      • I think there is a minimum AUD 300 purchase price requirement. Just realise as well…

  • This store does not appear to have the best reputation, however, I have not personally shopped with them myself.
    See link for example.

  • anyone purchase from Tecobuy before?

    they have these for $307

    • There will be $15 postage when checking out.

  • Can I get AppleCare in Australia for these grey imports?

    • I don't believe so

  • +1

    Have purchased from TobyDeals before. Bought Sennheiser true momentum wireless buds.

    One of the buds conked out after a week, not sure I can blame Toby's for that.

    Took them to Sennheiser and they replaced for free. Paid about $200 below retail so was happy.

    So seems they sell legit products.

  • https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/apple-airpods-pro-apple/
    Go to office works show them the dick Smith price and get 5% off the dick Smith price $322

  • Weird title because airpods pro only every have a wireless charging case…

  • +1

    How do people pay $300 for airpods…

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