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BOGOF Carton (2x 60 Pods) of Nespresso Compatible Pods $46.95 + Shipping (Free Delivery For Order > $60) @Bills Beans


Works out to be $0.375 per pods (if free delivery)
Or $0.475 per pods with shipping to Sydney ($9.99 shipping)
Bills Beans is a local roaster based in Orange NSW

I just got this deal, but have never bought the pods before.
Have been to their store and they do serve good coffee though

I just got my order today (the very next day).
Taste-wise, it's pretty good. Better than the Starbucks Nespresso Pods or the pods deal from Adore Coffee.
Personally I'd buy it again especially at this price, but unfortunately these pods are short-dated
Best Before is July 2020, which gives you about 1.5 months to finish 120 pods
Good news is it's best before date, not expiry date.

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  • Are these any good? Bought the kogan ones for 25 bucks (100 pods) and they were not awful.

    • I haven't tried the Kogan ones. My order arrived earlier and I have just tried it.
      Taste-wise, it's pretty good, better than the starbucks nespresso pods

  • Thanks, saw these advertised and was going to purchase, but short date expiry means they've probably been sitting around for a year or so. Will pass and stick with my urbanbrew subscription