Free Cans of Red Bull Delivered Today

So a few days ago I saw the OzBargain deal posted for free can(s) of Red Bull promo via entering personal details (ph and delivery address) on their website. After I finished I noticed that some people were arguing that the promo is for competition to win the freebies, and then shortly after the deal post disappeared from the OzBargain site.

I forgot about this and to my surprise today I received a pack of 4 cans delivered to my house (let’s be honest I entered 2 and received 2 packs).

Did anyone get the cans delivered lately or just me who was lucky to get chosen to get them?

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  • Also received this arvo and only made one submission.

    I added a poll to make things easier. People can change their vote if received later.

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    Not yet but did the same thing 1 for me & 1 for the wife, fingers crossed.
    I’m in QLD probably stack at the boarder……….pretty sure Red Bull is essential!

  • Received mine too! had forgotten about it (entered once and received a pack of 4)

  • Both my friends who signed up, also got them. Also not sure why people were arguing (also saw much later that the deak was unpublished).

  • Received 4 cans and a card(left at the front door) I had forgotten all about it

  • +2

    Got them yesterday, in the letterbox at about 6pm at night, a very nice surprise. It was NOT sent via post and did not have any address label, i'd say it is delivered by the street team who drive the Red Bull branded Mini's.

    • Looked at my front yard cctv, a man in PPE delivered the packs, it’s no redbull branded mini it was a plain Toyota van.

    • I was greeted by a bloke in plain clothes who drove a normal hatchback (possibly Toyota Corolla).

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    Any Chance someone has the link still ? If its still active ?

    • +8

      Here's the link. Looks like it's still active so try your luck.

      • Awesome THANKS !!!

  • I received mine yesterday Tuesday via Aus Post. Was expecting the promo people in the car with the giant can on top

  • Got mine last night from a dude without any packaging. Assume he had the MG.

  • +1

    Hmmmm… reminds me of the Hallmark card deal. Anyone received theirs?

    • Yep! Only turned up last week though.

    • I received the cards last week! Sydney

  • A delivery guy delivered the cans this morning. No packaging, just the cans in a 4 pack and a card.

  • Got mine this morning

  • yup hand delivered with no packaging - just a 4 pack and a card!

  • So they come with Jager? I don't see the point otherwise.

  • Anyone received it in Perth?

  • Totally forgot i ordered them and my partner got the package this morning

    Turns out Redbull will still send you a product if your name is Redbull Givesyouwings

  • Received my 4-pack today via AusPost. Completely forgot about this.

  • Mine came today packed and from AusPost

  • My dog got her red bull today, I'm not telling her.

  • Just got mine today. Was wondering what the Auspost tracking was, didn't remember buying anything.
    It showed as being sent by Consortium VIC in the Auspost app.

    • +1

      Exact same for me - mine arrived yesterday, had a good laugh when I saw what was in the cardboard box.

  • Just got my Redbull today , i had also completely forgot about this. A nice surprise

  • I just got mine today (Melbourne), had completely forgotten about it as well. Great package to receive while working from home.

  • Just got mine today (SA), forgot about it as well.

  • Just received mine here in Melbourne.

    Totally forgot about it and was trying to guess what it could be lol!

    Awesome little free pick me up!

    Thanks OzB fam!

    • Your friendly neighbourhood Canuck
  • Received today - 17 June 2020

  • Still nothing in QLD yet :(

    • Received today

  • +3

    Got cans today.. completely forgot about it

    Anyone got the link to the original deal?

  • I got a notification from Aus post today about a package going to be delivered from CONSORTIUM QLD. I was wondering what did I buy? A quick search at ozbargain led me here. Thank you for this post.

  • Just received a 4 pack and a card via Auspost (QLD), I had forgotten about it :)

  • Just received mine today as well (QLD).

  • +1

    Also got mine today, completely forgot about it.

  • I got mine today as well (QLD)! Completely forgot about it :D

  • Mine arrived yesterday (QLD)- completely forgot about it as well!

  • -1

    Out of curiosity I went into the red bull website and submitted the free cans for the second round and surprise, I received another pack delivered today.

  • I received mine today

  • NSW address received a month ago. QLD address received today.

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