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Lenovo Smart Door/Window Sensor $31 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Found this while browsing smart products , not sure how good it is though.

Original Price showing as $39

Key Features:

Works with Google Assistant and/or Amazon Alexa

Secure your home. Detect when a window or door has been opened

Push notifications to mobile device

Working temperate -10°C to 50°C

Includes 3.7V 500mAh Lithium Rechargeable Battery

WiFi connection 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz only

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  • The reviews on their website say it is pretty ordinary….

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    Mhmm wifi. That will drain the battery.
    I’d take one of the zigbee ones like Aqara if at all possible.
    Likely even Sonoff 433mhz will last longer battery

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      Samsung Smartthings are Zigbee and work well for me. Batteries last for month's.

      • do they work with Philips hue or do they need a samsung bridge?

        • It works with my conbee… probably not a hue bridge

        • I'm using a Conbee II USB via Deconz in Home Assistant. Pretty sure that they won't work directly with the Hue hub.

      • Still going strong after 2 years, I mean it really depends how frequent the sensor is triggered. Zigbee2MQTT works great with essentially any zigbee devices.

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    • These are just rebranded Tuya sensors that run ESP8266 chips. A well optimised circuit with one of these can sip less than 20µA during standby - I'd say it could hold up to the 6 month battery life claim - even then it's rechargeable - not sure how that part will hold up.

      However, Tuya manufacture different models. There's the 2*AAA-powered variant sold under the Mirabella Genio brand that gets a year of life out of them if the sensor is triggered 25 times/day or stretches to two years at 10 times/day. There's also the Brilliant Smart-branded variant that gets a year of life out of CR2-3V battery. There's even the Arlec-branded Bluetooth variant that needs a hub.

      • I know the Wifi power optimisation for the esp is done with a deep sleep which means the device needs to wake and connect to wifi (which can be slow afaik) can anyone comment on if these are quick enough to use as door sensors that trigger a light to come on in a room?

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