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Kogan Mobile 365 Day FLEX Plan 300GB (Was 243GB) Data for $275 + Bonus $20 Kogan Credit @ Kogan


Same as the last deal here
works out to $22.61 per 30 days
or 25Gb's per month
except now with $20 added Kogan credit!

Just what you need to reduce the overpriced, grey imported goods and really average TV's down to a slightly less unreasonable amount.

Personally i switch between Kogan and Boost and tbh both have their pro's and cons
Boost for coverage, free AFL and unlimited Apple Music Streaming, speed is pretty average for me though
Kogan for speed and not much else.

Great way to use the $500 from the Kogan Black Card promotion.

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    Nice, works out 25gb per month.

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    Nice, works out 25gb per month.

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    Nice, works out 25gb per month.

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    Just an FYI, I regularly commute outside the CBD. Kogan doesn't work out there at all. Seems fine in CBD. So don't be on Kogan if you are heading away for a weekend, you may have no phone. * Could be a good thing.

    • which town/city are you referring to here as CBD?
      Dont think this happens in major cities.

      • Adelaide CBD… major CBD may be debatable ;) All I know is around 80km out and it's dead. Caught me off guard once. Just trying to help out.

        • When I was with them just over a year ago, they were dropping out here and there whenever I called to or rang from southside (Flagstaff, Aberfoyle, etc). Which is about 25km out of the city. Not good and many people complained about reception and mobile data not working too from that range onwards. Overall they're still pretty good for the money but those issues definitely need to be fixed

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      Not an issue for me working near Parramatta and living in the Hills area (NSW).

  • Nice, works out 25gb per month.
    And $22.916666666666 per month.
    Cheaper with the $4.95 per month with 40gb :D

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    A lot of bad vibes from the comment police here 🚨

  • Didn't receive the $20 credit