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10% off Select Items at BoozeBud via Amazon with Free Shipping (Excludes Regional QLD)


This deal has been brought up in a couple of posts (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/544007) so I thought I'd clarify it.

Head to the BoozeBud store front and look for anything with "10% off promotion available" under the title (i.e. excludes Lagavulin 16).

Some good deals include

Jameson for $38.61
1L Tanqueray for $53.96
JW Black for $39.56
Monkey Shoulder for $46.76

Plenty of great deals in there. Free shipping too!

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  • +2

    Nice, got some capain morgan for $33

    • +3

      Yeah, it's nuts how much stock is in there. Picked up my go to, 1L Wild Turkey for $56 (it's 43%, proper strength bourbon). Basically dan's sale prices with another 10% off and free shipping.

      Need to go through letter by letter to find what I wanted, $300 of liver damage now on it's way.

  • -3

    $18.90 shipping for most of the items kills the deal for me.

    • +3

      Free shipping from BoozeBud, you probably have the wrong seller

      • +1

        $24.90 shipping for me.

        • What item?
          Edit: perhaps it's free to selected postcodes only?

          • @FireRunner: For all of their items. I'm in FNQ.

          • +2

            @FireRunner: Beer attracts a shipping fee of $18.90 for me. Spirits seems to be free though.

  • 10% not showing for me on the Jameson :(

    • Me neither. $42.90

  • Jameson looks good

    • +10


  • +1

    Once clicking on ShopBack and then going to amazon how do you find the boozebud sellers page?

    • There should be a link on Shopback (next to boozebud promo code) that leads directly to all boozebud listings in Amazon.

      • Sorry still can’t find it. Where is the is the boozebud promo code or link on the ShopBack page? I can’t find either.

        • The boozebud promo code will be under 'Coupons (2)' from Shopback. If you're on the mobile app, it will be at the bottom right of the page after clicking on Amazon.

  • Can these be delivered to a Parcel Locker?

    • +9

      Nope.. you're daddy has to fetch it from the PO

      • Given he's confined to an aged care facility, I'll ask him but don't think he'll be able to.

        Snide remarks aside, the whole point of parcel lockers is for those who struggle to get to a PO during business hours.

        • +1

          yeah the trick is convincing the parcel locker you're over 18

          • +1

            @chickenface: It was quite a while ago but I'm pretty sure I had to validate my myPost account with my driver licence and DOB

            • +3

              @Owl: Yep. I've had First Choice Liquor and BoozeBud delivered to my parcel locker before. No need to verify age in store on pickup as its already been done via AusPost account.

              • @Blokeinhisundies: Legend, thanks mate!

                • -1

                  @Owl: From the Amazon page

                  You can also nominate a Post Office Box (PO Box) address for delivery of these items. Deliveries to a PO Box will be left with a card for collection from the local post office.

                  Parcel locker is the same as PO Box. They need to see ID before handing over booze.

                  • +1

                    @DisabledUser35983: No it isn't. They work completely differently.

                    For parcels delivered to PO Boxe addresses you have to go in store with the card and ID to collect your parcel. You don't need to do either for Parcel Locker deliveries. You are already verified as over 18 via your MyPost account and the pin they send you via the app to open the locker is treated as your signature for delivery.

                    As I said, I have had alcohol delivered to my Parcel Locker several times. Never have I had to go in store and present ID to collect my parcel.

  • +1

    Laphroaig 10 can be had for $71.95.

  • +2

    Kraken is ~$43 after 10% off & 8% cashback.

  • +1

    "The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase." Any idea why?

    • I had the same issue but got it to work after I selected Boozebud as the seller of the item. I think if it is fulfilled by Amazon (or anyone else) the code won't work.

      • Didn't work for Asahi super dry with seller BoozeBud.

  • +6

    Unfortunately the Appleton Estate Signature Blend Rum has now sold out, but The Dude must abide, so:

    Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, 1 lt $34.11

    Kahlua Coffee Liqueur 700 ml $25.15

    Belvedere Vodka Pure 700ml $53.10

    Russian Standard Platinum Vodka 700ml $44.95

    Russian Standard Vodka 700mL $36.89

    All good deals, I personally went for the Belvedere and 1 lt Kahlua because I plan on doing a lot of bowling.

    Don't forget Shopback for an extra 8% off, thankfully the code is listed on their site.

  • +3

    BoozeBud web/app is also doing 15% off items + STAYSAFE code free delivery $70+

  • +10

    Great deal, but why oh why can't Amazon implement decent search capabilities?!?

  • Waiting on that eBay First Choice Liquor 20% off sale.

  • +3

    Please add to post that free shipping also excludes Tasmania.

    • Boozebud promos are always rubbish if you live in Tasmania. I live in a city, how is that regional? I’ve unsubscribed from their emails and won’t buy from them again until they start including Tasmania in their free shipping promos.

      • +1

        That'll show em!

        • +1

          Sure they probably won’t notice but don’t send me FREE SHIPPING emails (and they even send me text messages!) when you damn well know I’m not included in the deal.

          I am a past customer and likely forever will be a past customer.

  • +1
  • I couldnt see any beer 4 packs, even mix and match. Is amazon only selling cases yeah?

  • Balter beer
    Feral as well

    • +6

      don't eat coupon codes

      • Yeah that's what it tastes like.

  • +2

    15% off boozebud + 4.2% cash rewards is better than buying at Amazon….

    • +2

      Minimum spend $150

    • The 15% off is on a much smaller range of products.

      Also 15% off + 5% cashback = Total discount 19.25% off

      This is 10% off + 7% cashback + 3% off eGift card (via Suncorp Benefits - free) = Total discount 19%

      So very similar discount even for the products that are discounted on both sites

  • Thanks OP grabbed more beers…. Did this last night and no shopback yet, which usually means it didn't track, anyone get notification.?

    • +1

      Just got all four of my transactions tracked through ShopBack

      • Yep, mine just came through then too.. happy days..

  • why does it not work on Jameson as its being sold at Amazon by Boozebud?

  • +1

    Code not working for Monkey Shoulder

    • Yeah, couldn't get it to work either.

  • Boozebud = headline price + huge $$ in delivery charges. Piss me off the way they sting once in cart

    • Majority of the stuff is free delivery to most metro areas