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20% off Sitewide @ Pirate Life Brewing


"The good folks at Pirate Life Brewing are helping you stock up for Showdown. Use code PAFCXPL20% at checkout for 20% off ALL orders made online"

Code looks to work for apparel as well as beer. Pickup available from their Port Adelaide Brewery to save on shipping costs too.

From the Port Power Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PortAdelaideFC/photos/a.27852783888...


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  • Just managed to get a MIXED 16 PACK - WINTER TREATS for $75.20 delivered, advertised as $94.. no shipping charge

    • yeh looks like free shipping over 70, score!

      • Yah, had a crack of the masala spiced porter (sounds interesting) and it came in at just under $70. Added something else and scored free shipping.

        Shipping was only $5 <$70.

        • I tried this last week and was a fan. It sounded like a curry in a can but was a lot more subtle than I expected, especially given PL's usual style. They are churning out a whole lot of new brews that are slowly making their way into cans…the "Smooth Sailing" was damn good too.

    • No more stock :(

  • Thanks OP, got a case of the Core range. Note for others, the cases of IPA are cheaper at Dans.

  • got a case of IIPA and mosaic, plus a shirt. There goes 200+ dollars…

  • Bummer, site seems to be down for now.

  • Grange Bowls Club just put on a tap of Pirate Life Easy Ale and it is TASTY AF.

  • Ohhhh Throwback is a middy, that makes sense.

    If you have a $20 off $50 spend Kogan voucher, CUB sell Pirate Life on Kogan.

  • has anyone ask @ Dan Murphy for price beat?
    Looking at Pale ale and Dan selling at 59.8
    where as with this code online price will be 41.6 for case of 16

  • Would have got the $70 sample pack but I'm not # ing around create accounts to place an order .
    Suggest they make it user friendly to check out not wasting people time !
    Would have loved to try the 12% beer that is sold out .

  • Most of the mixed cases are now out of stock

  • Crap… no more mixed cases left!

  • Thanks for sharing OP.

    FYI it's Port Adelaide (or Port Adelaide Power), not 'Port Power'.

  • Nice I get negged pointing out checkout problems that the Company may fix if they want more sales !
    I can guarantee they didn't just miss out on my sale .
    Its a no brainer in my biz models to make user friendly checkouts !

    • Have another one lolol

    • Considering they sold out of the sample pack, you not buying didn't make a single difference to them.

      • Indeed. While he/she was complaining, everyone else was buying.

        I must admit, I thought there might be a quick purchase option as the complainant laments, yet I overcame this setback and shall now have a golden shower of the mosaic kind.

  • Most of the mixed cases are now back in stock (except the Winter Treats - though you can get it as part of the mixed multi pack)

  • Wasn't able to get Winter Treats this morning but back in stock now and was able to order. Free delivery to NSW (over $70).

  • Thanks OP ordered the winter treat pack. The only thing I am a bit apprehensive of trying out is the stout. My only experience with stout was Guinness and it was quite overwhelming.

  • Cheers OP, bit the bullet and bought the mixed multi pack! There were lots that I havent tried so looking forward to it :)

  • Anyone seen their purchase dispatched yet?

    • Not yet. Mate ordered from green beacon deal last night and they were delivered by 1pm today. In Brisbane though.

    • Not yet for me either.

      • I got a tracking email from Auspost earlier today. That indicated the delivery was being sent to a different address to what I had indicated in my order and what had already been confirmed in an email from Pirate Life. No phone number to call them provided, so I sent an email. They acknowledged the mistake and said they had corrected it before the delivery left their warehouse. I'm not confident of this as the tracking advice already indicated that Australia Post had picked up the items.

        I'd suggest everyone closely check their delivery information when you receive it.

        • Thanks for the heads up.

        • Appears to be be some extreme incompetence at work with these guys. They confirmed their original mistake and corrected the address. I double checked that they were now sending to the correct (original) address. I got a tracking notice today that they are sending the delivery to a different address again - this time a new different one!

          I was going to order some more items. But I'll be avoiding this place from now on.

          • @DrRalph: And for now a third time they've gotten the address wrong!

            • @DrRalph: The reason I was given for it not being shipped was that they were waiting on a fresh batch of IIPA to put in the case.

              I had to ask why it hadn't been sent…

            • @DrRalph: I've just received an email saying it has been sent (no confirmation of the address it will be sent to).
              I followed up a couple of times last week and they gave the reason that they were working through the increased amount of orders (understandable, but some initiative to advise customers of the delay would have been nice.)

              Fingers crossed it gets sent to the correct address and with everything included.

  • Email received that it's been sent. Check the tracking info and it will show you delivery address @Bartemaus

  • Very very disappointed this morning - my delivery was due to arrive today and couldnt believe when I got an update saying Incorrect Address - returned to sender!
    Looks like the forgot to include my unit number in the delivery address - even though it was correct in the order details :(

    Got on the phone to AUpost and they are going to attempt to hold the order and get it shipped to a local post office instead but of course could not promise me anything - they couldnt update the address only the sender could.
    Also sent an email to PirateLife asking if they can get in touch with AUpost asap to see if they can update it - fingers crossed they get back to me soon!

    Will not be happy if if its returned all the way to SA and back to NSW again :(

    • Update: By some miracle AUpost managed to get them sent to my local post office. Had to get an uber to pick them up but happy nonetheless :)

  • My Aus post tracking says it's in transit at rosewater SA and has been since Monday 2pm. I'm dying of thirst here.